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The Connected Vehicle Movement

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As the connected vehicle landscape continues to mature, automakers need to adapt. Recognizing this opportunity requires insights that extend beyond traditional automotive boundaries. Booz Allen Hamilton Commercial Solutions guides the automotive industry to act decisively and think forward, from product cybersecurity to data analytics.

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The Connected Vehicle Movement

  1. 1. Commercial Solutions | Automotive Commercial Solutions THE CONNECTED VEHICLE MOVEMENT Vehicles have become part of the “personal ecosystem”—increasingly integrated with other devices that enable connectivity, entertainment, and convenience. The automotive landscape has shifted, transforming beyond its traditional focus on performance, style, and safety. Automakers are now operating in a new environment, seeing changes in consumer demands, competitive landscape, and their core business models. The challenge is clear: Automakers now compete in spaces that are undefined and against non-traditional competitors, with innovations—including smart infrastructure, connected vehicles, and embedded technologies—accelerating the shift toward a new service model. The product automakers are designing and selling is fundamentally changing. Despite the uncertainty, there are real opportunities for those who are willing to be both aggressive and innovative in this shifting environment. To stay ahead, you must: • Own the coming transformation • Recognize the opportunity in data • Adapt a “Try. Fail. Learn.” mindset • Secure your product and your enterprise The competitive landscape may be shifting, but the core selling point of vehicles remains the same: The customer experience.
  2. 2. Individual Parts Supply Test and Validate Flash Assembly Manufacturing Builds Ship Vehicle Validation Optimization Receive/Process Development Test R&D Vehicle Repair Wireless Wired USB Select Specifications Keyless Entry Long-Range Radar Development Engineering Design TPMS Flexray App Framework Driver Rorewarning Government Procurers Development Congress HVAC Regional Media Media Dealers U.S. Cellular Logistics Select Assembly Deliver Source Market Regional Partnerships NAFTA FCCLaw Partnerships Law Enforcement Trade issuesSuppliers Partnerships Industry Forums Alliances External Industry Media National News Media R&D Labs Social Media Sencors Individual Market Customer Service Update Software/Firmware Sell Corporate Emergency Services Civic Services Law Enforcement Highway/Roads Sensors Financial Services Apps Electrical Grid Network Energy Infrastructure Family Link Apps Energy Infrastructure Safety Civic Services Software VCP Gas & Oil Civic Services App Framework 3rd Party Apps Roadside Assistance Navigation System Engine Controls Backup Cameras Driver Forewarning Chassis Systems Data Centers Infotainment Transportation Internal Financial Services Affiliates DOT EPA INFLUENCERSINFRASTRUCTURE LIFECYCLE Service Features & Services Corporate IT Infrastructure Media Transportation Network Source & Supply Cellular Network Design & Test Dealership Network THE FUTURE IS CONNECTED Hardware/ Software Components Consumers Competitors & Suppliers Government Manufacture COMPONENTS Network Interfaces Commercial Solutions | Automotive Commercial Solutions | Automotive Thrive in disruption As the connected vehicle landscape continues to mature, automakers need to adapt. At Booz Allen Hamilton Commercial Solutions, we see this revolution as an opportunity to generate new revenue streams and develop brand differentiators. Recognizing this opportunity requires insights that extend beyond traditional automotive boundaries. We guide you to act decisively and benefit from forward thinking, from product cyber security to data analytics. We help you forecast future consumer demands by anticipating trends across the high-tech and manufacturing landscape. Booz Allen’s extensive knowledge of the automotive ecosystem helps you succeed in a complex, interdependent world.
  3. 3. Commercial Solutions | Automotive Jon Allen Principal Tel +1 703-377-7194 allen_jonathan@bah.com Denis Cosgrove Senior Associate Tel +1 202-346-9296 cosgrove_denis@bah.com Sedar Labarre Vice President Tel +1 202-346-9201 labarre_sedar@bah.com Pranav Saha Lead Associate Tel +1 410-684-6528 saha_pranav@bah.com To discuss how we can personally help your business thrive, please contact: www.boozallen.com Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of strategy and technology consulting for nearly a century. The firm provides business and technology solutions to major corporations in the financial services, health, and energy markets, leveraging capabilities and expertise developed over decades of helping US government clients in the defense, intelligence, and civil markets solve their toughest problems. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs more than 22,000 people, and had revenue of $5.48 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2014. In 2014, Booz Allen celebrates its 100th anniversary year. To learn more, visit www.boozallen.com. (NYSE: BAH) Booz Allen Commercial Solutions To thrive in business today, you need to do more than meet the challenges in front of you. You need to anticipate the future, act decisively and invest wisely to achieve long-term success. Booz Allen is laser-focused on enabling our clients to succeed. Our dedicated teams understand business imperatives, combining in-depth industry knowledge with operational expertise. All grounded in Booz Allen’s decades of experience working on the federal government’s toughest data and security challenges. We bring smart planning, superior implementation and expert tradecraft to solve our client’s toughest problems. Our capabilities Cyber From cyber security strategy to technical assessments, we offer a wide range of services to help clients align cyber capabilities to core business drivers and integrate solutions across their enterprise. Analytics We deploy data scientists and domain experts, working in collaboration to harness and analyze internal and external datasets that help clients identify opportunities, manage risk, and solve their most complex business challenges. Third Party Risk Management Within a rapidly shifting technology and risk landscape, we apply industry-leading vendor-agnostic evaluations to carefully identify, prioritize, and manage risk at critical supply chain decision points. Enterprise Resilience Our resilience services unite often disparate preparedness activities (business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis/incident response, test, training, evaluations) through a comprehensive framework that evaluates and enhances an organization’s ability to continue operations during crisis events. Work with us At Booz Allen, we think differently, pairing automotive expertise with insights from across high-tech, manufacturing industries. We help you re-imagine the market landscape and anticipate interdependencies created by new and emerging technology, so you can realize market opportunity and mitigate business risk. We’ve solved some of the world’s most complex challenges. Our unique perspective provides the insights that connect strategy to implementation. Our clients move forward, developing and protecting innovative products and services.