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Redefining Brand Engagement in an LBS / AR Enabled World

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The World itself is the final platform for engagement. Combining LBS and AR technologies unlocks a powerful formula for true brand engagement. Case studies include Halo: King of the Hill by Ogmento.

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Redefining Brand Engagement in an LBS / AR Enabled World

  1. 1. Brian Selzer BrianSelzer.com  Redefining Brand Engagement In an LBS /AR EnabledWorld
  2. 2. Brian Selzer brian@brianselzer.com
  3. 3. 3  TheWorld IsThe Platform GEO-SOCIAL / SOLOMO •  Real World Interaction •  Location and Contextual-Based •  Socially Connected and Aware AR / COMPUTER VISION •  Mixed Reality Experiences •  Surroundings as Content •  Brand Recognition as Triggers GAMES / GAMIFICATION •  Fun, Entertaining •  Motivational,Transformational •  Challenging, Engaging
  4. 4. 4  2 Case Studies TheWorld IsThe Platform OBOTO
  5. 5. Brand Engagement Campaign for Fun and Rewards LBS / AR Game Mechanic to become “King of Hill” (7-Elevens), and Fuel up towin game via scanning Pepsi products Halo 4:King of the Hill – Case Study 5  
  6. 6. 6  Loca*on   and   Computer   Vision   play   key   roles   in   the   game   experience,   and   drive  engagement  with  brands  for  fun  and  rewards.  Campaign  deemed  great  success.  Expect  to  see  more  of  these  types  of  campaigns.  Halo 4:King of the Hill – Case Study
  7. 7. 7  Halo 4:King of the Hill Engage with Brands World is Game Board As Smartphones evolve to Wearables, this type of campaign will evolve further…with everyday 3D objects becoming triggers for reward and play.
  8. 8. OBOTO Case Study Digital Characters in a Physical World Open up Unlimited New Opportunities
  9. 9. OBOTO - Background The Future of Games and Interactive ContentWill Be Experienced in the Real World
  10. 10. OBOTO – Evolution to RealWorld •  The  era  of  Fiducial  markers  is  over.      •  QR  Codes  will  one  day  follow  suit,  as  CV  advances  and  “everything”  becomes  as  a  trigger  for  content.  •  Nobody  wants  to  print  something  out,  and  /  or    carry  it  around.      •  The  world  itself  is  the  new  arena  for  content..  And  where  characters  will  thrive  
  11. 11. Design  to  Support  the  Transi*on  to  Wearables  From Smartphone to Smartwear OBOTO – Evolution to RealWorld
  12. 12. Computer  Vision  Programming  to  track  the  world…  Homography,  SLAM,  PTAM…    Designing  For  a  World  as  Seen  Though  Machine  Eyes  OBOTO – Evolution to RealWorld
  13. 13. •  Advanced AR Tracking –Uses Homography tracking forzero-initialization experience.Allows for Pan and Zoomfrom most surfaces. •  Animated personality -Flying, Dancing, Drinking, LaserFire, Laughing, Hugs, and more. •  Photo and Video SocialSharing – Make your ownRobot movies using AR tech(full 360 degree cameramoves) OBOTO Case Study
  14. 14. Designing Digital Characters fora PhysicalWorld Some features to focus on… Zero Initialization Most  consumers  wont  take  *me  for  seUng  stage.  Interaction with Environment  Understanding  of  surfaces,  objects,  people,  etc.  SurfaceTracking Pan  and  Zoom  off  of  most  surfaces  (no  markers,  print  outs,  etc.)  Occlusion Key  feature  coming  soon.  OBOTO Case Study
  15. 15. Tour  Guide     Coach   Mascot  Teacher   Game  Opponent   Companion  Digital Characters / PhysicalWorld Opportuni*es…  
  16. 16. Custom PartsOnly Available whenat 7-ElevenCustom AnimationsUnlock withMtn Dew Product•  Design  to  support  brand  engagement,  drive  mobility,  and  incen*vize  interac*on  with  fun  and  rewards.  •  Unlock  custom  parts,  anima*ons,  skins,  addi*onal  interac*ve  features  and  game  mechanics.  •  Unlocks  can  be  triggered  via  in-­‐game,  or  GPS  and  CV  recogni*on  of  brands,  logos,  images,  etc..  •  Social  sharing  on  Facebook,  etc.    Digital Characters / PhysicalWorld
  17. 17. 17  Some FinalThoughts… WORLD AS PLATFORM •  Places and things (not just printedmaterials) as triggers for interactionand content -- the next frontier forengagement. AR / COMPUTER VISION •  It’s becoming a wearable world, asCV technology continues toadvance rapidly. Those who literallythink outside the Smartphone boxwill be in high demand. CONTENT •  Tech should be Invisible, so contentshines. In other words, be leadingedge, but not bleeding edge.
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Let’s Connect… and Create! CONTACT ME! Brian Selzer Email: Brian@BrianSelzer.com Twitter : BrianSe7en Web: BrianSelzer.com