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SharePoint 2010: Real-life Case Studies

The new version of SharePoint is better than ever with a new ribbon interface, Web 2.0 capabilities, web-based Office viewing and editing and much more!

But as our experts will tell you, building a better intranet begins with a foundation of best practices.

Download the slide deck and let our consultants familiarize you with the new best practices for SharePoint 2010.

For more information or to schedule a follow-up meeting, contact C/D/H.

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SharePoint 2010: Real-life Case Studies

  1. 1. CDH SharePoint 2010: Real Life CDH Case Studies March 2010
  2. 2. CDH Quick Facts About Us Approach Partnerships • 20th Year • Vendor Agnostic • Microsoft Gold • Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Professional • Cisco Premier • 25 Staff Services Only • Novell Platinum • Citrix Silver
  3. 3. CDH Expertise • Project Management • Infrastructure • Collaboration • Access & Identity Management (AIM)
  4. 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  5. 5. CDH Organic Growth Difficulty in organizing information, finding information and communicating information in a secure and efficient manner Partners Employees Consultants
  6. 6. CDH Goals Meet changing Manage IT costs business needs and complexity • Enhance information insight from data • Integrate line-of-business (LOB) systems complexity • Provide ability to scale • Work with partners and consultants • Protect intellectual property • Embrace new work styles • Enable innovation
  7. 7. CDH SharePoint Deployment Process Estimating Initiating Planning Executing Closing Monitoring & Controlling
  8. 8. CDH SharePoint Deployment Process Estimating Initiating Planning Executing Closing Monitoring & Controlling • Envision − Involves defining a business vision and defining a high-level scope definition for the work required to deliver the desired business value and benefits. • Planning − Involves the development of detailed functional requirements, determination of application and infrastructure architectural impacts, and a project plan for the remaining stages of the project. • Development & Proof of Concept − Includes validating the solution architecture through the development of an initial solution and, if deemed appropriate, the completion of a proof-of- concept. • Testing & Acceptance − Solution is tested, in some cases through a production pilot deployment, and the solution is formally accepted by the client. • Deployment − Includes final development efforts, release coordination and communication, end user education, production deployment, final solution documentation, and project closure tasks, including formal sign-off on all project deliverables.
  9. 9. CDH SharePoint Deployment Team • Project Manager – Responsible for ensuring project timeline is met, milestones are reached and stays on budget • Creative Designer – Responsible for “look & feel” of environment; part of minimizing perceived change is appeal to end user and ease of use • Trainer – Responsible for ensuring end users know how and why it works the way it does and how to use most effectively • Administrator – Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of SharePoint (e.g. backups, security, troubleshooting) • Architect / Infrastructure Specialist – Responsible for building environment that can meet SLA requirements, handle projections for growth and is compatible with other systems • Developer – Responsible for extension of OOTB functionality through code and development of new features to meet requirements
  10. 10. CDH SharePoint Deployment Team • SharePoint is not something that is deployed “behind the scenes” then rolled out without involvement outside IT • A successful deployment will involve technical and non- technical resources along a broad cross-section of your company • Deployment team should include not only technical subject matter experts, but also: – Business Unit Management – Ad hoc “Leaders” – Early Adopters – Administrative Staff • Establish a governance plan to control SharePoint post- deployment • Don’t forget change management and training!
  11. 11. CDH The Result Centralized, secure and consistent access to information Consultants Employees Partners SharePoint 2010
  12. 12. Steps Taken to Design and CDH Develop the Solution • LOB integration – Information mapping – SQL Views – Modification and addition of business process • Business Intelligence – RA for reporting – Report development – Data validation • Collaboration – Development of several Proof of Concepts – Modification and addition of business process • Communication – Information flow mapping – Standardization of communication – Modification and addition of business process • Social Networking – Interesting….
  13. 13. CDH Points to Ponder
  14. 14. CDH Microsoft SharePoint 2010 The business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web
  15. 15. CDH Service Applications • Access Services • Business Data Connectivity • Document Conversion • Excel Services • Managed Metadata Service • PerformancePoint • Search • Secure Store • State Service • Visio Graphics Service • User Profile Service
  16. 16. CDH Service Applications Group or no group, that is the question SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010
  17. 17. CDH Managed Metadata Services Get the “term store” running smoothly by thinking ahead
  18. 18. CDH Managed Metadata Services
  19. 19. CDH Managed Metadata Services
  20. 20. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) CDH Not quite point and click, but close
  21. 21. CDH Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Not quite point and click, but close
  22. 22. CDH PowerShell If you haven’t learned it yet… Now is THE time • Access Services • Database • Enterprise content • Features and solutions management • General • Excel Services • Import and export • InfoPath • Logging and events • State service and session state • Security • Secure Store Service • Service applications • User Profile Service • Site management • Search • Performance • Visio Services • Upgrade • Web Analytics • Workflow management • PerformancePoint Services • Timer jobs • Word Services • SharePoint Foundation 2010 • Backup and restore Search
  23. 23. CDH InfoPath 2010 Update your skills with this new, must use tool • Finally! Something easy… Well maybe • Still have a learning curve if you need to code • New interface • New features – Quick Publish – New templates – Rules are easier to manage – SharePoint list form customizer – Mashups (connections and web parts) – Picture buttons – New Person/Group picker – Bulleted list items
  24. 24. Prepare for the Social Revolution CDH Social Networking will make its way into your world soon • Identify champions– sell the value! – at the executive level – early adopters level • Encourage grassroots ownership • Build a rich User Profile now • Begin today with SharePoint 2010 RC – Use POCs to build support and learning – Rollout to pilot groups to increase experience • What about privacy and socially irresponsible data? – Define a governance – Policies will be required – Address legal, compliance, and security issues early • Consider what the features of Social Networking you will allow • How will you use the social data that is generated • Plan for the expanded data storage needs in the MySite database(s)
  25. 25. CDH Upgrading Supported Scenarios Unsupported Scenarios • In-Place Upgrade • Upgrade from earlier than WSS v3 • Database Attach Upgrade: SP2/MOSS 2007 SP2 (preferably – Content Database with Oct. 2009 Cumulative Update) – Profile Service Database • SQL earlier than: – Project Service Database – 2005/SP3/CU3 • Single Click Install - SQL Migration – 2008/SP1/CU2 – Windows Internal Database (WID)  SQL Express 2008 + • Direct upgrade from WSS v2/SPS File Stream RBS 2003 or earlier • Upgrade from WSS v3 to • Side by side installation SharePoint Server 2010 • Gradual upgrade
  26. 26. CDH Search Planning for search has never been more important
  27. 27. CDH Virtualized? Make sure you are ready • A development environment is a must • Plan for plenty of disk space for your VMs, and you will have more • Take plenty of VM snapshots – Take at milestone times in the implementation – Take before new setups that you have not learned before • Give the SharePoint environment lots of resources
  28. 28. CDH Lots of Other Stuff to Learn Sub Heading • Records Management • eDiscovery and other compliance • Disaster Recovery / Fault Tolerance • Monitoring / Health Services • New capacity considerations
  29. 29. CDH CDH SharePoint in Action
  30. 30. CDH Ferrari
  31. 31. CDH Energizer
  32. 32. CDH Winchester Ammunition
  33. 33. CDH Swatch
  34. 34. CDH TV Guide
  35. 35. CDH Kroger
  36. 36. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 www.cdh.com (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved