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Grade 4 PPT_Science_Q1_Lesson 1.pptx

  1. Materials that Absorb Water Presented by: VIRGISARY ALICE J. CANETE, MEEM Class Adviser
  2. Fill up the chart. SOLID LIQUID GAS
  3. Absorb  to take in (something, such as liquid) in a natural or gradual way
  4. Characteristics of matter Color Shape Size Texture Weight Etc.
  5. Guidelines for Group Activity  1. Go to your assigned groups silently.  2. Discuss with your group who will be your leader, timer, recorder and presenter.  3. Follow the steps in doing the activity as written in the activity sheet.  4. Avoid making unnecessary noise and clutter.  5. Do the activity as fast as you can.  6. Immediately post your outputs.  7. Clean your working area.  8. Respect your group mates and work harmoniously.
  7. Elaboration  Some of the material absorb water more than others. Cotton is very porous, which makes it a natural absorber of water.  Porous materials are materials are materials having small holes that allow air or liquid to pass through.
  8. Evaluation: Classify the materials according to their ability to absorb water. Write A on the blank if it absorbs water and D if it does not absorb. ____1. paper ____ 4. towel ____ 2. cotton ball ____ 5. raincoat ____ 3. cellophane
  9. Go around your home. Collect at least 10 materials and test them as to whether or not the materials absorb water. write your findings on your assignment notebook. ASSIGNMENT: ( Investigate further)
  10. THANK YOU!