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Guide to a Winning Interview

  1. Guide to a Winning Interview brought to you by Bruce A. Bennett Career Coach Corner January 9, 2023
  2. 2 Introduction & Notes for Workshop Introduction MCWN Volunteer since 2010 & Contractor from 2018 Career Coach Corner Blogger & Presenter B² Discuss LinkedIn Podcaster General Notes for Today My contact info is email confirmation & the last slide Presentation file is available on SlideShare Workshop is interactive, Q/A & Parking lot Red Arrows Social Media Revolution
  3. 3 Outline for Workshop Today Interviewing Preparing by researching company & position Review the interview process Q & A examples Five toughest question videos Closing the interview General Do’s and Don’ts
  4. 4 Goals for Workshop Goals Repeat strengths as STARs for interviewing Learn how to respond to Tell Me About Yourself Discover how to research employers & companies Know Thyself – Personal Intelligence
  5. 5 Resources Available On-line
  6. 6 Resources Available On-line
  7. 7 How to Ace an Interview Self awareness Inventory your skills Strength Finder by Gallup - now CliftonStrengths SWOT analysis Preparation Select 3 to 5 of your key strengths Use a STAR to illustrate the skill to interviewer Research company and individuals Practice Scripted or bulleted answers Mirror or camera Family, friends or pets
  8. 8 Strength Finder Report
  9. 9 Strength Finder Report
  10. 10 Strength Finder Report
  11. 11 Strength Finder Report
  12. 12 SWOT Analysis
  13. 13 Key Strengths - STARs or CARs Customer Service “Are you calling me a liar” story. Decision Making Our equipment in the garage appeared to be the source of the fire. Computer Software Adaptability Became the beta tester for new roll outs of proprietary programs for regional managers. Training Staff Coached and developed 22 direct reports into supervisory role positions.
  14. 14 Research Company and Position Research the company Google the company Company website, news, management team, etc. Mission statement and/or core values Check them on LinkedIn Research the position Use Indeed or other job boards for similar positions for key words or skills not covered in their posting Check to get range of compensation LinkedIn Research Search for interviewer(s) and company
  15. 15 Research Company Exercise 7 Fundamental Things You MUST Research
  16. 16 Interviewing Situations Prescreen Phone Interview Spur of the moment Prearranged for a scheduled time Determines your next step in the process Follow up with F2F interview Keep your resume on file F2F Interview Company location Job Fairs On Campus recruiting Video Interviews
  17. 17 Phone Screen Interview Preparation Schedule the time rather than spur of the moment Locate to a distraction free environment No pets, no TV, no Radio, no computer Have your cell phone fully charged Take note of interviewer’s name Have work history and job description handy Relate the job’s and your key skills
  18. 18 Phone Screen Interview Preparation Stand during the phone interview Smile while on the call Have a few questions ready for the interviewer, e.g. Is position new or replacing someone, i.e. budgeted? Next steps in the application process Avoid rambling and/or really long answers
  19. 19 F2F Interviewing Preparation Prepare story examples that illustrate skills and capabilities Interview practice with family, friends, etc. Have work history and reference details ABCs of references Take several copies of resume Dress for interview Research the company and position Google, LinkedIn and/or Company’s webpage
  20. 20 F2F Interviewing Process Know the corporate culture Turn on positives, creative, am quick learner, relationship builder, etc. Eye contact Self on shoulder alter ego (good/bad angel) Personal branding - Portfolio Humor ok!?!? Ideal or dream job
  21. 21 Video Interviewing Video Interviewing Background & Environment Practice recording on laptop or tablet
  22. 22 Video Interviewing Riveter Works video interviewing practice
  23. 23 Video Interviewing HireVue On-line interviewing application
  24. 24 Video Interviewing Zoom, Skype, Facetime Interviews Andrew LaCivita talks about Online interviewing
  25. 25 Standard Questions What would former coworkers or manager say? What did you learn at your last job? What level of education did you achieve? What is your greatest strength? What have you been doing since being laid off? Why did you leave your last job or were you fired?
