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Remove Network Traffic Congestion

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Spanning more than 185 markets and 41 countries across North and South America, Europe and Asia, CFN’s AppHUB™ provides enterprise grade application performance by integrating XaaS with legacy IT environments and infrastructure.

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Remove Network Traffic Congestion

  1. 1. YOURENTERPRISE CONSUMER INTERNET USERS BUSINESS INTERNET USERS Remove Traffic Congestion Pains for Your Business Users ENTERPRISE DATA CENTER ENTERPRISE BRANCH Enterprise businesses leverage CFN Services’ secure, high-perfor- mance gateway to simplify direct access to cloud applications and services, branch locations, and mobile users. Directly connect your users to business-critical applications and bypass the congested public Internet to: Completely Remove Jitter - At least 27% less latency versus the Internet Simplify Network Hops - At least a 40% more direct path versus the Internet Remove Resource-Heavy Provisioning Requirements Cap Rising Bandwidth and MPLS Costs Leverage Software-Define Network Technology Add Privacy and Security to Cloud Applications For more information visit cfnservices.com CFN Ultra-Fast Backbone T1/MPLS and Public Internet