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Why SUMOME Is Right For You

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Why SUMOME Is Right For You

  1. 1. startupproduct.comTM Why Sumome Is Right For You Cindy F. Solomon Wordpress San Francisco Meetup At Cloudfare October 12, 2016
  2. 2. startupproduct.comTM Founder, Movement for Product Excellence By Design, SUPA Product Academy, Global Product Management Talk podcast Organizer, SUPA Product Talks meetups, Product Therapy, Product Summit Conf Contributing author, 42 Rules Of Product Marketing, and Guide To Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge Past Webinar Moderator for AIPMM webinar series 30 years of working in tech: web development, services, software product marketing & management at Apple, Vadem, NetObjects, start-ups & SMBs Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM @cindyfsolomon
  3. 3. startupproduct.comTM
  4. 4. startupproduct.comTM PURPOSE OF MARKETING: Inspire a change in behavior - from not doing to doing what you want them to, i.e. pay attention, click, Subscribe, Read, Purchase, evangelize
  5. 5. startupproduct.comTM
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  10. 10. startupproduct.comTM https://sumome.com/ 15 Tools and growing Pick and choose! Be strategic Decide where to pay Optimize
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  18. 18. startupproduct.comTM 1. Quick & Easy: Install Share buttons
  19. 19. startupproduct.comTM Make it easy for your visitors to share your pages to their social platforms! Choose where to paste & which ones!
  20. 20. startupproduct.comTM
  21. 21. startupproduct.comTM
  22. 22. startupproduct.comTM SYNC With Mailchimp Go Home with A Chimp!
  23. 23. startupproduct.comTM Thank You!! Free Download! "Marketing Analytics Worksheet" http://bit.ly/2e2ssgV
  24. 24. startupproduct.comTM Product Therapy Mondays https://prodport.eventbrite.com
  25. 25. startupproduct.comTM Introduction To Agile Taught In An Agile Manner Learn how to drive deeper collaboration amongst all kinds of teams How to drive projects on time, within budget and scope How to prioritize & focus within complex and constantly changing environments Become a better teacher & leader by enabling students/team members to take responsibility for results REGISTER: https://introagile1.eventbrite.com
  26. 26. startupproduct.comTM Stay In Touch! Cindy F. Solomon 510-499-6955 cfsolomon@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/cfsolomon Twitter and skype @cindyfsolomon Book time with me: http://bit.ly/2buadzZ Forwarding passionate product people & product excellence!