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How Do I Take Good Pictures Of My Property?

Are your property photos not the best?
Check out our blog: How Do I Take Good Pictures Of My Property?
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How Do I Take Good Pictures Of My Property?

  1. 1. How Do I Take Good Pictures Of My Property?
  2. 2. Ever thought your property’s pictures look a bit dull? We’ve devised a list of our top tips to help you take great pictures…
  3. 3. Loads of light! Filling the room with as much natural light as possible, is important when taking the perfect pictures of your home. Dark, gloomy photo’s will only put potential buyers and tenants off the property. Try opening your blinds/curtains or taking pictures whilst the sun’s out in the daytime. If some rooms are naturally dark, than make sure you use a flash when taking photographs.
  4. 4. Keep it tidy! Nothing’s more off-putting than a messy, dirty property. Before photographing your property, give it a deep clean and ensure everything’s put away in it’s rightful place. It will immediately make the property look more attractive and will also make rooms look bigger if they’re not packed with clutter.
  5. 5. Get out the way! Make sure when you’re taking your photo’s your reflection isn’t in the mirror and no one else in the property is in the way! It challenges your professionalism.
  6. 6. Take straight shots! Nothing’s more annoying than looking at a property’s media and seeing more shots of the ceiling than the room itself. Ensure your pictures are taken straight on so that your potential buyers or tenants can observe the full potential of the property’s space, furniture and other characteristics.
  7. 7. Close your Photoshop! Don’t start editing your pictures to death – it will seriously irritate your audience, especially if they’ve made the effort to come and view a property which has been falsely advertised. Slightly increasing the brightness or contrast of your photo is acceptable – but don’t start using programme’s to remove or extend parts of a room!
  8. 8. Camera, not Camera Phone! Using a professional camera such as a DSLR, will allow you to take much better photographs than an iPhone camera. The quality of your pictures is important – an effective camera will make your property look far more attractive.
  9. 9. Fix it! If anything’s broke in your property, you want to get it fixed before you take your photo’s. Advertising a home full of breakages to potential buyers or tenants isn’t a great incentive.
  10. 10. Wait for the daytime! When you’re taking a picture of the exterior of a property, you must wait until the daytime – taking a picture of the front drive at 10pm doesn’t advertise your property’s assets well at all. Daytime photo’s will allow you to provide a clear, effective image.
  11. 11. Stand in the doorway! You want to show your potential buyers or tenants as much of the room as possible so, depending on the room’s format, stand in the doorway or corner of a room to get as much in your shot as you can. Never sell your property short – you want your audience to know how great and spacious your property is.
  12. 12. Set the scene! It’s easy to make your property dazzle! Straighten your cushions, put out some flowers, light some candles, hang a colorful painting on the wall… anything to make your property look appealing!
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