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Brian C Ref

  1. 1. February 13, 2012 To whom it may concern: I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Collins since January of 2011. I was newly appointed as Office Manager and Brian was one of my first hire’s in the branch. From the beginning of his time with Centrus Brian has played integral role in the office. Brian’s position of Healthcare Recruiter was vital to the success of our office financially and operationally, but more importantly to the care that families receive for their loved ones at home. The Recruiter position is a multi-faceted and very demanding position. It requires excellent communication, the ability to multi-task continuously, and the need to maintain composure in a fast paced; high pressure environment. Brian excelled in this role, but was not confined by his job description and truly took a vested interest in the offices success. He has always proven to be a team player, held employees and himself accountable to the demands of the job, and on countless occasions has gone above and beyond to ensure that the office was in the best position possible for success. Brian participated in the daily coordination of patient care, handled insurance authorization requests and tracking, ran numerous wellness programs; including our annual flu program that accounts for 25% of yearly net income, but most importantly he provided leadership to all non clinical operations in the office. Brian excelled at motivating his team members and took opportunities to teach and guide teammates in new situations. Brian was not only adaptable to change, but his attention to detail and the pride he took in doing things right the first time was an unbelievable help to me as office manager. Him being very skilled at his position allowed me to focus on other areas without fear that something would be overlooked leaving our office open to scrutiny. For these reasons and many more, I strongly feel that Brian should be considered for employment with your organization. I think he would be a great addition to any company, and his eagerness and willingness to learn will allow him to bring instant value. Should you have any questions regarding Brian please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email. Regards, Josh Bellus Accounts Manager Centrus Premier Home Care (c) 813-957-4452 Josh.bellus@gmail.com


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