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Old school sales vs modern sales training presentation

Modern customer centric selling differs dramatically from "old school" pushy sales. There are many words for modern sales but this presentation aims to sum up the key developments without mentioning specific methodologies.

Download an editable high resolution version here: http://www.businessillustrator.com/product/modern-sales-vs-old-school-sales-explainer-kit/

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Old school sales vs modern sales training presentation

  1. 1. Old School Sales vs Modern Sales By Businessillustrator.com
  2. 2. Old School: Context Blind
  3. 3. Modern: Context Sensitive
  4. 4. Old School: linear Pipeline
  5. 5. Modern: Non-linear Pipeline
  6. 6. Old School: Sales materials
  7. 7. Modern: Content that supports the customer journey
  8. 8. Old School: Identify Prospects Through Checklists
  9. 9. Modern: Identify Prospects By Their Actions
  10. 10. Old School: Cold calling
  11. 11. Modern: Step by Step Relationship Building with social media
  12. 12. Old School: Mass Messages
  13. 13. Modern: Personalised Messages
  14. 14. At the end of the day it’s all about Knowing the customer…. :
  15. 15. www.businessillustrator.com