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net1.digital - Bitcoin & Blockchain Intro - Network-based money

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Introduction: Bitcoin & Blockchain - Network-based money by Boris Reinhard, net1.digital

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net1.digital - Bitcoin & Blockchain Intro - Network-based money

  1. 1. n1 Intro Bitcoin & Blockchain. NOVEMBER 2017 @BorisReinhard #AskAboutDigital@net1_digital From institution-based money to network-based money. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IN NO INVESTMENT ADVICE
  2. 2. n1 2 BORIS REINHARD Profile: Boris. “ I AM NOT A TYPICAL CONSULTANT. ★ Dipl.-Ing. & M.Sc. ★ History: E-Business & UX, EAM, Digital ★ Topics Digital, Bitcoin & Blockchain ★ My mission is to coach and guide companies, ventures and startups through the digital shift and through blockchain projects ★ Curator for 'Blockchain & Crypto' with Scope ★ Focus on business value, not features ★ Initiator EAM Community CH, Digital Community CH ★ Member of D_BREAK ★ Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) , ID 2f7220
  3. 3. n1 3 The Blockchain (and shared ledger respectively) are extremely promising technologies. It has the potential to change almost every industry. We help you to identify a viable and sustainable business model around the technology and guide you through your Blockchain journey. BLOCKCHAIN – USE CASES Our passion is to guide companies through the digital shift, drive their innovation and leverage new technologies as well as customer-centricity. We make digital strategies, identify digital opportunities and initiate transformations. And we guide you in planning, managing and implementing digital initiatives, ventures and start-ups. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – BUT HOW? net1.digital - What’s hot? There are some hot topics, which are currently high on the agenda of companies. Some introducing words regarding these focus topics:
  4. 4. n1 4
  5. 5. n1 5 2008. n1 > Trust? Source: zerohedge.com
  6. 6. n1 Source: http://bitcoinliberationfront.blogspot.ch/2014/03/satoshi-nakamoto-nope.html + http://s.newsweek.com/sites/www.newsweek.com/files/styles/cover/public/2014/04/02/2014/03/05/67-2014-3-14-cover.jpg Bitcoin & Satoshi Nakamoto. 6 n1
  7. 7. n1 Bitcoin & Satoshi Nakamoto. n1 Source: calvinayre.com 7
  8. 8. n1 URL: https://youtu.be/Gc2en3nHxA4 What is Bitcoin – Video. 8
  9. 9. n1 9 The death of the Intermediary? Picture: http://bit.ly/2v1pT7H (Deloitte/dupress.com) Text: http://bit.ly/2vvJaRV Bitcoins can be owned by any individual, without permission from any bank or government. They can be sent to anybody else in the world who knows how to operate a ‘Bitcoin wallet’. It is this principle of ‘censorship resistance’ that captures Bitcoin’s essential breakthrough — and which explains early concerns by lawmakers and regulators. Banks are losing control... n1
  10. 10. n1 10 Bitcoin & Ethereum. BITCOIN (BTC & BCH) THE TWO LEADING DIGITAL CURRENCIES Source: http://bit.ly/2tyld7F ETHEREUM (ETH, NOT ETC) ★ The Bitcoin Blockchain is an example of a public blockchain and is so called because it is the blockchain on which the digital currency Bitcoin rides. Gartner calls it “the only proven blockchain.” ★ Part of what makes Bitcoin valuable is that there is a nite supply. Supply is limited by virtue of the way it is “mined” and by the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto capped the number of Bitcoin at 21 million to counteract inflationary pressure. ★ Ethereum is another public blockchain with its own digital currency, Ether. ★ Ethereum is a powerful development platform on which innovators can build a diverse array of applications due to its core innovation, the Ethereum Virtual Machine. ★ Ethereum pioneered the concept of “smart contracts,” programmable conditions that run automatically, without censorship, fraud or third-party
  11. 11. n1 11Source: https://twitter.com/rogerkver/status/928720619310481408
  12. 12. n1 12Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/vc-expert-gurley-bitcoin-is-incredible-store-of-value Store of Value. "I think of it as an incredible store of value in the rest of the world. I don't think it's irrational.” (Bill Gurley)
  13. 13. n1 13Source: https://twitter.com/rogerkver/status/930516110948093953 Medium of Exchange.
  14. 14. n1 … like an IBAN … like your E-Banking-Login Please note: Never share your private keys! Bitcoin: Public Address & Private Key. 14 Be your own bank. n1
  15. 15. n1n1 Source: https://jaxx.io/images/3Incontrol.png + https://cdn3.geckoandfly.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/530-bitcoin-wallet-1.jpg + http://www.coinpurveyor.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/coinomi-bitcoin-cash-7.jpg App-Wallet as Keyholder (online, “hot”). 15
  16. 16. n1 Source: NZZ.ch + https://i.ytimg.com/vi/a47rrYBWjWQ/maxresdefault.jpg Paper/Plastic as Keyholder (offline, ‘cold’). 16
  17. 17. n1 Source: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/screenshots/original/2013/11/Bitcoin-162-pcgh.jpg + http://object2212.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Denarium_brass_rev.jpg ‘Real’ Coins as Keyholder. 17
  18. 18. n1 Source: https://www.sbb.ch/en/station-services/services/further-services/bitcoin.html + https://www.bitpanda.com Buy Bitcoin (SBB, Exchanges). 18 SBB CFF FSS Exchanges like Bitpanda, Bitstamp, etc. Warning: Do not use kraken Bitcoin Exchange (www.kraken.com)
  19. 19. n1n1 19 Example: Bitcoin Price Index (USD). Source: http://www.finanzen.ch/devisen/chart/bitcoin-franken-kurs - shirt: https://teespring.com/shop/make-america-a_copy_24#pid=2&cid=2397&sid=front 28 November 2017: 10’000 USD = 1 BTC CHF Source: visualcapitalist.com 28 Nov. 2017
  20. 20. n1n1 Transaction Summary Source: http://bit.ly/2tyld7F seconds, max. minutes Example: BTC/ETH
  21. 21. n1 21 Developing Countries. Source: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/opinion-venezuela-proves-bitcoin-future-money/ [Bitcoin] roars (…) above it all, for it is the people’s voice. The people who are taking back their rights and imposing what is obviously good – the true value of market prices, free from any manipulation, guaranteed by code, governed by us all.’ (Andrew Quentson)
  22. 22. n1n1 22 Smart Contracts Platform. Source: http://bit.ly/2wFNPwJ An option contact between parties is written as code into the blockchain. The parties involved are anonymous, but the contact is the public ledger. A triggering event like an expiration date and strike price is hit and the contract executes itself according to the coded terms. The data comes from oracles. Regulators can use the blockchain to understand the activity in the market while maintaining the privacy of individual actors’ positions.
  23. 23. n1n1 23 Smart Contracts Platform. Source: https://www.draglet.com/blockchain-applications/smart-contracts/use-cases The current problem with insurance policies is that the claims process can take weeks or even months to be paid. The process is still very manual and requires a large degree of human action. This adds up to a lot of administrative costs, which result in higher premiums for customers. Insurance companies can automate insurance policies by writing them into a smart contract. When the input conditions of the smart contract change in an insured event, for example in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster, then the claims process is triggered immediately. Smart contracts in insurance policies
  24. 24. n1 Use Cases. 24 DIGITAL IDENTITY - CRYPTO-VALLEY (ZUG) Zug, Switzerland, aka Crypto-valley, is now often compared to Silicon Valley, as it is home to many crypto-related companies and gets its name from the type of businesses it attracts to the area: crypto. Furthermore, according to the announcement, Zug is now becoming the first community in the world to offer all citizens the opportunity to get a digital identity based on the Ethereum blockchain. Residents can register their identity by themselves using a special app that secures personal information using blockchain technology and associates it with a crypto address. Subsequently, the identity is verified by the identity control of the city of Zug. Zug will gather more experience with blockchain in the third quarter in a bid to hold a non-binding e-referendum in spring of 2018. The software has come to be seen as a potential technology to revolutionize the Swiss voting system, which today still relies on ballot papers and hand counted results. Source: http://bit.ly/2eR2TEn + https://twitter.com/wef/status/904733670673666050
