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LinkedIn Strategies Job Seeker

  1. LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers brought to you by Bruce A. Bennett Career Coach Corner February 15, 2023
  2. Introduction MCWN Volunteer since 2010 & Contractor from 2018 Career Coach Corner Blogger & Presenter B² Discuss LinkedIn Podcaster LinkedIn user since 2006 General Notes for Today My contact info is on last slide Presentation file is available online at SlideShare (no recording) Workshop is interactive, Q/A & Parking lot Red Arrows
  3. Why LinkedIn? General tips for enhancing your profile Searching and filtering results Building your LinkedIn connections/network Posting activity using # and @ symbols Two LinkedIn mobile app options
  4. Understand the difference between a resume & profile Learn the search filters available to narrow results Find out why & how to create and post content Understand the importance of the hashtag # Recognize when & how to use the at @ symbol Discover two LinkedIn mobile app options
  5. More than 90% of recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn 45 million people use LinkedIn to job search weekly 6 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute 77 job applications submitted every second Source: Over 900 million professionals in more than 200 countries use LinkedIn to connect, exchange information, ideas & opportunities!
  6. Career Explorer identifies transferable skills
  7. A custom banner enhances a profile - Think Branding
  8. LinkedIn offers a few new “custom” banners Use relevant image of your profession or brand 1600 x 400 pixels is suggested banner size
  9. This is the Upload a Photo option that allows you to adjust the image to size
  10. Use Google images to search for alternate options
  11. The About section could start with email address and contact information on the very first line Paragraph one should be about what you do, your job titles, work experience, defined skills and industry keywords Paragraph two should show how you have added value to a previous employer - recap a story or more (STAR) Paragraph three should tell how you will solve a company’s problems - use a story (STAR) Close with a call to action, “call me if……”
  12. Three skills are displayed but you can have 50 skills You can add a new skill by clicking the + hyperlink symbol The skills can edited by clicking on the pencil Add a new skill
  13. LinkedIn suggests key skills based on your profile Click on the skill and Save to add it to your profile Or type in a skill to add it to your profile
  14. It is imperative to add all your skills to your profile You might ask yourself why is it so important? This Is Why I Emphasize Skills
  15. Boolean Search and Operators Is a type of search that allows the user to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) to limit, broaden or define your search Operators include – AND, OR, NOT, AND NOT Marketing VP AND VP of Marketing AND Marketing Director AND Director of Marketing Marketing VP OR Marketing Vice President LinkedIn Help - Using Boolean Search on LinkedIn
  16. Marketing VP OR Marketing Vice President Searching Marketing VP OR Marketing Vice President yields over a million people to review You only get to see the first 100 unless you have an upgraded account which is not needed
  17. Many filters can be used to fine tune the search results
  18. Many filters can be used to fine tune the search results
  19. The filters at the end of list can be used to specify a Name, Job Title and/or Company e.g. Recruiter at Brunswick
  20. Recruiter OR talent acquisition search yields over 8.7 million results Adding a company or two can provide specific individuals
  21. Recruiter OR talent acquisition search with two companies added to search filters
  22. Recruiter OR talent acquisition search with two companies added to search filters with a specific location
  23. A job search agent can be created easily You can save up to 10 different job searches using different job titles, and many other filtering criteria
  24. Many filters are available to obtain specific results
  25. Utilize filters to target your ideal position & company New filters have been recently added Under 10 Applicants, In Your Network & Fair Chance Employer
  26. Use Easy Apply if NOT listed on Company Website Paul Cameron counsels about using LinkedIn Easy Apply
  27. Increase your network by joining industry or role related groups e.g. business development
  28. Groups vary by members and activity You can join up to 100 groups
  29. https://www.linkedin. com/groups/2835/ Recommended regional group for Chicagoland https://www.linkedin. com/groups/13882 410/ Plainfield Public Library Career & Business Group
  30. Posts are topical or informational Job posts can be found here too
  31. Groups allow for you to message members without being connected
  32. Hi John, I saw your post regarding #hiring. A number of people I come in contact through my career coaching are looking for opportunities. I would like to learn more about Harmer Associates. Would you be open to a brief phone call? Let’s connect! Hi Andrea, I have over a decade of experience as a Systems Administrator at a Fortune 500 company. The position you recently posted is a great fit with my background. Would you have a few minutes to discuss the role in greater detail? My resume is attached for your perusal.
