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Sales coaching software

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Sales coaching software

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Sales coaching software

  1. 1. Demo Coaching Software ─ how it works ─
  2. 2. Your recorded software demo is loaded into our coaching software.
  3. 3. Your coach tags your demo for coachable moments.
  4. 4. You click tagged coaching segments & read or listen to your coach’s feedback. Your coach provides text, audio, or video feedback Text Audio Video Coachable moments are notated with a plus, minus, or neither Your coach stars notable items or items worthy of discussion
  5. 5. You use text, video, or audio to respond to your coach’s comments:
  6. 6. You can collaborate or share your coachable moments
  7. 7. Best practices are stored in a shared library for easy reference & new hire training Process maps Discovery calls Opening Business case / ROI Objection removal Competitive positioning Demo Clip Library
  8. 8. A variety of dashboards enable Coaches to zero in on skills requiring coaching Dashboard examples: