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How to Draw Faces

As part of National Learning at Work Week, Brightwave Scriptwriter Lauren Keith shares her knowledge and expertise in portraiture.

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How to Draw Faces

  1. 1. How to draw faces Lauren Keith Scriptwriter www.brightwave.co.uk #NLAWWeek #NLAWDay
  2. 2. How to draw faces…
  3. 3. Get a good image
  4. 4. Get the right pencils
  5. 5. Map it out Consider a grid
  6. 6. Line it all up – use your pencil
  7. 7. Turn it on its side
  8. 8. Pick out the light, medium and dark shades
  9. 9. Remember ‘view-finders?’ Look really close and use a sharp pencil for the detail
  10. 10. More contrast – remember to use the background
  11. 11. Ta da!