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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation | @brandyourself

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From our recent BrandYourself webinar, we cover 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation. We take the sometimes complicated process of improving your online presence and boil it down to 10 things you can start doing right now that can make a big difference towards putting your best foot forward online. For a full recording of the webinar, email sclark@brandyourself.com

Need some more help? BrandYourself offers free Do-it-Yourself online reputation management tools as well as custom services. Visit brandyourself.com to get started.

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation | @brandyourself

  1. 1. online reputation brandyourself.com Sabrina clark | director of marketing 10 easy ways To improve your #BYWEBINAR
  2. 2. You will be googled Investors     Clients  /  Customers   Business  Partners   Compe4tors   Co-­‐Workers   Even  Dates
  3. 3. Most people are not well represented online
  4. 4. the negative
  5. 5. the irrelevant
  6. 6. the “hey that’s not me!”
  7. 7. So how can you make sure you look as good online as you do offline?
  8. 8. Build content you want people to find and make sure they find it SEO
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization 
 is the process of creating or improving content to make sure it shows up as high as possible for a specific keyword: YOUR NAME “
  10. 10. seo the basics: factors you should understand On-Page SEO • Architecture/  Structure   • Keyword/Content   • Relevancy:  Keep  it  active • Links   • Social  Sharing Off- Page SEO
  11. 11. Google your name1 #BYwebinar • Make sure you are in Incognito or pRivate Browsing • Google the name on your business card • Also Google any common misspellings or variations • Try a few qualifiers: John Smith Real Estate
  12. 12. Do a little housekeeping2 #BYwebinar
  13. 13. Put your full Name in Key places3 good Not so good @johnsmith John smith is a Real Estate agent in NYC @bigjS151 I am a real estate agent in NYC #BYwebinar
  14. 14. #BYwebinar
  15. 15. Write unique bios for each site4 #BYwebinar
  16. 16. Join 1 Social Site & Fill it out completely5 TIP: join the right networks for your industry, follow/engage the right influencers, comment on industry articles, etc. #BYwebinar
  17. 17. Make a schedule & Stick With it6 Keep  your  sites  &  profiles   updated.  Set  a  schedule  for   content  and  s4ck  with  it.     #BYwebinar •Industry  Ar4cles   •Relevant  News     •Anything  you’ve  wriQen   •Comment  on  industry  leaders
  18. 18. Share Rich media Images video Presentations TIP:  Fill  out  all  descriptions  &  tags 7 #BYwebinar
  19. 19. Purchase a domain name8 yourname.com yourname.org yourname.net #BYwebinar
  20. 20. snagging your domain name • Costs about $10 per year • Make sure you use yourname.com or some variation with your name in it like yournameonline.com • Even if you don’t plan on using it immediately, it keeps someone else from taking it • Where to get your domain: GoDaddy.com, hover.com #BYwebinar
  21. 21. Try your hand at blogging9 #BYwebinar
  22. 22. Create a hub on the web about you10 There  are  so  many  free  and  easy   ways  to  build  a  site.  These  tend   to  rank  highest: • Wordpress   • Tumblr     • Blogger   • about.me Our  Recommendation:  WordPress  
 (flexible  design,  very  SEO  friendly) #BYwebinar
  23. 23. link your content togetherBonus JohnDoe.net Professional JohnDoe.com Main about.me linkedin slideshare crunchbase tumblr twitter google+ facebook quorapinterest instagramtwitter Google  considers  a  link  to  a  website  or  profile  a  “Vote”  for  the  content #BYwebinar
  24. 24. #BYwebinar
  25. 25. Need some help? HEADSTART SERVICE concierge ServiceDIY TOOL We  build  you  the  websites   &  profiles  you  need  then   give  you  a  custom  action   plan  &  the  tools  to  manage   them  over  time. We  build  you  the  websites  &   profiles  you  need  then   update,  manage  and  promote   them  over  time  with  a  custom   content  strategy. We  build  you  the  websites  &   profiles  you  need  then  give  you   a  custom  action  plan  &  the  tools   to  manage  them  over  time. starts at two payments of $399Free / $99per year from $399per month
  26. 26. Sabrina Clark
 Email: sclark@brandyourself.com 
 Direct: 845-642-1302 #BYwebinar FreePersonalBrandingConsultation Call: 315-565-1799