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5 steps to become a social business

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The five steps to follow to become a social business from Richard Margetic, Director of Global Social Media at Dell.

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5 steps to become a social business

  1. 1. 5 Steps in Becoming aSocial BusinessRichard Margetic, Director, Global Social MediaMay 29, 2013 @ByJove
  2. 2. Global MarketingAugust 2006Blogoutreachexpandedbeyond techSupportMarch 2008Accepted Solutionslaunched onCommunityDell France begins OnlineCommunity OutreachDecember 2006Ratings andreviews launchedon Dell.comJuly 2006Direct2Dell launchedToday Direct2Dell exists inEnglish, Spanish, Norwegian,Japanese and Chinese.February 2006Michael Dell asksWhy don’t we reach out and helpbloggers with tech support issues?February2007IdeaStormlaunchedA voting basedsite allowingcustomers andothers to submitideas for Dell.June 2007Dell joinsTwitterSells millions inthe first yearOctober 2007Community VIPprogram launchedDell launches recognitionprogram for our most activecommunity members, withprivate groups and escalatedaccess.June 2006DellTechCenterlaunchedMarch2010Dell joinsSina Weiboin China2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011March 2012Dell and Red Crosslaunch DigitalOperations CenterDell solutionsprovide the RedCross withinnovative ways tohelp Americansimpacted by disasterAugust 2010Social Media & CommunityUniversity (SMaC U) launched5,000 team members trained by end of yearJune 2010CAP Dayslaunched In-person events for vocalonline customersDecember 2010Social MediaListening CommandCenter launchedMore than seven years of social media experience20132012June 2007EmployeeStormlaunchedIdeaStorm foremployeesAugust 2009Swarm CanadalaunchesGroup buyingprogram goes livethroughoutCanadaMay 2009Swarm launchesGroup buying programgoes live, in SingaporeFeb 2009Social InnovationCompetitionBuilt on IdeaStormrewarding global socialinnovationJuly 2011Michael Delljoins Google+Jumps to #50 infollowers, holds firstDell HangoutJuly 2010Michael Dell onDell ChatterRolls it outcompany-wideJuly 2011Dell launchesglobal G+ siteFeb 2012Dell joins PinterestOctober 2012Dell launches SubjectMatter Expert socialmedia programJanuary 2013Dell LaunchesSocial NetAdvocacyReal time socialsentiment toolDecember 2012Dell launchesSocial MediaServices GroupJanuary 2011Think TankprogramlaunchedOctober 2011Dell launchesphase two ofVIP programBrings enhancedadvocacyrelationship to ourmost passionatecommunitymembersOctober 2009Dell joinsRenrenSeptember 2008Dell launchesYammerFirst enterprisesocial networkOctober 2009SMaC organizationlaunchedCross-functional centralorganizationJanuary 2010Social OutreachServices team formed@DellCares launched 3months later
  3. 3. Global MarketingOur Journey to Becoming a Social BusinessDell saw Social Media as an opportunity to build and furthernurture customer relationships through listening to, andengaging with, customers in meaningful ways.• Realization: Social was impacting many parts of the business• Challenge: Establish a framework that could scale across thebusiness• Solution: Define a platform-agnostic strategy, a governancemodel to manage, a communication system to educate /inform, an insights program to measure impact and a culturethat embraces it
  4. 4. Global MarketingRealization
  5. 5. Global MarketingMarketingbefore itbecameformalIntimate,customerconnections5
  6. 6. Global Marketing2005-2006• Thousands of conversations about Dell andrelated topics of interest• Conversations rich with valuable insights• Various parts of the business impacted• Online traffic/time spent shifting to social• No Dell voice4,000 onlineconversationsper dayregarding Dell• Companies viewed customer support andmarketing as primarily one-way.• Marketing by Dell, its competitors andbusiness in general involved traditionaluse of mass media.
