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The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture: Harnessing Big Data to Solve Complex Problems

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Booz Allen’s Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture is an entirely new approach for the implementation of big data in the digital enterprise - a way of using technology, machine-based analytics, and human-powered analysis to create competitive and mission advantage.

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The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture: Harnessing Big Data to Solve Complex Problems

  1. 1. The ability to compete and win in the information economy will come from powerful analytics that draw insights and value from data, and from high-fidelity visualizations that present those insights in impactful, intuitive ways. Few of the world’s IT systems are ready for the technology revolution happening as organizations seek to transform how they use data. Their infrastructures face three major challenges: To help organizations overcome these hurdles and prepare for what’s next, Booz Allen a leading strategy and technology consulting firm has pioneered an entirely new approach for the implementation of big data in the digital enterprise—a way of using technology, machine- based analytics, and human-powered analysis to create competitive and mission advantage. This innovative approach, known as the Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture, removes the conventional constraints, enabling organizations to integrate and analyze all of their available data, along with information from multiple outside sources. Big data now becomes manage- able and fully accessible. At the core of the Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture are systems that accommodate petabytes of data at reasonable cost and allow analytics to run at previously unattainable scales in reasonable amounts of time. However, human insights and action are still the fundamental drivers. The purpose of this innovative approach is to allow machines to do 80 percent of the work— the mundane tasks they are best suited for—and enable people to do the 20 percent of the work they do best, tasks that involve analysis and creativity. About Booz Allen Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of management and technology consulting services to the US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs approximately 25,000 people, and had revenue of $5.86 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2012. (NYSE: BAH) For more information contact Josh Sullivan, Ph.D. Vice President sullivan_joshua@bah.com 301-543-4611 Jason Escaravage Principal escaravage_jason@bah.com 703-902-5635 Peter Guerra Senior Associate guerra_peter@bah.com 301-497-6754 www.boozallen.com/cloud S trate g y & O r g ani z atio N | T echnolo g Y | en g ineerin g & O peration S | A nalytics The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture Harnessing Big Data to Solve Complex Problems Volume Not enough storage capacity and analytical capabilities to handle massive volumes of data Variety Data comes in many different formats, which can be difficult and expensive to integrate Velocity Inability to process data in real time in order to extract the most value from it
  2. 2. Booz Allen Can Help You Be Ready For What’s Next What makes this possible is that an organization’s repository of information is no longer stored in rigid, regimented data structures, but rather is consolidated in a vast pool, or “data lake.” Every inquiry can make use of this entire pool. Unlike conventional approaches, the data lake smoothly and equally accepts all types of data, including unstructured, streaming and batch. Without the need for data structures—and their limited, “canned” queries—we can now ask more intuitive, big-picture questions of the data that gives subject-matter experts the ability to explore the data directly, without the need for computer scientists to act as intermediaries. We can also look for the patterns that naturally emerge – and let the data talk to us, so to speak. The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture is no more expensive to build than the conventional approach. Each one of its elements—including the infrastructure, the data lake, the analytics and the visualization tools—is highly flexible and reusable, and so can scale to an organization’s expanding data. Conscious effort and deliberate planning are needed, however, for the system to reach its full potential. It is impossible to harness big data with techniques designed for small data. The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture is not an incremental step forward, but rather an entirely new approach—one that gives organizations a powerful tool to solve their most complex problems, and drive their mission and business success. See our ideas in action at boozallen.com/cloud 12.032.12F Streaming Indexes Human Insights and Actions Enabled by customizable interfaces and visualizations of the data Analytics and Services Your tools for analysis, modeling, testing, and simulations Data Management The single, secure repository for all of your valuable data Infrastructure The technology platform for storing and managing your data Services (SOA) Analytics and Discovery Views and Indexes Data Lake Metadata Tagging Data Sources Infrastructure/ Management Visualization, Reporting, Dash-boards, and Query Interface Done right, analytics hosted in the cloud will help: • Improve overall perfor- mance and efficiency • Better understand customer and employee needs • Translate data into action- able intelligence and faster decision making • Reduce IT costs • Improve scalability to handle future growth Reference Architecture