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Developing JavaScript Widgets

Presentation at the Northeast JavaScript Conference in Stamford, CT

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Developing JavaScript Widgets

  1. 1. Northeast JavaScript Conference #NEJSConference Developing JavaScript Widgets Sometimes you have to share the web page … @Bob1German
  2. 2. Bob German Bob is a Principal Architect at BlueMetal, where he leads Office 365 and SharePoint development for enterprise customers. Cloud & Services Content & Collaboration Data & Analytics Devices & Mobility Strategy & Design An Insight company #NEJSConf @Bob1German
  3. 3. • • • • What is a widget?
  4. 4. Why Widgets? Widgets allow…. • Late integration with the hosting web page by end users • Independent versioning of page components • A high degree of code reuse; each widget can be tightly bound to its JS framework and loosely bound to the page
  5. 5. What makes a good widget? 1 ISOLATED – so they won’t interfere with other widgets or the rest of the page Can you run multiple copies of the widget on a page? 2 EFFICIENT – so they load quickly Does the page get noticeably slower as you add widgets? 3 SELF-CONTAINED – so they’re easy to reuse Does the widget work without special page elements such as element ID’s, scripts, and CSS references? 4 MODERN – so they’re easier to write and maintain Is the widget written in a modern JavaScript framework such as AngularJS or Knockout? 5 CENTRALLY MANAGED – update all instances from a single location Do all (or many) instances of the widget work share the same installed files?
  6. 6. Widgets in Action: BlueMetal Intranet SharePoint Online using Light Branding and Widgets 1. My Clients & Projects List 2. News Feed 3. Tabbed New Hire and Anniversary Carousel 4. Tabbed Calendars/Discussions 5. Twitter Feed
  7. 7. Introducing Widget Wrangler The "Manifesto" Why Widget Wrangler • Has no dependencies on any other scripts or frameworks • Open source: Share with the community and welcome contributiosn • Is easy to use • Minimizes impact on the overall page when several instances are present • Matches AngularJS 1.x browser support • Helps avoid interference with the hosting page and other widgets • Loads scripts efficiently across all widgets on the page • Allows widgets written with MV* frameworks such as AngularJS and KnockOut, as well as plain old javascript. • Help isolate your code and UI for easy portability to multiple platforms and environments
  8. 8. Anatomy of a Widget <div> <div ng-controller="main as vm"> <h1>Hello{{vm.space()}}{{vm.name}}!</h1> Who should I say hello to? <input type="text" ng-model="vm.name" /> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="pnp-ww.js“ ww-appName="HelloApp“ ww-appType="Angular“ ww-appScripts='[{"src": “~/angular.min.js", "priority":0}, {"src": “~/script.js", "priority":1}]'> </script> </div> Widget Root View Widget Wrangler Widget Wrangler always boots to its parent element, the Widget Root. If you boot your own widget, this HTMLElement is passed to your function.
  9. 9. Widget Wrangler Attributes Tag Required Description ww-appName yes Name for your app (need not be unique); Angular widgets boot to this module. Can be a collection of strings to boot multiple Angular modules. ww-appType no Currently "Angular" is the only supported framework. Widget Wrangler will boot to one or more Angular 1.x modules when scripts are loaded. ww-appBind no Your function to boot your widget when scripts are loaded. Use for any JS framework. ww-appCss no A JSON object* that defines the css files the widget needs in order to run ww-appScripts yes A JSON object* that defines the javascript files the widget needs in order to run [ {"src":"(script1.js)", "priority":0}, {"src": "script2.js", "priority":1} //, … ] * JSON object format Priorities control parallel vs. sequential loading
  10. 10. demo jQuery Widget http://bit.ly/ww-jq0 http://bit.ly/ww-jq1
  11. 11. Anatomy of an AngularJS Widget View (HTML with Bindings) Controller manipulate objects to control the UI Services Web Services Scope or ViewModel Widget Directives new elements and attributes Web Page Module @BASPUG @Bob1Germa n @jfj1997
  12. 12. demo Angular Widgets Hello World - http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-1 Weather Forecast - http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-2 Connected Widgets - http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-3
  13. 13. demo Other Frameworks Knockout - http://bit.ly/ww-ko1 Plain JavaScript - http://bit.ly/ww-jq1 Angular 2 - http://bit.ly/ww-ng2-1
  14. 14. demo Testing Widget Wrangler http://bit.ly/ww-tester
  15. 15. Deploying Widgets • Put as much as possible in a CDN or other shared location so it can be updated centrally • Put as little as possible on the target web sites that will run the widget Distribution CDN or other Shared Location Target Site JS Bundles JavaScript HTML templates CSS Minimum needed to host the widget
  16. 16. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing https://www.evilkittens.com/Get page HTML Request page HTML https://www.mybank.com/Do an AJAX request X BLOCKED! Get the JavaScript Request some JavaScript https://www.cdn.com/ • Scripts, CSS, and Images referenced by HTML are no problem • AJAX requests across domain names are not allowed by default
  17. 17. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing https://www.evilkittens.com/Get page HTML Request page HTML https://www.mybank.com/ Get the JavaScript Request some JavaScript https://www.cdn.com/ Preflight request Cross-origin Policy Do an AJAX request Get the Data “No, really, it’s OK to accept cross- origin requests from evilkittens.com!” Do an AJAX request X BLOCKED! • Common examples: • Calling web services • Reading HTML templates
  18. 18. WidgetBundling In general, bundling is good • Faster load times • Automatically versions all assets consistently • Synchronous loads Caveat for widgets • Consider not (or separately) bundling assets shared by other widgets .ts .ts .js .html .less Bundler 0: javascript Compilers (.ts  .js, .less  .css) Task runner 1: javascript 2: javascript (html in string) 3: javascript 4: javascript (css in string) Javascript bundle Source Files
  19. 19. Widget Wrangler Backlog • Framework detection (avoid loading twice – maybe with version checking) • Framework Overloading (e.g. multiple versions of jQuery or Angular on the page) • Angular 2.0 support • Diagnostic widget you can add to a page to show load sequence, timings, and exceptions • IE 8 support (to have parity with SharePoint 2013 browser support)
  20. 20. Resources Widget Wrangler • http://bit.ly/ww-github • http://bit.ly/ww-intro Widget Samples • Angular 1 (Simple) – http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-1 • Angular 1 (Weather) – http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-2 • Angular 1 (Connected) – http://bit.ly/ww-ng1-3 • Angular 2 – http://bit.ly/ww-ng2-1 • jQuery – http://bit.ly/ww-jq1 • Knockout – http://bit.ly/ww-ko1 • Plain JS – http://bit.ly/ww-js1
  21. 21. thank you