  7. 7. Global MarketingChallenge
  8. 8. Global MarketingMeeting the Opportunity• Shifting from one way communications to conversations• Undefined benefits from investing in social– Belief in social media impact will only get us so far• Incremental resources needed– How do you justify shifting roles to social media management?• Solve the complexity of coordination across multiple businessunits and regions– Conversations were around products, customer issues, technologytrends, sales and more
  9. 9. Global MarketingSolution
  10. 10. Global MarketingSolution 1. A platform-agnostic strategy2. A governance model tomanage and scale3. A communication system toeducate and inform4. An insights program tomeasure impact5. A culture that embraces it
  11. 11. Global MarketingAll social activities share the same roots
  12. 12. Global Marketing12 ConfidentialSmart businessfundamentals never change
  13. 13. Global MarketingSocial rootsbusiness fundamentalscore social business strategy+
  14. 14. Global MarketingFoundation of social strategy:Focus on Value DriversValue to Customers Value For DellSocial connections meet variety of needsacross customer segments, and enablecustomers to …Social connections create potential for tangibleimpact against Dell’s key value drivers …CustomerInsights to DriveInnovationMarketing SpendEfficiencyTrafficBasket SizeCost Savings• Retention• ProfitabilityCustomerLifetime ValueConversion Rate• Brand awareness• Lead generation• Net Promoter Score• Support• Sales and marketing• Unique visitors• Visits/page views• Average ordervalue• Indirect R&D savings• Leaks in purchasepath1. Make meaningfulconnections based onshared interests2. Express themselves3. Receive exclusive rewardsand recognition4. Get advice, validation, andassurance about decisions5. Solve a specific problem(their own or someoneelse’s)
  15. 15. Global MarketingIntegrate where Customer & Business Value arerealized across all business functionsProduct Development• Feedback Loop• Early Warning• New ProductIdeationMarketing• Demand Forecast• Lead Generation• Message ReachOnline Presence• Ratings & Reviews• Communities• Customer StoriesSales• Collaboration• Thought Leadership• BlogsCustomer Service• Listening• Support Widgets• OutreachCommunication• Rich Media• Brand Reputation• Influence• Reputation
  16. 16. Global Marketing16 Confidential3/21/2Listening to Be A Better Business,across the Business
  17. 17. 17IdeaStormPurposeOur goal through IdeaStorm is to give ourcustomer an avenue to share their ideas onDell Products, Services and Operations.Statistics• 60,000+ User Accounts• 18,000+ Ideas• 739,000+ Votes• 97,000+ Comments• 520+ ideas ImplementedValue• Revenue from IdeaStorm members is~50% higher than non-members• Purchase frequency is 33% higher• Higher Lifetime Value
  18. 18. Global MarketingListening: Who, What, WhereWho Listening to who’s talking tells you who your advocates are, yourinfluencers, your ranters and your ravers. This forms the basis ofall relationship marketingWhat What users are talking about gives you your marketing keywords,conversations, messaging points, identifies customer pain points,impacts search results. This is the basis of content marketing.Where Where customers are talking tells you which platforms you needto create a presence in, market to, amplify messages in and whereto put your ad dollars18Relationship MarketingContent MarketingPaid Marketing
  19. 19. Global MarketingSolution 1. A platform-agnostic strategy2. A governance model tomanage and scale3. A communication system toeducate and inform4. An insights program tomeasure impact5. A culture that embraces it
  20. 20. Global MarketingGovernance: Facebook Reinvention turned a jungleinto a tended garden202008, a search for Dell onFacebook returned 485results, includingabandoned, off-brand,unmonitored sitesGovernance reduced thenumber of official and non-official Dell pages, deletingnoise & bringing focus tohigh priority Dell initiatives. Agreed upon governance model– To contain unbridled proliferation of sitesthat would harm the brand Consistent brand– To stay ensure alignment Taxonomy framework– To know where any new site fits andimprove user experience Standardized tools– To minimize launch churn, maximizeefficiencies by leveraging BIC functionality Shared agency– To maximize spend, avoid churn and stayalignedResults Governance process rolled out to all socialmedia platforms– Processed ~1,000 social media requests todate, Cross-segment core team established to ensureinterlocks and alignment– Extended team exceeds 50 weeklymembers Agreed upon core social strategy– Enables establishing presence in newplatforms friction-free (Google+, Tumblr) Embedded tracking– Ensures all accounts in compliance aretracked effectivelyToday
  21. 21. 21Social Media: Account Requests Social Media: Fans & FollowersSocial Media: Compliance• 169 Issues were reported• 139 Pages were taken down• 18 are Pending verificationSocial Media: Members by RegionSMaC Governance Reporting – FY14Q1 Mar 2013Processed Launched Sunset Declined1,119 812 117 1090102030405060ConsumerLESMBCorporate/Global52%43%5%NARC REPORTReported Deactivated Pending01,000,0002,000,0003,000,0004,000,0005,000,0006,000,0007,000,000APJ NA EMEA Global LATotal Fans 6,951,036 5,468,730 1,427,239 1,196,327 861,239Total Fans
  22. 22. Global MarketingSocial Media Inventory• Sortable Inventory of all official Dell social presences– Eliminates redundancies– Informs the business of syndication options– Supports compliance– Helps manage footprint
  23. 23. Global MarketingSocial Media Governance ProcessDefined governance process• Enables management ofsocial media footprint– Minimizes duplication– Maximizes content distribution• Ensures standardizedmetrics• Enforces brand standards• Aligns on strategy• Mitigates risk• Drives platform efficienciesReporting Compliance Sunset
  24. 24. Global MarketingTeam begins by just listening and monitoring earned social.Tech support experts were then hand-selected for their techproblem-solving expertise andsuperior interpersonal skills.When pointed at owned social, ournegative sentiment in Facebookwas halved in the first two monthsOn average, the team addresses3,000 posts a week in 11 languages– 98% resolution rate– 45% ranters to raversCustomer ExperienceTodaySocial Outreach Team Formed March 2006
  25. 25. Global MarketingSolution 1. A platform-agnostic strategy2. A governance model tomanage and scale3. A communication system toeducate and inform4. An insights program tomeasure impact5. A culture that embraces it
  26. 26. Global MarketingEducating Employees:Social Media & Community UniversityPrinciplesPolicyProcessesTraining & tools
  27. 27. Global MarketingSMaC U Today• > 13,000 employees trained• > 8.000 employees certified• We train globally in 55+ countries– Focus on regions where our largestmarketing, sales and product teamsexist• Launched a Training Ambassadorprogram, where certified employeesmay apply to teach on behalf of the University.• SMaC Champions: Certified employees given a list of socialactivities that they can participate in. One is crowdsourcedtranslations of social media content.
  28. 28. Global MarketingSocial Media Playbook• Designed for Dell Marketers &individuals responsible forplanning & operationalizingsocial media• Helpsplan, build, execute, measure &syndicate social mediastrategies• Provides tools for creating KPI’s& measuring business value• Includes helpfultemplates, checklists andworksheetsConfidential28SocialMediaPlaybook
  29. 29. Global MarketingSolution 1. A platform-agnostic strategy2. A governance model tomanage and scale3. A communication system toeducate and inform4. An insights program tomeasure impact5. A culture that embraces it
  30. 30. Global MarketingMeasuring Owned
  31. 31. Global MarketingMeasuring Earned
  32. 32. Global MarketingInsights• Social media engagement improves Dell’s reach andshare of voice in the marketplace• There is a causality between social media activity andengagement leading to Dell purchases• Social media engagement positively attributes to demandgeneration• Social media support improves sentiment, whichcorrelates with higher customer revenue• Social media engagement keeps Dell and customersconnected and that improves loyalty
  33. 33. Global MarketingSolution 1. A platform-agnostic strategy2. A governance model tomanage and scale3. A communication system toeducate and inform4. An insights program tomeasure impact5. A culture that embraces it
  34. 34. Global MarketingScalable strategyClear objectivesDefined processesCrisp communicationsPrecise measurements+=
  35. 35. Global MarketingConclusion“Engaging in honest, directconversations withcustomers and stakeholdersis a part of who we are, whowe’ve always been. Thesocial web amplifies ouropportunity to listen andlearn and invest ourselves intwo-way dialogue, enablingus to become a bettercompany with more to offerthe people who depend onus,”Michael Dell, CEO
  36. 36. Thank You