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BrandBakers I Employer Brand - The money talks

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What are benefits of strong employer brand?
How to measure it and calculate ROI?

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BrandBakers I Employer Brand - The money talks

  1. 1. EMPLOYER BRAND the money talks
  2. 2. EmployerBranding benefits
  3. 3. A main business benefit of EB ...Employer Brand ultimately increases Customer satisfaction and loyalty. There is also another formula: Employer Brand Corporate Culture Climate for Innovations Organic Grow Value of Corporation
  4. 4. Labor market in CZE • Right & talented people shortage • Competition between companies grows • Pool of active candidates (unemployed) is insufficient 1) • Classic forms of communication perform poorly 1) a passive talent sourcing strategy is crucial as ~80% of the workforce is not actively looking for a job
  5. 5. What a strong EB does? => reduces the cost per hire (2x) 1) => lowers turnover rates (by 28%) 2) => reduces the impact of remuneration => shortens the time of recruitment 1), 2) Eda Gultekin, What’s the Value of Your Employment Brand?, 1.12.2011, LinkedIn Talent Blog
  6. 6. Safe on advertising job ads...
  7. 7. What can you measure?
  8. 8. So, what to do? ... you can, for instance, improve your referral rate through EB Referral Program (from x% to e.g. 40%*) => reduce costs of external recruiting *) a percentage of referral hiring of best employers varies between 40- 70%
  9. 9. How could be Referrals effective?
  10. 10. How it happens? 1) build an attractive career pages 1) 2) cook a right content 3) create referral program & internal brand ambassadors 4) support ambassadors with printed brochure, competition and platform 2) 1) Web app for career pages: http://www.teamtailor.com/ 2) Referral hiring platform: http://www.jobote.com/
  11. 11. How to start? Let's meet and talk. Next we work. Then money talk. petr.hovorka@brandbakers.cz cz.linkedin.com/in/petrhovorka1 +420 602 27 10 11