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The Giving Keys Integrated Marketing Plan 2019

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This is a presentation my daughter did for a DECA conference in January 2019. DECA is a High School club for students interested in business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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The Giving Keys Integrated Marketing Plan 2019

  1. 1. TH E G I VI NG KEYS Milan Brito, Shaan Parol, Giselle Roque
  3. 3. THEKEYS
  4. 4. MAR KET ANALYSIS GEOGR APHICS DEM OGRAPHI CS PSYCHOGRAPHICS 1 store in LA 3 pop-ups in LA, NY, Boston 1200+ retail across US 75% female 30% between ages 17 to 35 76% based in US, 33% in CA 63% purpose-driven products 86% companies to take stands on social issues
  5. 5. COMPETIT IV E ANALYSIS ‣ Shoe and apparel company ‣ Donates products and services to third world countries ‣ Bracelet and accessory company ‣ Employs artisans in Costa Rica, expanded to the rest of the world
  6. 6. SWOT ANA LYSIS ST RENGTHS ‣ Fashionable for all genders ‣ Pay it Forward campaign inspires and motivates to give ‣ Employs members of the homeless community in LA WEAKNESSES ‣ Limited outlets for shoppers (Mostly online or sold in small stores) ‣ Spread too thin; not focused enough on one certain initiative ‣ Inconsistent with influencers OPPORTUNITIES ‣ Expand into new markets ‣ Diversify product portfolio ‣ Partner with larger retail (ex. Target) THREATS ‣ Decrease in popularity; fad ‣ Losing revenue from physical stores and boutiques
  7. 7. CAMPAIG N OBJECTIVES ‣ Increase reach & engagement on social media ‣ Drive in-store foot traffic and online sales ‣ Grow social community (followers)
  8. 8. TAR GET MA RKET 18 TO 3 0-YEAR-OLDS ‣ 88% use social media ‣ 76% purchased/considered purchasing a product from a purpose driven brand ‣ 44.48% owned fashion jewelry in 2018 ‣ Women and men
  9. 9. # MO RE THANASTORY Humans have told stories since the beginning of time. Even before language, stories were scribbled onto cave walls. Before writing, oral histories were passed down from generation to generation. Before modern technology, mail was sent all across the planet to bridge the distance with words. Stories don’t always have happy endings, as anyone can attest. Everyone has struggles. Everyone experiences pain. But the beautiful part about humanity is that we have the ability to impact the stories of the people around us. There is power in sharing our broken stories, but there is even more power when we connect with those who relate to us, who are dealing with the problems we overcame, who need the hope we once desperately searched for. Our Pay It Forward stories aren’t about simply giving a piece of jewelry to someone. They provide encouragement and a reminder that no one is alone. When you pass on a key, you are doing more than altering a story – you’re changing a life.
  10. 10. STRATE GIC A PPROAC H ‣ Identify and activate online influencers to share products and Pay It Forward stories ‣ Tell brand stories using videos of consumers sharing their Pay It Forward experiences ‣ Identify relevant journalists and pitch company initiatives and programs ‣ Produce a branded YouTube video which will also be shared on multiple social media platforms ‣ Purchase sponsored/targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook ‣ Participate in trade shows to increase availability for physical sales ‣ Redesign in store displays
  11. 11. INFLUE NC ER S OL IVI A ROUYRE MELANIE LOCKE DA NIELLE CAROLAN 568K Instagram followers 391k YouTube subscribers 40k–200k views/video 11K Instagram followers 214k YouTube subscribers 10k–200k views/video 235K Instagram followers 527k YouTube subscribers 50k–100k views/video
  13. 13. MEDI A RE LAT IONS
  15. 15. SPONSOR ED A DS
  18. 18. SC HE DU LE Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Media Relations Prepare story and pitch angles for targeted journalists Identify the most relevant media outlets and journalists Pitch to media and engage with targeted journalists Coverage Coverage Coverage Social Media Prepare editorial calendar for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Begin posting content and optimize each post times for maximum promotion Continue posting cadence, optimize performance in real-time Continue posting cadence Continue posting cadence Continue posting cadence Influencers Identify influencers; reach out and establish an agreement with those that are interested Provide influencers with products and a URL tracking ID Recommend posting schedule Influencers post about their own key and experience N/A Influencers post Pay It Forward story and share about their recipient N/A Paid Media Finalize creative assets, audience targeting,  and total budget Turn on paid media ads across all platforms Data analytics to determine efficacy of ads Optimize ads according to findings Continued Continued Trade shows Prepare trade show materials Prepare trade show materials Participate in trade show Follow up with attendees and retailers Send out products to retailers N/A In-store Displays Create design for displays Purchase material for displays Craft displays Distribute N/A N/A
  19. 19. BUDG ET $55,000
  20. 20. KE Y M E TRIC S ‣ Increase reach of targeted ads by 10% week to week ‣ Increase engagement by 25% with each ad/content posted ‣ Increase online sales by 15% during the life the campaign ‣ Drive in-store and online sales ‣ Grow community on all social channels by 25% MEASURED BY ‣ Media coverage ‣ Web analytics/sales ‣ Profits