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Infographic: The Data Behind Exceptional Digital Experiences

The benefits of digital transformation are clear but the road to success may not be. Discover what app analytics can do for you. To learn more about how to deliver a superior digital experience through analytics, watch the on-demand webcast, Evolving the Digital Experience in 2017 https://www.ca.com/us/why-ca/connect-with-us/events/detail/evolving-the-digital-experience-in-2017.html

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Infographic: The Data Behind Exceptional Digital Experiences

  1. 1. THE BENEFITS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ARE CLEAR: OF U.S. BUSINESSES EXPECT AN AVERAGE WANT PROOF? Discover what CA App Experience Analytics can do for you. Start your free trial. *All data extracted from Building a Better Digital Experience: Tough challenges, better benefits, and why it all matters, Vanson Bourne Survey Commissioned by CA Technologies, October 2016. More likely to rate themselves as completely successful: BELIEVE IMPROVING THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE WILL ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS 2.3X MORE LIKELY TO SPEED TIME TO MARKET FOR NEW APPS AND PRODUCTS 1.9X MORE LIKELY TO GAIN ANALYTIC INSIGHT ACROSS CHANNELS 99% 70% 21% INCREASE IN REVENUE HERE’S WHAT ORGS LIKE YOURS ARE EXPERIENCING: 1.8X MORE LIKELY TO PROVIDE A SEAMLESS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ACROSS PLATFORMS 1.7XMORE LIKELY TO ENHANCE APP RELIABILITY 1.5X MORE LIKELY TO LEVERAGE CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK FROM REAL USER EXPERIENCES 1.4X MORE LIKELY TO CONSIDER THEMSELVES COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL AT APP INNOVATION CA App Experience Analytics provides proactive, real-time insights into real user behavior, buyer trends and omnichannel performance. Improve digital performance with breakthrough visibility Optimize the user experience with greater insight Design for the experience with heightened understanding GREAT USER EXPERIENCES REQUIRE GREATER INSIGHT SO YOU CAN: CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every business, in every industry. From planning to development to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact and communicate – across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Learn more at ca.com. Copyright © 2016 CA, Inc. All rights reserved. All marks used herein may belong to their respective companies. CS200-232642 Businesses that chose CA App Experience Analytics and CA Application Performance Management over competitive solutions are… But the road to success isn’t. If you’ve struggled with digital transformation, you’re not alone. In fact, only 20%rate themselves as “Very Good” at delivering a seamless digital experience. Difficulty providing a unified customer experience across all channels and platforms. 90%feel they lack insight into their customers’ digital experiences. 93%believe they could improve the way they measure the customer experience across digital channels. Could you? Over 90% face business and technological obstacles. A RESISTANCE TO CHANGE INCREASED TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEXITY SLOW TIME-TO-MARKET Not surprisingly,Most notably: