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Enterprise Integration

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Booz Allen Hamilton has significant experience working with clients and system developers to provide system-of-systems (SoS) blueprints, roadmaps, and integrations. Booz Allen’s Mission Integration (MI) methodology, supported by a key role, the enterprise integrator, enables the government to drive out inefficiencies and, more important, meet its cross-organizational mission needs.

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Enterprise Integration

  1. 1. About Booz Allen Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services to the US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs more than 23,000 people, and had revenue of $5.76 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2013. (NYSE: BAH) For more information contact Greg Wenzel Senior Vice President wenzel_gregory@bah.com 703-917-2739 Thomas Pfeifer Senior Vice President pfeifer_tom_ j@bah.com 719-387-3710 Steve Soules Senior Vice President soules_stephen@bah.com 703-902-5266 Bill Ott Vice President ott_william@bah.com 703-377-0157 Jimmy Pham Senior Associate pham_ jimmy@bah.com 703-377-4659 www.boozallen.com The Enterprise Integrator Abstract Improving Mission Effectiveness in a Fiscally Constrained Environment Through Mission Integration Agencies have long been plagued by siloed IT systems. When developed in relative isolation, these drive up costs with needless duplication and inefficiencies, and their lack of interoperability undermines mission performance by hindering information sharing and collaboration among agencies with shared mission responsibilities. Many regard the problem as an inevitable consequence of systems acquisition and ask themselves if it’s even possible to eliminate siloed processes and systems to streamline operations and meet cross-organizational mission needs. The answer is, “Yes.” The essential missing element for organizations is an “enterprise blueprint” that clearly details critical inter-system interfaces and dictates the design specifics for each system developer within the enterprise. Booz Allen Hamilton has developed an innovative mission integration methodology that enables organizations to think (and act) in terms of an enterprise that is comprised of multiple systems that interoperate seamlessly as a systemof-systems (SoS). Booz Allen’s approach relies on the role of an enterprise integrator to serve as the government’s agent within the enterprise to promote interoperability and prevent silos from developing around the enterprise’s systems and subsystems. For example, the enterprise integrator designs the enterprise SoS blueprint and ensures that the SoS architecture is an open architecture, which maximizes interoperability and gives organizations the ability to acquire system functionality from multiple technology providers. Among other responsibilities, the enterprise integrator works with systems developers to make sure their solutions align with the architecture, and works with program managers to perform communications “campaigns” and outreach to ensure that all stakeholders are involved and updated throughout the process. One of the benefits of this approach is that the government maintains ownership over the enterprise integrator’s design artifacts, which eliminates technology dependence and vendor lock-in. In addition, eliminating the complex and costly post-fielding investment required to integrate unique, proprietary solutions significantly reduces the acquisition cost of the overall SoS. And the government avoids investments in duplicate technology, freeing up resources to develop new capabilities.
  2. 2. In an era of increased mission sharing and collaboration, the government must abandon its hands-off approach that places the responsibility on systems developers to produce interoperable systems. Instead, the government should adopt an enterprise perspective that engages an enterprise integrator to develop the blueprints that dictate the system specifications to developers to ensure interoperability within an SoS environment. Booz Allen’s Mission Integration methodology, supported by the enterprise integrator, enables the government enterprise to standardize interfaces, break down silos, and integrate processes and systems to drive out inefficiencies and enable true mission integration. To read the full paper, please visit http://missions.boozallen.com/PreferenceCenter and indicate that you are a current or potential client working for a Defense organization. BA13-157 Use of the Department of Defense image does not constitute or imply endorsement.