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Plan Before You Promote
Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet
Advertising on Facebook requires proper planning to efficiently
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Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet

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Enjoy our Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet, your new go-to guide for creating ads that truly engage and convert your audience.

While it takes a little more help from the experts to create truly data-integrated, sophisticated ad campaigns, we think this sheet is a great starting point. Give it a shot, and if you want to step your game up even more, feel free to contact us to speak with someone from our team.

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Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet

  1. 1. Plan Before You Promote Facebook Ad Creation Worksheet Advertising on Facebook requires proper planning to efficiently engage and convert relevant audiences. Before launching a campaign, answer the following questions to ensure you’re set up for success. Promotion: Reaching the right people in the right places 1.  Do more than make an educated guess when it comes to targeting. Use specialized tools to determine who is most likely to engage with your ads. 2.  Harness existing data, like CRM databases, to find consumers who have already engaged with your brand and are further down the sales funnel. 3.  Facebook does not exist in a vacuum. Consider using signals, or indicators from the outside world (inventory, traffic, TV ads, etc..) to truly optimize your timing. Value: Give them a reason to click What does my audience want to see? What kind of value am I providing - emotional, educational, entertainment, or economic? What will my audience gain by taking my desired action? Strategy: The big picture What’s my number one objective? What specific action do I want to drive? How does my category sell themselves online? What unique space can I fill in the social chatter? Who do my potential customers want to hear from and what do they want to hear? Copy: The keyboard’s mightier than the sword ü  Am I speaking to my fans in a relatable and conversational way? ü  Does my message include a clear CTA? ü  Is it the right CTA for my goal? ü  Have I clearly outlined my value proposition? ü  Am I driving the user somewhere relevant with the proper link? Creative: A picture’s worth a thousand clicks ü  Is this image directly tied to my objective? ü  Is this branded in some way? ü  Does this cut through the clutter? ü  Does my image fit Facebook ad sizing standards? ü  If there is text on the image, is it under 20%?