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SCS_Store of the Future

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SCS_Store of the Future

  1. 1. ANEWKINDOF 7-ELEVENAlon Brands’ latest store aims for edgy, open and fun 1 csp JUNE 2015
  3. 3. T here are plenty of fun things to doinAlbuquerque.Andnowyou can add visiting the new Alon Brands 7-Eleven to that list. With nearly 300 conve- nience stores in central and West Texas and New Mexico, we are the largest domestic 7-Elevenlicenseeinthecountry. Whileweenjoyaformidablepresenceinthe aforementioned markets, we also see a con- venience world that is rapidly changing. Our latest store, a 4,503-square-foot fa- cility,isuniqueandtakesusnotonlyoutside the norm of 7-Eleven locations but also out- side of the industry norm. To arrive at this model in Rio Rancho, N.M., we worked closely with Jason Mi- chael and Bruce McGovert of Advancement Branding. The result is an inviting, modern designthatmeetstheneedsofthehigh-den- sity Rio Rancho populace. Our legacy network features sites that typically are 2,400 square feet. More re- cently, we launched a larger format running 3,500 square feet, but despite the nearly 50% increase in square footage, it did not provide us sufficient capacity for rolling out a customized foodservice area with in-store seating. Therefore,weembarkedonalargerfloor plan.AlonexecutivesandtheAdvancement Branding team undertook an exhaustive process to determine what kind of state- ment we wanted to make with this site. We settled on a “playful” theme that would be 3 csp JUNE 2015 A C D E F B A. Name Teekay Ddeliatis dolorum vel ipit dolorrum ta dolecto Product Name Teekay Here Quovelis sum qui dolorenient Ddeliatis quam, officto taspel dolorum vel ipit dolorrum ta dolec. B. Name Teekay Sum qui dolorenient Ddeliatis dolorum volo eaquisciur auta Product Name Teekay Here Quovelis la nones magnisc ipsam, cum estiamus. C. Name Teekay Ddeliatis dolorum vel ipit dolorrum ta dolecto sum qui dolorenient Ddeliatis dolorum vel ipit dolo rrum volo eaquisciur Product Name Teekay Here Quovelis quam. D. Name Teekay Sum qui dolorenient Product Name Teekay Here Quovelis molumquam quam, officto taspel dolorum la nones magnisc ipsam, cum estiamus. E. Name Teekay Sum qui dolorenient vel ipit dolo rrum volo eaquisciur auta Product Name Teekay, cum estiamus. F. Name Teekay Sum qui dolorenient Product Name Teekay Here Quovelis vel ipit dolo rrum volo eaquisciur auta tio offictorro vid molumquam quam, officto taspel dolorum.
  4. 4. 4 csp JUNE 2015 a radical change from anything we saw be- ing built in the marketplace. We wanted to be provocative and create an entertaining aspect that would drive repeat business and create a hubbub in the community. Status quo was the safe choice, but it wasn’t the correct one. In the Zones Our concept is anchored in destination zones, accented by bold colors, catchy graphics and custom signage. The foodser- vice and wine areas are set apart with floor tiles different from those in the center store. And there is a drive aisle straight to the full-service food offerings. It is no secret that foodservice—notably fresh and customized—is rapidly becoming an industry necessity if we are to grow and remain relevant. Toward that end, we have created customized zones that play to cus- tomers’ desire to quench their thirst for hot or cold beverages, and also cater to their de- sire for indulgence. Consider: eXpresso: Our barista features custom- ized, made-to-order espresso, cappuccino, lattes and fresh fruit smoothies. This is our first foray into expanded full-service food andbeverage,andwewillcarefullyevaluate this new destination and its market-basket potential. To augment our MTO drinks, we have positioned it adjacent to our “bakery” of fresh-baked goods and pastries, as well as hot sandwiches, with the beverage of their choice. Exclusive to this store, we will debut cappuccino in an edible cup. ABevyofBeverages:Whatelsewouldyou expect from a 7-Eleven other than 24 heads of your favorite fountain drinks, six variet- ies of Slurpee (including our new summer flavor, Lemon Ice) and freshly brewed Lip- ton Iced Tea? From a small (16-ounce) to the thirst-busting Double Gulp (64-ounce), there is a cup to meet everyone’s needs. The Grape Escape: More than 225 bottles are displayed in a wooden floor-to-ceiling winerack.Builtintothewallaretwomini-re- frigerators carrying all your favorite chilled white wines. There are more choices and more price points—more than enough for the discerning wine drinker. Employing a rock wall and a wooden rack, we saw an op- portunity to invoke the idea of an old-fash- ioned wine cellar. The Rio Rancho area was underserviced in quality wines, and our range is extensive, from the value-priced Yosemite Road to some of the best Califor- nia varietals. Be Hoppy: Our 28-degree chilled self- serve beer cooler is replete with popular na- tional brands and local craft selections. Chill: An 11-door cooler and a 6-foot back-filled open-air dairy case round out our beverage selections, including our new proprietary water, Adva by Alon. Indulge: How many retailers feature their own proprietary ice cream? We love icecreamandaregivingmarqueetreatment to 7-Select’s new Premium Ice Cream pints Caption Teekay XXX XXX keep at one line Caption Teekay xxx xxxx keep at one line
  5. 5. and the value-priced 7-Select line. At Your Service: Our checkout backbar displays 12 feet of cigarettes, OTP and a diverse array of e-cigarettes and vape prod- ucts. Because the store has a full liquor license, we carry an extensive selection of spirits in large bottles and miniatures housed in a sleek, ultra-modern illuminat- edglassfixture.Thefrontcounterfeaturesa built-inopen-aircoolerforlast-minutedrink temptations and a full array of confections. Adding Fun Our latest store targets a different kind of customer than that of most convenience stores. Ours is an affluent neighborhood that is also bustling with commuters head- ingintoAlbuquerqueandmedicalpersonnel fromanearbyhospital.Tomeettheneedsof adiverseconsumerbase,everyzoneoffersa blend of high-quality private-label products and premium brands. As much as our store focuses on prod- ucts, we’re equally concerned about the customer experience and creating a pleas- ing aesthetic. When you walk in, look up: You’llfindapanoramicellipsethatencircles the 22-foot ceiling. And the open-grid work and “Big Ass Fan” add to the spacious and inviting feel. At Alon, we have long embraced a phi- losophy of “Fresh-Fast-Friendly” across our existing network. We have succeeded, as evidenced by our high CleanTeam scores. (CleanTeam is a quarterly inspection by a third party that evaluates stores on custom- erserviceandcleanliness).Whatwewanted to add here is a fourth dimension: fun. This store brings it all together. Outside,theimpressivecanopyandfore- court features 16 fueling positions and Alon Brands’ first site with E85. Guests can enjoy their favorite fresh sandwich and dispensed drink at the outdoor patio adjacent to the store. Butit’sinsidewheremostoftheactionis. We believe the playful tone creates a buzz in the marketplace. We truly expect this to be a destination and the template for future new builds.Concurrently,AlonBrandsisremod- elingitsother23storesinAlbuquerqueusing design elements from this store. We expect our guests will find this lo- cation modern, edgy and colorful, inviting and innovative, with a great blend of trusted brands and a robust private-label selection they can purchase only at Alon. In a city known for its Balloon Festival, Alon Brands has soared to new heights. Jonathan Ketchum has been senior vice presi- dentofretailforAlonBrandssince2010.Reach him at jketchum@scstores.com. Wetrulyexpect thisstoretobe adestination andthetemplatefor futurenewbuilds.