Antoine henri becquerel

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Antoine henri becquerel

  1. 1. Antoine Henri Becquerel December 15, 1852 - August 25, 1908
  2. 2. About his life… Married to Janin Father of Jean Becquerel who also was a physicist (fourth generation of scientist) Earned his doctor’s degree 1888 His education…
  3. 3. “Decisiveness is often the art of timely cruelty.” Quote: Greatest Accomplishme nt: Discovered spontaneous radioactivity
  4. 4. Nationali ty: French Awar ds: Awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics (1903) Elected member if the Academie des Sciences de France and succeeded as Life Secretary (1889) Made an Officer of the Legion of Honour (1900) Rumford Medal (1900) Helmholtz Medal (1901) Barnard Medal (1905)
  5. 5. Contributi ons: Photographic plate made by Henri Becquerel showing effects of exposure to radioactivity Study in rotation of plane-polarized light by magnetic fields. Infra-red spectra, making visual observations by means of the light released from certain phosphorescent crystals under infra-red illumination. Absorption of light in crystals
  6. 6. Student ID: 95034447 Credit: -ixzz11ab8sgTu
  7. 7. Student ID: 95034447 Credit: -ixzz11ab8sgTu