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What's Snoo with Reddit - State of Search 2013

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Reddit is one of the larger social media sites around and also tends to be one of the hardest for people to have success with. In this presentation, I try to explain Reddit and the fundamentals needed to succeed in promoting your content.

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What's Snoo with Reddit - State of Search 2013

  1. 1. www.kairaymedia.com
  2. 2. www.kairaymedia.com
  3. 3. Why You Should Care?!? 51,000+ Reddit Visits 1,000+ Likes 54,000+ StumbleUpon 170,000+ Reddit Visits 3,000+ Likes 15,000+ Reddit Visits 225 Likes = Traffic, Links, Social Signals, Branding, Feedback, Followers, and even Conversions… www.kairaymedia.com
  4. 4. Why You Should Care?!? www.kairaymedia.com
  5. 5. YSK Reddit (ELI5) There Are Reddits Inside Reddit? Who’s Your Daddy? You’re Putting That Where? When? Titles Are Everything, Comments Too! TIL Reddit Counts Votes Logarithmically Accounts Matter, But Don’t Matter Ack! There’s Ads on Reddit? MultiReddits Reddit Gold TL;DR… Where’s The Cliff Notes *YSK = You Should Know *ELI5 = Explain it Like I’m 5 *TIL = Today I Learned www.kairaymedia.com
  6. 6. Reddits Inside Reddit? Reddit.com = Dashboard SubReddits = Categories SubReddits individually created by user Set and follow their own rules www.kairaymedia.com
  7. 7. Who’s Your Daddy? Admins run the site Moderators run SubReddits Know and Abide by the Rules Know the moderators Who is on when What do moderators submit Their personalities Are they active in /r/reporthespammers www.kairaymedia.com
  8. 8. You’re Putting That Where? When? Understand Where to Submit Redditlist.com Biggest not always best Remember FP though Multiple SubReddits Resubmitting Know the SubReddit Rules TIL has to be two months old BestOf is only for Reddit links NSFW needs to be nude World News excludes US YSK is text only Submit during ‘waking up hours for Americans’ Morning EST www.kairaymedia.com
  9. 9. Titles Are Everything, Comments Too! Titles include descriptions, unique to Reddit Comments set tone for submission MUST be grammatically correct MUST be accurate Should contain established Reddit formats (x-post /r/TIL) TIL www.kairaymedia.com
  10. 10. TIL Reddit Counts Votes Logarithmically http://lmgtfy.com/?q=The+logarithmic+scale 10 / 100 / 1000 + Time since submission Downvotes really hurt  Don’t abuse network or game Reddit www.kairaymedia.com
  11. 11. Accounts Matter, But Don’t Matter Established Accounts Bypass Some Filters Shadow Bans and Filters New to Reddit New to SubReddit Account Filtered Domain Filtered Checks (While Logged Out) View Profile for Page Not found Check New Section www.kairaymedia.com
  12. 12. Reddit Ads Link or Text CPM Based $0.75 CPM $5.00 Min Front Page or SubReddit www.kairaymedia.com
  13. 13. Reddit Ads: Choosing Subreddit • Related Subreddits • Activity levels • Redditlist.com • Metareddit.com • Monitoring service www.kairaymedia.com
  14. 14. Reddit Ads: Know Your Subreddit • SubReddit rules • Research other ads • Use accepted formatting • TIL when in /r/TodayILearned www.kairaymedia.com
  15. 15. Reddit Ads: ABP • February 5, 2013, Reddit was added to Ad Blocker Plus’ ‘whitelist’ and now show by default to ABP users • Paid vs Natural Traffic www.kairaymedia.com
  16. 16. MultiReddits www.kairaymedia.com
  17. 17. Reddit Gold www.kairaymedia.com
  18. 18. TL;DR… Where’s the Cliff Notes Take the time to understand Reddit Memes, slang, titles, commenting, SubReddits SubReddits (aka categories) are user owned Get to know the mods and how they run them Submit to the right SubReddit Amount of active users, how competitive, targeted Submit morning EST Titles and Comments are super important Proper grammar, established slang, accurate First 10 votes are the most important, downvotes hurt Use comments to set the tone, don’t abuse network Account banned, then make another Consider testing their Ad system www.kairaymedia.com
  19. 19. Connect With Me… Facebook.com/kairaymedia Facebook.com/brentcsutoras +kairaymedia +brentcsutoras www.kairaymedia.com @kairaymedia @brentcsutoras www.kairaymedia.com