  25. 25. n1 Use Cases. 25 DIGITAL PASSPORT FOR DIAMONDS (EVERLEDGER) The diamond industry is beginning to implement a system called Everledger, based on block chain technology, which establishes a digital ‘passport’ for each diamond. This records its provenance, travel, and transactions with a unique cryptographic ‘fingerprint’. This system has three stages: ★ Establish an e-ID (electronic identity) for each diamond, by digitising its attributes and a laser-inscribed serial number onto an authoritative block chain ledger ★ Assign a digital passport to the diamond to record its travel, transaction history and provenance ★ Detect and guard against illegal activities or fraudulent behaviour Source: http://bit.ly/2vvJaRV
  26. 26. n1 Use Cases. 26 DECENTRALISED INSURANCE APPLICATIONS (ETHERISC) Etherisc's mission is to build decentralized insurance applications, making the purchase and sale of insurance more efficient, enable lower operational costs, provide greater transparency into the industry of insurance compared to traditional operations, and democratize access to reinsurance investments. They present a token model which enables investors to buy and trade the “long-tail” risks of a decentralized insurance portfolio and to gain exposure to its revenue as an income stream. Together with a consumer-facing insurance application, this shows how a decentralized insurance system could work on the blockchain. Example: ★ Flight Delay Dapp (Issues policies and pays out valid claims completely autonomously) Source: http://bit.ly/2tOVRXm
  27. 27. n1 Use Cases. 27 Peer-to-Peer Electricity (Brooklyn Microgrid / LO3 Energy) A community microgrid in Boerum Hill, Gowanus and Park Slope in support of Governor Cuomo’s goal of creating local energy networks with the ability to separate from the larger electric grid during extreme weather events or other emergencies. The community microgrid will create a local energy network with a focus on: ★ Working with community leaders, utilities and technology partners to identify the best fit for distributed energy resources and critical infrastructure upgrades ★ Developing locally generated energy that provide resiliency for emergency needs of local communities ★ Reducing customer costs and promoting clean, renewable electricity, energy efficiency and energy storage options within my community ★ Managing these distributed energy resources for times of power outages and emergencies to protect my community and local economy ★ Identify and create new financial incentives and business models to drive community involvement and jobs, boosting the local economy Source: https://suncontract.org/res/whitepaper.pdf
  28. 28. n1 28 n1 Blockchain - Bitcoin & Ether Wallet. Public Address Private Key 1LepvSQ5cvQ5hDiWErtGPhzKHJ6poV16YF L4CArzTZBqubj3Pph4p4184Lu2Yx1nDkxpTrShY1QxtCWeUejzp3 1743rp1NPRJkVWjxDiw9FQM2EC9vP8P9oZ L2ZAB7Jsh5s1bSs6ZGoZ3UxBYtZWpiqFkMvfE5k9X9FWtUtpGNs7 1PT2b4Noji9tjBs2R8Q1g9t3pLAaGwW64G L2nayfGjXp1XfRwPPVoy3pCmi8iDkR5RYQHbP6i4nHPGSTtJhe5Y 1Km3tjQ1iY5kSXuPVZzNCqqj1hZVqEMeSA L4g8TYpXtpU1YYKpuxEu7fvyqau54Yi5wjSrUYu5cbkJnaJgmFak 1QFYAQtsinqwUh8h7zUHYhJH46vo9Z51eo L4i4auw3zw3xhFsqxC8uJZKZXipt9fc5C5rTWtFVB2KE3YdSE2Pi 1Kx1hN2nsUjWSyoVTXRnbL1JhQ2PczevPL L1ETpbxCPKGBrCX34D413ZJ72GpeZLMfbCZnEvb25oLGL6x86koh 113JUsKYbgxcCgKCNqf2esMKWJC4TgvEQ3 KzKGXaZ1jpC71P72XG8krEG6KSPrRMs6fzYC838deuBZB36uTiS8 1HTgiccKmHrQkJ2tCZrnzExsxJT4HV71HR L4VPSa36e39JzQeyaXL3kFpCJS6AJKzG3xwJ78Eqpg4Cc8nf3agy … … ‘Masterseed’ Pleasenote:Nevershareyourprivatekeys!
  29. 29. n1 29 n1 Hands-On.
  30. 30. n1 30 n1 Do you want more information? CRYPTO LETTER CRYPTO PODCAST CRYPTO MAGAZINE
  31. 31. n1 31 n1 Do you want to trade? ★ NOTHING is more important than security, and the best way to secure your bitcoin longterm is with this Ledger hardware wallet: http://bit.ly/get-ledger ★ Next, set up VPN: https://bitvpn.org/. Buy their basic service, and encrypt your internet connection. ★ Then get https://malwarebytes.com and https://AVG.com for free! ★ Download https://authy.com/ on your mobile device and set up 2FA with everything. ★ Quality trading happens on https://bittrex.com - Get a free account, set up 2FA, and whitelist your your withdrawal addresses to only withdraw onto your Ledger Wallet. ★ Buy low, sell high, and store your profits with the utmost care. ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY… PLEASE NOTE: THIS IN NO INVESTMENT ADVICE
  32. 32. n1 net1.digital GmbH Rütistrasse 14 CH-8952 Schlieren (ZH) +41 44 500 25 66 contact@net1.digital www.net1.digital @net1_digital Dipl.-Ing. & M.Sc. Digital Entrepreneur, CEO +41 79 813 95 59 boris.reinhard@net1.digital @borisreinhard Contact. Boris Reinhard #AskAboutDigital www.askabout.digital n1 17mFTRdNXA75s8vNYb5sbDGCs4UjDgQ43X
  33. 33. n1 33 n1 Donate.