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The Solution To Small Business Struggles

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Buzz360 is an automated marketing platform that includes, mobile, social and relationship marketing

With the on set of the social web, mobile devices and the way people find and digest information has disrupted in many industries. Information has become so abundant and the price (either time or money) that consumers are willing to pay for information is dropping dramatically. The power has sifted to the consumer. And the consumers now decide what and when they will listen to our messages. Therefore marketing and advertising is becoming more and more difficult.

Given these statistics, how do businesses get leads and business today?

The buying cycle has changed. During the discovery process you see that brand advertising is a small component of that cycle. Web presence, social media, online communities and social referrals are a big part of discovery. During exploration the consumer will read reviews, blogs, feedback from others, and we know that consumers trust what friends and other consumer say more than what a brand will say. Even after the purchase, the request for referrals and reviews are happening on social networks and emails.

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The Solution To Small Business Struggles

  1. 1. Inland Press, June 2014 A New World Of Partner Marketing
  2. 2. Marketing today is difficult • 200 million people on the U.S. ‘do not call’ list • Over 86% of TV viewers do not see commercials • 44% of direct marketing is never opened • Roughly 99.9% of online banners are never clicked • 74% of in app ads are perceived as annoying • 40% of smart phone owners feel extremely negative to negative about brands that provide in-app ads
  3. 3. The buying experience and buyers’ expectations has change. 75% of the sales cycle is now hidden!
  4. 4. Are small businesses being found?
  5. 5. Small Business Owners Face Struggles Everyday
  6. 6. Bring more to your local small business relationship. Businesses attract new customers, automate social marketing, get repeat business and promote to the hyper-local audience, while you increase revenue.
  7. 7. A simple but powerful marketing automation platform for the small business created with media companies in mind. Create a revenue source you and your small business advertisers. Built to leverage the relationship between you and your customer. Small business automated marketing tools increase sales & increase profitability. Buzz360 solution
  8. 8. SMB login for automated marketing tools dashboard. Social referrals, social sharing, social networking. Mobile for SMB and Enterprise community. Enterprise online community or specialty site for SMB lead generation. Discover and Explore
  9. 9. Get Repeat Business Get New Customers Attract New Customers Engage Get More Referrals
  10. 10. Contact 612.567.0396 lisaschneegans Lisa Schneegans lschneegans@buzz360.co twitter.com/buzz_360 linkedin.com/in/lisaschneegans/ facebook.com/buzz_360