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Partner training r3 2 5-13

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Partner training r3 2 5-13

  1. 1. Partner Training Round 3:Achieving the best K12 education outcomes: Part 2 http://communityforumsnetwork.org
  2. 2. Welcome!We’re glad that you’rejoining us as we askimportant questions abouthow we achieve the bestK-12 Public Educationoutcomes for all kids…Heres how you andyour organizationcan have an impacton the future ofWashington Education.Round 3 begins Feb. 25thand runs through March 31Introduction
  3. 3. Website SectionHere are your Partner Resources on the CFN Website  Partners tab  Forums/Events tab  Topic Reports tab
  4. 4. Partner Tabs:Your “how-to” pages Partners listed under the “Partners” tab Tool kit, forum materials, partner newsletters on the “Partner Resource Center” How many survey responses you need to earn a grant on the “Partner & Grant Sign-up” “Partner Training”
  5. 5. Heres where forums andevents are listed… Calendar – forum and event information RSVP Share functions – for easy social media promotion Host a forum – request form and video on “how to do a small group discussion” Sign-in tab - allows you to change email preferencesForums/Events and Sign-In Tabs
  6. 6. Best Practices How you can earn GRANTS andand have an impact on public education in Washington 1. Generate online survey responses 2.Host an in-person forum  
  7. 7. How to generate online survey responses Round 3 begins Monday, Feb. 25th and ends Sunday, March 31st. That gives you 5 weeks to earn your grant: Access online survey from the CFN HOME page Forward the survey link to your email lists & feature in eNewsletters. Don’t limit yourself to just your members! Post the survey link on your organizations website and social media channels. Get everyone you know (16+ yrs old, in Washington State) to select you as the partner on the survey. Then forward.
  8. 8. Begin planning your forum now… Set a time and place. CFN forums take about 60 to 90 minutes. Notify Wendy at least 2 weeks prior to your forum date Wendy.CFN@CommunityForums.org Download the “tool kit.” Promote your forum. CFN has created promotional materials that you can access from the Partner Resource Center. Mail paper surveys & Certification of Authenticity to CFN office. The Deadline for CFN to receive paper surveys is April 5thHow to host your in-person forum
  9. 9. Get creative & interactive! Use social media. If you tag CFN on your Facebook & Twitter posts, we’ll repost! Facebook.com/CFNetwork Twitter.com/CFNetwork Get listed on community calendars, local newspapers, and community Facebook pages. Post fliers in your community. Post pictures and quotes from your forums and members and we’ll feature these on the CFN blog.How to promote your forum
  10. 10. Questions & AnswersThank you, from the CFN team! Carrie, Wendy, Fawn, Denise,John, Joe, Tom, Calvin, and Dick