  26. 26 Behavioral/Situational Type Questions Give me an example of how you set goals and achieve them. Teamwork is important to the position. Give me an example of your working with a team. Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure. How did you handle a difficult situation with a supervisor? Relate when you had to enforce a company policy that you did not agree with personally. Pamela Skilling Discusses Behavioral Questions
  27. 27 F2F Interviewing Process
  28. 28 Oddball Questions How much does the earth weigh? What would you expect to pay for the empty lot next to our company? How far away is Alpha Centuri? What animal or tree would you like to be? What kind of cookie would you like to be? What is your spirit animal? Who is your hero?
  29. 29 Five Toughest Questions Videos “Tell me about yourself!” by John Heaney by Pamela Skillings by Don Georgevich “What are your greatest weaknesses?” by John Heaney “Why should we hire you?” by John Heaney “Why do you want to work here?” by John Heaney “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” by John Heaney
  30. 30 LinkedIn Offers Interviewing Resource LinkedIn offers Interview Prep on the Jobs tab More features Skills Assessments & Resume Builder
  31. 31 Interview Prep provides sample Q & A with video & tips LinkedIn Offers Interviewing Resource
  32. 32 LinkedIn Offers Interviewing Resource Free accounts provide an answer framework
  33. 33 Categories button offers additional questions LinkedIn Offers Interviewing Resource
  34. 34 Lack of preparation, not knowing about company Getting name of company wrong Inappropriate language during the interview “Beating around the bush” regarding compensation expectations Needing to pull responses from candidate Candidate talking too much, long winded Not flexible with scheduling Ghosting during the process Source: C. Schroeder, Talent Acquisition Manager Interviewer Pet Peeves
  35. 35 Do You Have Any Questions For Me? You better!! Be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer Interview Questions Hallmark Data Systems A printed list demonstrates your preparation and interest in the company and position Questions can range from evaluations to management style Is corporate culture another potential topic? How has Covid-19 affected the business?
  36. 36 Interviewing Closing Suggestions John Heaney suggests to not ask these questions 10 Questions to Never Ask on a Job Interview 7 minutes Don Georgevich advises never ask these questions Never Ask These Questions in a Job Interview 8 minutes
  37. 37 Interviewing Closing Suggestions Closing statement? Elevator speech repeated with knowledge gained through the interview Express interest in the job, “I want the job!” Next steps in candidate selection process “May I have your business card?” Handshake, elbow or fist bump?
  38. 38 Interview Do’s Bring a notebook to take notes Press your clothes and shine shoes Be aware of your body posture Turn off your phone Be friendly with everyone you meet Smile
  39. 39 Interview Don’ts Do not be too early or late Do not answer cell phone or texts Do not wear perfume or cologne Do not disparage previous employer/boss Do not leave your notebook at home Do not cross your arms Do not answer with simple yes or no Do not fidget
  40. 40 Post Interview Suggestions Debrief yourself Keep a journal of interview questions & answers Rate your answers to learn from interview to interview Thank you letter Personal thank you card best or email is acceptable Follow up with phone call Lastly, remember the Challenging interview
  41. 41 Simple Thank You Letter Template Hallmark Data Systems Attn: Julie Jones, HR Manager Phone: 847-999-9999 Web: Dear Ms. Jones, I wanted to thank you for your time and consideration for the Senior Client Relationship Manager position. Our discussion about my experience and the position clarified how much this job is a great match with my background. My extensive management, operations, client service, and relationship building experience would benefit Hallmark Data Systems. I look forward to progressing to the next step in the candidate selection process. Thank you, Bruce
  42. 42 High Performance Interviewing by David King and Jim Starkey Another Interviewing Resource
  43. 43 Presentation Video Resources Social Media Revolution - Paul Cameron - Andy LaCivita - Pamela Skillings -
  44. 44 Additional Video Resources Madeline Mann When is your job interview - Timing is Everything! Andrew LaCivita The Best Answer to "What's Your Expected Salary?" Madeline Mann - Self Made Millennial How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers Professor Heather Austin 7 Job Interview Red Flags LinkedIn Learning
  45. 45 Success Stories Barbara Z. – AP Coordinator Attended workshops, gained knowledge and confidence Tom W. – Customer Service Professional Attended workshops and was hired after three interviews Mari A. – Pharmacy Technician Attended webinars and networked to obtain position Cheryl W. – Accounting Professional Attended webinars and offered a position Michael B. – Marketing Professional Incorporated my recommendations from workshops I want to add your name to the list!
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