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What I look for in a startup pitch

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Some insights on what I look for in a startup pitch.

What I look for in a startup pitch

  1. 1. A good pitch is demanding! 1. Make your pitch really clear, smooth & obvious 2. Put yourself in VCs’ shoes & use their language 3. Provide only specific & easy-to-digest content 4. One clear, relevant, impactful message per slide 5. Explain the market & context, before what you do 6. Show unique insights & a clear differentiation 7. Make it understandable to “non experts” 8. Help assess how good your achievements are 9. Be ambitious, and give reasons to believe in you B.Golden – Partech Ventures
  2. 2. An example of what to pitch (1/2) 1. Teaser (what you do in a clear/impactful way, purpose/vision/ambition, key achievements) 2. Team (who you are, your story: how you met/got the idea, why you are the best at it) 3. Company (birth date, location, history, cap table, money spent, # of employees...) 4. Problem (people & situations, the way it works today, key problems/needs they have) 5. Market (the market you’re in, key things to know about it, current & future trends) 6. Opportunity (where existing alternatives fail, why solve it now, how big it could be) 7. Approach (strategic & market positioning, place in the value chain, value proposition) B.Golden – Partech Ventures
  3. 3. An example of what to pitch (2/2) 8. Product (key principles & features, use cases + demo, user love & engagement metrics) 9. Secret sauce (how it works & scales, what is unique/hard, potential virtuous effects) 10. Go-to-market (how you target & acquire users, how you sell, how you will scale it) 11. Monetization (who pays, for what & how much, the unit economics & profitability) 12. Competition (who is in the space, who is a competitor, how you differentiate & win) 13. Status (where you stand now, significant achievements so far, traction & momentum) 14. What’s next (goals & plan for next years, money needed, structured financial model) B.Golden – Partech Ventures