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Amarisoft presentation 2017_lin

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Amarisoft corporate presentation 2017

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  • Thank you for sharing this presentation. I am interested on the Amarisoft product. I have a question is there additional hardware needed to operate using 2x2 MIMO.
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Amarisoft presentation 2017_lin

  1. 1. 2020 IS NOW LTE software suite on generic hardware
  2. 2. Our mission o Reinvent wireless Telecom Equipment Manufacturer market o Create an Open Wireless Telecoms technology o Increase world broadband wireless coverage Develop a technology that significantly improves the life of as many people as possible no matter where they are located
  3. 3. The world first LTE software suite running on a x86
  4. 4. The world first LTE software suite running on a x86 o eNodeB (FDD & TDD, CA, NB-IoT, MIMO, VoLTE, eMBMS…) o Tiny EPC, tiny IMS, eMBMS gateway o Bandwidths: 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Mhz; all LTE frequency bands o UE stack including NB-IoT
  5. 5. What’s unique? Unique 100% wireless software based technology Open (but not open source) Full code copyright Easier maintenance update Affordable and high quality solution
  6. 6. 1 technology / 4 markets 1.v-RAN 2.Partnering with large players to access 200+ Tier 1 wireless operators 1.TETRA 4G 2.Becoming the technology leader in Private Mobile Radio market Tests and measurements Reinvent and reshape the Test and Measurement market to compete with Rohde & Schwarz 1.IoT 2.Leading the NB-IoT wave
  7. 7. Internet of Things (1/3) • Amarisoft eNB/EPC solution is a highly optimized LTE solution supporting a wide range of IoT technologies LTE IoT LTE UE Cat-1 LTE Cat-0 LTE-M eMTC Cat-M1 NB-IoT Cat-NB1 Connected cars IoT gateways…… Wearables Surveillance cameras Digital signage………. Industrial handhelds Vending machines Asset trackers Health monitors Security systems Parking meters Sensors Utility meters Agriculture monitors Industrial sensors Smart cities Lighting / HVAC controllers
  8. 8. Internet of Things (2/3) LTE UE Cat-1 LTE Cat-0 LTE-M eMTC Cat-M1 NB-IoT Cat-NB1 Release 8 Release 12 Release 13 Release 13 Peak data rate Up to 10 Mbps Up to 1 Mbps Up to 1 Mbps < 100 Kbps Bandwidth 20 MHZ 20 MHz 1.4 MHz 200 KHz Legacy LTE used for high performance IoT use cases Introduced in R12 to lower data rate and cost of IoT devices Providing lower latency as well as reduced bandwidth Optimization to lower down the throughput, power and cost of IoT use cases Scaling down throughput and power consumption
  9. 9. Internet of Things (3/3) • Flexible architecture to handle all technologies and UE categories with a single instance of the software • Single-tone and Amulti-tone support for NB1 UEs • Support of 15 kHz and 3.75 kHz subcarrier spacing • Support of all NB-IoT operation modes (in-band, guard band and standalone) • Support of multiple coverage levels • Support of all NPDCCH, NPDSCH, NPUSCH and NPRACH configurations • Support of control plane CIoT optimization • Support of multi-DRB mode • Supports PSM and extended DRX
  10. 10. Amarisoft in the field • Last mile (Guyane 2016)
  11. 11. Amarisoft inside at MWC17
  12. 12. About us • Non-conventional software company dedicated to telecommunications • Founded in 2012 • By two highly experienced individuals o Franck SPINELLI: telecoms engineer and entrepreneur o Fabrice BELLARD: worldwide famous guru in software, the “father” of ffmpeg and qemu
  13. 13. Our philosophy Availability • We answer your questions by e- mail within a short delay. Affordability • You set up an LTE base station on a PC with lower investment than using traditional hardware, approx. one tenth of the price of what Responsiveness • When there is an issue with the software, we are quickly doing our best to fix it and include it into the next release. Suitability • Depending on your needs, our solutions are available as pure software license or in an integrated PC. Listening • We welcome our customers’ advice. Your requests for additional features are coming on top of our TO DO list. Spearheading • Remain on the top of 3GPP releases and make sure your customer can benefit from them.
  14. 14. Peer and market recognition • October 2012, « Best Mobile Innovation by a Start-Up in the Best of 4G Awards » at 4G World in Chicago o Franck SPINELLI: “eNodeB, the hardware that facilitates communication between the network and individual devices, can now be fully software-based.” • 2016, “world class” French Cluster Systematic o Brings together more than 650 key technology players in the Paris Region area o Amarisoft is supported by the “Program of investments for future” within the framework of the “Big challenges of digital technology” of the French government. • 2016, Facebook Telecom Intra Project o Member of the project • June 2017, Winner of "Télécom Track" by Orange Fab, season 1 o Selected among 22 applicants to join this one-year bolstering program
  15. 15. Dedicated to our customers • Over 300 customers o Including Tier 1 NEMs and MNOs • 90% international / 10% domestic • Global resellers and partners’ ecosystem Americas 32% Asia-Pacific 17% Europe 46% MEA 5%
  16. 16. Dedicated to our customers
  17. 17. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION sales@amarisoft.com www.amarisoft.com - Follow us on and