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Open to Opportunities. Closed to Threats.

To enable and protect the open enterprise, you need security to speed you up—not slow you down. Read more on Rewrite: http://cainc.to/Bce6Ww

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Open to Opportunities. Closed to Threats.

  1. 1. 87% of all companies have experienced a security breach.1 How you adapt is what matters most. When she emerges from the tunnel, the sun is shining again. So Alice shifts gears and puts the top down to enjoy the drive across the bridge into Seattle. Alice wanted a quick, secure way to start her car, so she added a fingerprint scanner to her dashboard for extra protection. Now she decides who gets to drive it. (Her husband, yes. Her college-sophomore brother, no way.) Dark clouds are gathering as Alice pulls onto the highway. With the push of a button, she closes her roof just before the rain starts. She turns on her playlist with a voice command and skips to her favorite song without ever taking her hands off the wheel. In the application economy, data helps you seize opportunities quickly, boost your speed to market, and connect the right people to the right information. But to enable and protect the open enterprise, you need security to speed you up—not slow you down. Open to opportunities. Closedto threats. Take Alice. She lives outside Seattle and heads up her own department. She used to ride the bus to work, but recently invested in a convertible so she can enjoy the sun and travel to places she couldn’t go before. Alice checks her blind spot monitor before she changes lanes. She sees a car to her left, so she slows down to let it pass. Alice realizes she’s running late, so she speeds up. When she enters the Mount Baker Tunnel, her collision avoidance system detects that she’s approaching another vehicle too fast and automatically applies the brakes. Most companies have blind spots. 62% of insider security breaches are discovered months (or years) later.1 A successful external breach can do serious damage to a company’s reputation—and the average cost is approximately $3.8 million.2 Alice arrives at the office and activates her security system with another quick scan of her fingerprint. If a thief tampers with her car, built-in sensors will sound an alarm and send an alert to Alice’s phone. She’s confident that her car is protected, even if she’s miles away. 1 CA Application Economy Market Study commissioned by CA, conducted by Vanson Bourne, 2014. 2 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis. Ponemon Institute, May 2015. 93% of leaders in the application economy open up access to their APIs to capture new revenue opportunities.1 Not all threats come from the outside. Many breaches happen when the wrong person is in the driver’s seat. With identity-centric security, the right people get convenient access and the wrong ones stay out. Your customers want to feel secure. Build trust by delivering a flawless customer experience every time, with security that ramps up when you need it and scales back when you don’t. Speed new apps to market without sacrificing user- friendly security across devices and channels.