  33. Three levels of connections
  34. LinkedIn suggests many ways to build your network People you may know from University of South Florida Top emerging creators to follow Pages to follow based on your activity People you may know with similar roles People in the Training & Coaching industry you may know Online events for you Groups you may be interested in Research Individual or Company
  35. People you may know with similar roles Click on their name or photo to connect
  36. Click on blue Connect button
  37. Dialogue box pops up with two options Add a note customized to the person Send now produces a generic spam like message
  38. A personal note increases the likely hood of a successful connection Only 300 characters can be used for the note
  39. The More button or (3 dots) reveal several options including Connect
  40. Review activity & interest about your profile Analytics and Resources is only visible to you Formerly named as Dashboard
  41. Activity posting can be articles, recognition, etc. Try to include an article hyperlink, image or video Click on See all activity to view additional content
  42. Information about the individuals viewing your posts
  43. Post analytics offers insights about the exposure your activity
  44. Demographics information covers several categories Show all displays additional information
  45. Post analytics and Resources is only visible to you Information about the individuals viewing your posts
  46. Creating a post is an easy process Start on the home page and click on Start a Post
  47. Click on the Anyone drop down menu to select who receives the post
  48. You can send to Anyone, Tweet, connections only, or a LinkedIn Group
  49. You can select only one LinkedIn Group to post your message
  50. Type message and add # or @ to target recipients
  51. Add hashtags to increase target recipients #careers 22.5M #socialmedia 19.7M #personaldevelopment 14.7M Content is complete and ready to Post
  52. Post is successful confirmation, click view to see it
  53. The hashtag # symbol is a powerful tool Use it to reach a larger audience Gain more visibility and/or marketing Appropriate use is #LinkedInTips Those individuals following #LinkedInTips will have it appear in their feed
  54. Enter in a topic to find variations of the theme
  55. Results indicate how many followers a topic has on LinkedIn Variations of the topic may review vastly different results
  56. The @ symbol tags a specific person or company The tagged person receives a notice of mention e.g. @Erica Reckamp Or @BruceBixler Or @Brunswick Corporation Both symbols work with other social media Can a Company Use # and @?
  57. When typing a name, click on the person in the dropdown list
  58. LinkedIn completes the name for you & hyperlinks it Complete typing your comments and click the Post button
  59. Individual receives notice that you tagged them People that follow the individual will see it in their feed
  60. The company receives notice that you tagged them in a post
  61. LinkedIn company page features many details Following the company makes it easy to stay informed and up to date about it Jobs can usually be found on their company page
  62. Like, Comment or Repost to engage with a company
  63. Additional Job search agents can be specific for your target companies You are more likely to be viewed when liking, commenting or sharing their content It demonstrates you are engaged with the company
  64. Select Profile Viewing options There are three profile viewing options You want to let individuals and companies know that you are looking at them
  65. LinkedIn mobile makes it easy to network and stay connected with your network. The mobile app opens to your home page for viewing network feed.
  66. LinkedIn mobile allows you to add your name pronunciation. Click on your profile settings to add name or brief message. Save 10 second recording as last step.
  67. Name Pronunciation displays a speaker next to name. LinkedIn mobile allows you to add a 30 second video to your profile. Click on + symbol to explore options. Erica Reckamp Cover Story The video will be on mobile & desktop versions.
  68. You can personalize a request to connect on LinkedIn mobile. 1 Go to their Profile. 2 Click the symbol. A new screen will be displayed. 2 1
  69. Jackie L. – Finance Professional Jennifer W. – Marketing Lucas H. – IT Professional Liz F. – Graphics Designer Michael D. – IT Professional Rich M. – Project Manager Cheryl W. – Bookkeeping Kenya B. – Finance I want to add your name to the list!!
  70. February Career Workshops & Services Personalized Job Search Assistance Services To sign up, email the professional directly LinkedIn Critiques 60 minute session Virtual Session is a one on one profile review and/or Q&A about LinkedIn usage Email me to set up an appointment:
  71. LinkedIn for Your Job Search Monday February 20, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:00pm LinkedIn Strategic Guidelines Monday February 27, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:00pm Resumes, Cover Letters and Applying Online Wednesday March 1, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:00pm Guide to a Winning Interview Wednesday March 6, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:00pm Network to Success Job Club Boost Your Job Search by Volunteering Wednesday March 8, 2023 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
  72. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn Bruce A. Bennett Mobile: 815-302-9552 Email: LinkedIn: Career Coach Corner Blog: Podcast: