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LinkedIn for Your Job Search

  1. For Your Job Search brought to you by Bruce A. Bennett Career Coach Corner December 12, 2022
  2. 2 Introduction & Notes for session Introduction MCWN Volunteer since 2010 & Contractor from 2018 Career Coach Corner Blogger & Presenter B² Discuss LinkedIn Podcaster LinkedIn user since 2006 General Notes for Today My contact info is on last slide Presentation file is available online at SlideShare (no recording) Workshop is interactive, Q/A & Parking lot Red Arrows
  3. 3 Outline for session Outline Why LinkedIn? Navigation tabs Enhancing your profile Best Practices Building your network Searching Settings
  4. 4 Goals for session Goals Recognize the difference between a resume & profile Understand how to build a compelling profile Create a relevant job search agent(s) in LinkedIn Research employers on LinkedIn & the Internet
  5. 5 LinkedIn - What is it & Why use it? Over 875 million professionals in more than 200 countries use LinkedIn to connect, exchange information, ideas & opportunities! More than 90% of recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn 45 million people use LinkedIn to job search weekly 6 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute 77 job applications submitted every second Source:
  6. 6 LinkedIn Profile - Introduction Card
  7. 7 LinkedIn Profile - Introduction Card
  8. 8 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Home
  9. 9 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - My Network
  10. 10 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Jobs
  11. 11 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Messaging
  12. 12 A Very Important Messaging Setting!!!
  13. 13 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Notifications
  14. 14 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Me
  15. 15 LinkedIn Navigation Tab - Work
  16. 16 Adding a Custom Banner Providing a custom banner enhances a profile
  17. 17 Adding a Custom Banner Use relevant image of your profession or brand 1600 x 400 pixels is suggested banner size
  18. 18 Adding a Custom Banner This is the Upload a Photo option that allows you to adjust the image to size
  19. 19 Editing Your Profile Contact Info Check your contacts for email & phone
  20. 20 Editing Your Profile Contact Info Your contact info should include email & phone
  21. 21 LinkedIn's Career Explorer Career Explorer identifies transferable skills
  22. 22 LinkedIn's Career Explorer Begin by identify a job title LinkedIn makes suggestion based on key words
  23. 23 LinkedIn's Career Explorer Default setting changes from high to low Find jobs on LinkedIn that match your skills
  24. 24 LinkedIn Best Practices 1. Photo 2. Headline that’s not a title 3. About section - TMAY 4. Complete Skills section 5. #OpentoWork - Create a job search agent 6. Posting updates activity 7. Build your network of connections 8. Recommendations 9. Following target companies 10. Who’s viewed your profile? 11. Join Groups
  25. 25 Passport headshot photo with a professional appearance Contrasting plain background Name photo for SEO e.g. Bruce Bennett LinkedIn Training.jpg Best Practice - Photo
  26. 26 Best Practice - Headline
  27. 27 Best Practice - Headline Include Skills in your headline & work experience NEVER use the word “Searching” or “Opportunity” in your headline! Save that for your About section. 2020 overused buzzwords on LinkedIn Agile, Innovative, Step change, Cross Bucket, Disrupt/Disruption, Value Based Listening Other Buzzwords to Remove from Your Profile
  28. 28 The About section could start with email address and contact information on the very first line Paragraph one should be about what you do, your job titles, work experience, defined skills and industry keywords Paragraph two should show how you have added value to a previous employer - recap a story or more (STAR) Paragraph three should tell how you will solve a company’s problems - use a story (STAR) Close with a call to action, “call me if……” Best Practice - About
  29. 29 Great Example of an About Section
  30. 30 Best Practice - Skills Three skills are displayed but you can have 50 skills You can add a new skill by clicking the + hyperlink symbol The skills can edited by clicking on the pencil Add a new skill
  31. 31 Best Practice - Skills LinkedIn suggests key skills based on your profile Click on the skill and Save to add it to your profile Or type in a skill to add it to your profile
  32. 32 Best Practice - Skills You can select the role where you gained the experience Multiple positions can be selected for the skill
  33. 33 Best Practice - Skills You can select the role where you gained the experience Multiple positions can be selected for the skill
  34. 34 Best Practice - Skills
  35. 35 Best Practice - Skills & Endorsements
  36. 36 Best Practice - Skills & Endorsements Click on the symbol and drag the skill to the new position.
  37. 37 Best Practice - Skills & Endorsements Endorse connections to receive endorsements
  38. 38 Best Practice - LinkedIn Skills When you click on the Demonstrate Skills button it opens this page You can Demonstrate soft skills by writing or recording a response that will be included with relevant job applications Take Skill Assessments is a feature that is getting traction
  39. 39 Best Practice - LinkedIn Skills Completing Skill Assessments may benefit your job search
  40. 40 Best Practice - LinkedIn Skills You are able to earn the badge by answering questions You can retake the quiz if you do not reach the top 30% level on the first attempt
  41. 41 Best Practice - LinkedIn Skills It is imperative to add all your skills to your profile You might ask yourself why is it so important? This Is Why I Emphasize Skills
  42. 42 Best Practice - LinkedIn Job Search LinkedIn has many tools to enhance job search Covertly letting Recruiters know you are open to work Overtly informing Everyone you are #Opentowork Overtly informing Everyone you are #ONO Review jobs Recommended for you by LinkedIn Search for job openings by title, skill, or company Create relevant job search agent(s) in LinkedIn
  43. 43 Best Practice - LinkedIn Job Search LinkedIn suggestions based on profile, skills, company, etc.
  44. 44 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Several options to select in step by step process
  45. 45 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Add several job titles that would be appropriate for you The maximum number of job titles you can insert is ten
  46. 46 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Base pay, benefits and commute distance can be specified
  47. 47 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Select preferred schedule and type of hours you are seeking
  48. 48 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Click on drop down to select All LinkedIn members or Recruiters only You can edit #OpenToWork status
  49. 49 Best Practice - #OpenToWork Beware if you are employed and you select All LinkedIn members people at your company can view your status
  50. 50 Best Practice - #OpenToWork
  51. 51 Best Practice - #OpenToWork You can post your #OpenToWork status The post should be concise and focused
  52. 52 Search for relevant jobs posted on the Jobs tab Enter a job title & location to start a search Best Practice - Job Search Agent
  53. 53 Best Practice - Job Search Agent Searches can be filtered on many criteria & saved
  54. 54 Manage Job Alerts be editing or deleting Option for Job recommendations from LinkedIn Best Practice - Job Search Agent
  55. 55 Edit alert for Daily or Weekly updates & notifications Best Practice - Job Search Agent
  56. 56 Apply button redirects you to company website LinkedIn Job Applications
  57. 57 The Apply button may prompt you to share your profile LinkedIn Job Applications
  58. 58 Use Easy Apply if NOT listed on Company Website LinkedIn Easy Apply Application
  59. 59 LinkedIn Easy Apply Application Easy Apply takes you through several screens for the application process.
  60. 60 LinkedIn Easy Apply Job Application Easy Apply shows your progress with the application
  61. 61 LinkedIn Easy Apply Job Application Saved resume can be sent & option for cover letter
  62. 62 LinkedIn Easy Apply Job Application A step in the application process may include screener questions
  63. 63 LinkedIn Easy Apply Job Application One step in the application process is sharing your work experience section but only includes a limit of ten positions Self identification are other questions that may be included You have an opportunity to review the application before submitting it
  64. 64 LinkedIn Easy Apply Job Application Paul Cameron counsels on using LinkedIn Easy Apply
  65. 65 Job Tabs - Interview Prep LinkedIn suggestions based on profile, skills, company, etc.
  66. 66 Interview Prep provides sample Q & A with video & tips Job Tabs - Interview Prep
  67. 67 Categories button offers additional questions Job Tabs - Interview Prep
  68. 68 Play video to understand framework & read tips Job Tabs - Interview Prep
  69. 69 LinkedIn allows for verbal and/or written practice Job Tabs - Interview Prep
  70. 70 Analytics & Resources Your Analytics & Resources are only visible to you
  71. 71 Best Practice - Your Activity Posting can be about articles, recognition, etc. Try to include an article hyperlink, image or video Click on Show all activity at the bottom to view additional content
  72. 72 Best Practice - Your Activity
  73. 73 Best Practice - Your Activity
  74. 74 Best Practice - Add Media Slideshare stores files to share on your profile/posts Use in About, Featured or Work Experience sections
  75. 75 Three levels of connections Your LinkedIn Network
  76. 76 Three levels of connections Your LinkedIn Network - 1, 2 or 3?
  77. 77 Make your invite more personal! Best Practice - Build Your Network
  78. 78 LinkedIn recommends connections, alumni, etc. Best Practice - Build Your Network
  79. 79 Click on blue Connect button Best Practice - Build Your Network
  80. 80 Dialogue box pops up with two options Add a note customized to the person Send now produces a generic spam like message Best Practice - Build Your Network
  81. 81 Make it personal and engaging There is a limit of 300 characters Best Practice - Build Your Network
  82. 82 Best Practice - Build Your Network
  83. 83 2nd Level – Click Connect Button, Message Locked Best Practice - Build Your Network
  84. 84 2nd Level – Click connect or Message group member Best Practice - Build Your Network
  85. 85 3 dots reveal several options including Connect Best Practice - Build Your Network
  86. 86 Building Your LinkedIn Network or Not
  87. 87 Building Your LinkedIn Network or Not Another way to remove connections is to view the individual on the network tab
  88. 88 Best Practice - Recommendations They are an important element to your profile You should have three to four recommendations Who do you ask? Co-workers, Managers, Vendors, Clients, etc. How does the process work? A two way street, i.e. quid pro quo Write recommendations to others You receive notice a recommendation was written for you You review it to approve and post or ask for a revision Lastly, are your recommendations current?
  89. 89 Best Practice - Recommendations
  90. 90 Best Practice - Recommendations First step is identify who to ask by typing a name
  91. 91 Best Practice - Recommendations The 2nd step is to define your relationship and position with the individual by selecting options from the drop down menus
  92. 92 Best Practice - Recommendations Third step is to customize the request and offering an idea for their comments. Finish writing the note and click on the Send button to complete.
  93. 93 Best Practice - Follow Companies LinkedIn lists your interests at the end of your profile page Keep current with your target companies LinkedIn enables you to easily view news & jobs
  94. 94 Best Practice - Follow Companies LinkedIn company page features many details
  95. 95 Best Practice - Follow Companies
  96. 96 Best Practice - Follow Companies
  97. 97 Best Practice - Search Companies
  98. 98 Best Practice - Who Viewed You? LinkedIn tracks the last 90 days of viewing history The most recent five people are identified viewable with a free account except those that want to remain anonymous
  99. 99 Best Practice - Join Groups LinkedIn lists your interests at the end of your profile page
  100. 100 Best Practice - LinkedIn Groups Two ways to access your LinkedIn Groups
  101. 101 Best Practice - LinkedIn Groups Not all Groups are created equal Vary with members #s and activity
  102. 102 Best Practice - LinkedIn Groups You can manage notifications, change settings or leave a group
  103. 103 Best Practice - LinkedIn Groups You can view & search the members of a group This makes it easy to message a non-connection
  104. 104 Best Practice - LinkedIn Groups This post from Linked N Chicago (LiNC) illustrate another reason to join groups
  105. 105 LinkedIn Searching Find people, companies, groups, etc. using search Type in name or subject and press Enter key
  106. 106 LinkedIn Searching Click on People to reveal categories; People, Jobs, etc. Location, current company are 2 great search filters
  107. 107 LinkedIn Searching Clicking All filters opens a dialogue box on the right
  108. 108 LinkedIn Searching Location is a great search filters
  109. 109 LinkedIn Searching All filters displays Company, School, Industry
  110. 110 LinkedIn Searching All Filters allow for expanded searching by job title, e.g. Recruiter or Talent Acquisition at a company
  111. 111 LinkedIn Settings
  112. 112 LinkedIn Settings
  113. 113 LinkedIn Settings
  114. 114 LinkedIn Settings
  115. 115 LinkedIn Settings There are three profile viewing options
  116. 116 LinkedIn Settings Options for the job seeking preferences section
  117. 117 LinkedIn Settings Manage your settings and resumes under Job Application Settings
  118. 118 McHenry County Workforce Network December Career Workshops & Services Personalized Job Search Assistance Services To sign up, email the professional directly LinkedIn Critiques 60 minute session Virtual Session is a one on one profile review and/or Q&A about LinkedIn usage Email me to set up an appointment:
  119. 119 Success Stories Kelly C. – Customer Service Improved her profile after workshops to get found & hired Connie K. – CSX Manager Attended workshops and “never imagined….I would get this offer and salary” Liz Z. – Graphic Design Incorporated my recommendations from Zoom sessions and offered job Lana H. – IT Support Attended my workshops, used LinkedIn effectively and offered job Rick P. – Sales Professional Improved his profile after workshops & 1on1 critique I want to add your name to the list!
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