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Limewood Event - VMware


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Limewood Event - VMware

  1. 1. VMware SRM: Rethink Traditional Disaster Recovery © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. DR:Why Bother?  According to an IBM white paper: Of businesses that experience a major loss of data • 43% Never reopen • 51% Fail within 2 years • 6% Fail long term 2
  3. 3. DR: Challenges  Cost • Duplication is costly • Outdated hardware can be impossible to acquire  Testing • Complex and fraught with error  Agility • Updating plans is a “Forth Road Bridge” task 3
  4. 4. DR: Key elements  Data Replication  Hardware Replication  People Replication 4
  5. 5. BC: Avoiding Disaster  Planned migration of a datacenter • Flood, Power, Weather  Undoing a migration when normality returns • Planned migration and failback 5
  6. 6. DR in a Virtual Environment  Hardware independence • No need for identical setup  Self contained Virtual Machine • Machines are replicated in their entirity  Easily updated for new services • Simply replicate the VM to recovery site. 6
  7. 7. vSphere Replication  Host level replication • Per VM • RPO as low as 15 Minutes • Included with most versions 7
  8. 8. Site Recovery Manager  Electronic Run Book • Easily updated • Granular recovery plans  Planned Failover • Disaster avoidance  Failback • Reversing the failover plan  Non disruptive testing • Plans are tested with documentation for audit  Integration with Storage Replication • Low RPO 8
  9. 9. vCenter Operations 5.6 Management Suite Key New Capabilities 9
  10. 10. Internal use only Analyst Viewpoint “Over the last five years, the number of alerts annually generated by event and performance systems has increased, on average, by 300% […] The next five years will see a significant acceleration in that growth rate due to the dynamic nature of new IT infrastructure” “The spread of virtualization and cloud computing has added a new volatility and dynamism to the IT stack. Old-style event correlation and root cause analysis technologies based on a structured, static understanding of topology relationships between IT infrastructure components fail to keep up with the new dynamics.” “IT operations teams that […] effectively adopt emerging IT operations analytics technologies can achieve at least a 10% reduction in IT service outage minutes.” “Early Stage IT Operations Analytics Could Reduce IT Service Outage Minutes” by Debra Curtis, Will Cappelli and Jonah Kowall published March 30, 2012. 10
  11. 11. Automated Operations Management for Hybrid Cloud Enabling Customers to proactively ensure quality of service, operational efficiency and continuous compliance vCenter Operations Management Suite 11
  12. 12. Cloud Operations Management – vCenter Operations Mgmt Suite • Highly automated to reduce Opex and Capex • Comprehensive to manage heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments • Tightly integrated to manage the Software Defined Data Center AUTOMATED Management COMPREHENSIVE Management Physical INTEGRATED Management vSphere and Non- vSphere based clouds Cloud Infrastructure Public Virtual Datacenter vCloud Private Cloud Software Defined Software Defined Networking & Storage & Public Security Availability Cloud Virtual Infrastructure 12
  13. 13. VMware’s Approach to Cloud Operations Management vCenter Operations Management Suite 1 2 3 Patented Analytics Integrated Approach Designed for Cloud Self-Learning Performance Data Health Model Dynamic Thresholds Capacity Consumption Open and extensible Smart Alerts Configuration Changes Evolutionary Approach vSphere Server, Storage, OS, DB, App vCenter Server Network Monitoring Monitoring 13
  14. 14. vC Ops vSphere UI – Two Different Users Operations Capacity Planners • Immediate • Forward problems Looking • What is • Are there happening areas that I right now? should be • What do I concerned need to pay about from a attention to? capacity perspective? • Have I deployed my VI in the most efficient manner? 14
  15. 15. vCenter Ops: Visibility & Management Across Multiple Clouds Gain Cross-Cloud Visibility VMs • Visibility into and management running in Overall of a heterogeneous, hybrid AWS health status software defined datacenter for all clouds • Drill down for root cause analysis of performance A vCloud A vCloud Director- issues Director private based public cloud • Capacity monitoring/planning cloud and waste reclamation Overall health status for applications running in all clouds Drill Down to Identify Performance Issues Drill down for root cause analysis and solution Click to get guest details 15
  16. 16. vCenter Ops: Cross-Cloud Config and Compliance Governance Govern, Automate and Enforce Compliance in the Cloud • Compliance - governance, automation and enforcement across clouds • For each cloud: create separate machine groups, configure Track Compliance compliance templates, collect results for each cloud data for every machine and remediate compliance breaches Configure separate • One click remediation of compliance template configuration changes that for each cloud adversely affect performance Correlate Config Changes to Performance and Remediate Monitor Correlate changes Compliance with health scores Drill down and remediate in Configuration Manager Right click to remediate NDA Note: Certain Features such as the Compliance Badge, Intelligent Groups and Policies will be available in Q4 2012 16
  17. 17. Key New Features in vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 Intelligent Operations Groups Application and OS-level Monitoring • Manage your infrastructure aligned with the • Monitor physical hardware business: by application, line of business or tag resources, Windows and Linux, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, IIS, .NET and Oracle • Flexible Group Policies allow prioritized databases with vFabric Hyperic** now management of business critical applications included with select editions of the vCenter and production vs non-production workloads Operations Suite Actionable Recommendations Compliance Dashboard Views • Get insight and guidance to better understand • Track compliance with configuration standards, performance issues and how to remediate them IT policies and regulatory requirements*** from based on VMware best practices the vCenter Operations dashboard Automated Workflows ** EULA restrictions apply and vary by edition • Associate automated workflows created in *** Functionality varies by edition or installed option vCenter Orchestrator with vCenter Operations alerts 17
  18. 18. Intelligent Operations Groups Overview  Organize IT operations by line of business, production workload or configuration type  Create group policies to prioritize alerts, thresholds and group membership  Automatically discover application components Screenshot(s) and/or and dependencies and monitor them diagram  View health, risk and efficiency at the group and component level Benefits  Align Infrastructure Operations with business teams and priorities 18
  19. 19. Application and OS-level Monitoring Overview  Monitor physical hardware resources, OS and business critical applications from Microsoft and Oracle with vFabric Hyperic, now included in the vCenter Operations Management Suite  Automatically correlate infrastructure and application performance and health Screenshot(s) and/or  Proactively identify abnormal behavior and diagram performance bottlenecks Benefits  Gain comprehensive visibility into virtual and physical infrastructure, OS and applications performance  Monitor and manage infrastructure and applications with a single solution across virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments 19
  20. 20. Compliance Badge Overview  Monitor compliance of configurations for critical standards from within the operations management console  Assess risk of violations by level of severity  Take action on non-compliant items by launching Configuration Manager in-context Benefits  Provide increased visibility into the compliance posture of the infrastructure  Enhanced „Risk‟ score calculation that takes into account both Capacity and Compliance information 20
  21. 21. Chargeback Manager – Enhancements Overview  Improved Platform support  Deeper integration with vCloud Director  Included with vCenter Operations Management Suite  Connectors to ITBM cost model push real usage data for planning Benefits  Meter usage of your private cloud  Know and publish the true costs of running cloud 21
  22. 22. vCenter Operations Manager Foundation Overview Launch to  vCenter Operations Manager included in all vC Ops editions of vSphere at NO CHARGE  Provides performance and health management of vSphere hosts and virtual machines  Fully integrated with the new vSphere 5.1 client Benefits  Simplified management of vSphere  Easy on-ramp to automated operations management concepts delivered by the full Suite Health details 22
  23. 23. vCenter Operations is Essential for Driving Down OpEx vCenter Operations amplifies vCenter Operations lowers vSphere value OpEx and CapEx +59% IT Cost Savings IT Cost Savings +28% -30% +69% IT Productivity: Performance, Incident, Without With With vSphere Configuration, Patch Resource VMware vSphere & VC Ops & Compliance Mgmt Consumption Management Insights Customer Survey, June 2012 Forrester TEI Study of vCenter Operations, Aug 2012 "VMware vCenter Operations Management gives us better visibility and allows us to achieve higher service levels of our business-critical applications.“ -- Matthew Cunningham, SVP of IT, CareCore 23
  24. 24. vCenter Operations is Essential for Driving Down OpEx vCenter Operations amplifies vCenter Operations lowers vSphere value OpEx and CapEx +59% IT Cost Savings IT Cost Savings +28% -30% +69% IT Productivity: Performance, Incident, Without With With vSphere Configuration, Patch Resource VMware vSphere & VC Ops & Compliance Mgmt Consumption Management Insights Customer Survey, June 2012 Forrester TEI Study of vCenter Operations, Aug 2012 "VMware vCenter Operations Management gives us better visibility and allows us to achieve higher service levels of our business-critical applications.“ -- Matthew Cunningham, SVP of IT, CareCore 24
  25. 25. vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 Editions Automated VC Ops 5.6 Suite Operations Management Enterprise Operating OS-level Change, Patch Systems and & Config Management Applications OS, App & Database (Multi-Cloud) Monitoring VC Ops 5.6 Suite Storage Adapters for EMC Symmetrix & Advanced Netapp Please review Entitlement Path App Discovery and App Discovery and Dependency Maps Dependency Maps Virtual and For existing VC Ops Suite Customers Physical Infrastructure Resource Monitoring Resource Monitoring Cost Metering Cost Metering VC Ops 5.6 Suite vSphere Change & vSphere Change & Standard Configuration Mgmt Configuration Mgmt Operations Dashboards Operations Dashboards Operations Dashboards VC Ops 5.6 Mgr vSphere Capacity Optimization Capacity Optimization Capacity Optimization Foundation vSphere Health vSphere Health vSphere Health vSphere Health and Performance and Performance and Performance and Performance Component of vSphere vSphere Standard vCloud Suite vCloud Suite (All Editions) with Ops Mgmt Advanced Enterprise Free! 25
  26. 26. vCenter Operations Mgmt Suite 5.6 Edition and Capability Map VC Ops Mgr VC Ops Suite VC Ops Suite VC Ops Suite Foundation Standard Advanced Enterprise Price (25 license pack) No charge $3,125 $6,250 $15,000 Included in vSphere vSphere w/Ops Mgmt vCloud Suite Adv vCloud Suite Ent vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 • vSphere Performance and Health Monitoring • Operations Dashboards and Capacity Optimization • Custom Dashboards with role-based access • Storage Adapters for EMC Symmetrix and Netapp • Adapter for 3rd party monitoring tools (SCOM, Tivoli, …) Option Option vFabric Hyperic 5.0 • Resource Monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network)** • Windows OS and App Monitoring (SQL, Exchange, Oracle)*** vCenter Configuration Manager 5.6 • vSphere change and configuration management • OS-level change, configuration and patch management • Regulatory compliance content packs (PCI, HIPAA, SOX) Option vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 2.0 • Application discovery and dependency mapping vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.5 • Cost metering and reporting vFabric Hyperic includes over 70 plugins. EULA restrictions for Hyperic apply in VC Ops Advanced and Enterprise: … License controlled ** Includes Hyperic Platform plug-ins for Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX *** Includes Hyperic Server plug-ins for Microsoft IIS, .NET, ActiveDirectory, Exchange, SQL and Oracle DB … EULA restricted Unrestricted licenses of vFabric Hyperic for all other supported technologies are available for $360/server. 26

Notas do Editor

  • So let’s talk now about vCenter Operations Management SuiteThis slide highlights the key value proposition associated with vCenter Operations ManagementOur focus with VCOPs is to Deliver a self-healing, self-regulating cloud suite to reduce OPEX & CAPEX and improve SLAsWe do that by delivering a solution that is:<CLICK>Tightly integrated with the rest of the VMware vCloud Suite to manage the Software Defined Data Center<CLICK>Comprehensive capabilities that provide you the ability to manage heterogeneous cloud environments including virtual and physical – private, public and hybrid cloud environments based on both VMware and non VMware technologies<CLICK>And finally a rich set of automated capabilities that address the critical tasks associated with building and running cloud computing environments
  • VC Ops: highly automated and integrated analytics platform and ops console for hybrid cloud Capabilities available todayVisibility into multiple clouds (point out variants)Heat map showing health of VMs that comprise a service or pertain to a VDC – here a DB VM in an AWS cloud dashboard. Drill into performance issue and isolate potential root causes. vC Ops bubbles up metrics acting abnormally and overlays interrelated perf/cap/config Looks like Oracle is having memory issues. In Q4 we will have actionable recommendations on how to solve issue.
  • vC Ops can also govern compliance across multiple hybrid clouds IT can create dedicated policies and templates for internal guidelines or industry regulations for each cloud, and can collect data for OS instances from all clouds - key capability to gain and maintain visibility and control of hybrid cloud. Integrated perf/cap/config in context of building performance issue – in this case a registry change that you can right click to remediate (in context in VCM)Track and get detailed compliance reports against these policies – prioritized by severity of issues breached Prevents drift from central configuration management policies Enables rapid widespread analysis as compliance policy changes – understand what magnitude of impact you are facing across the hybrid cloud With one right-click you can enforce compliance centrally to remediate or exclude specific compliance rules not satisfied.Fine grained control: add exceptions, view history of changes, administer on a per machine basis, etc. Analyze and enforce quickly across many levels: from individual VMs to the entire managed heterogeneous IT infrastructure.
  • Self-service experience – intuitive consumerized and customizable cloud portal User/Org. Awareness – specific and unique business context for each user request Multi-vendor Orch. - Coordinates multi-vendor technology; Enables best of breed solution Automation – Built-in automation provisions virtual, physical and cloud Dynamic cloud interface – Dynamically generated RESTful API gives programatic access/control Cloud Service Costing – Cost allocation and charge/show-back across infrastructure/storage/BU/etc. Intelligent Resource Mgmt – Discover and manage existing environment; provide resource efficiency across entire lifecycle
  • Transcript:\r\nthis as a reference for the future. The big news is that we're now offering a free version of vCenter Operation Manager Foundation. This free version is positioned below the vCenter Operation Standard Edition, but it provides an easy on-ramp for VI admins to get used to managing their vSphere hosts with vCenter Operations. It provides performance and health management capabilities for virtual infrastructure. And this is a free offering now available with all editions of the vSphere Suite, as well as Essentials and Essentials Plus kits. So all vSphere customers can now get free of charge this new feature that's part of vSphere. Now, the three editions that we're introducing for vCenter operations are called standard, advanced, and enterprise. In Standard Edition, we have performance and capacity management for vSphere, along with Operations Dashboards. In the advanced edition, we go beyond that and add additional capabilities that are really meant to manage a very large virtual or physical infrastructure, including capabilities for performance, capacity, configuration management, application discovery, monitoring, as well as cost metering and chargeback. Now, the Enterprise Edition goes above that and also gives customers who have a focus on managing operating systems and the applications on top of those operating systems with additional monitoring capabilities from Hyperic, as well as guest level change in config and patch management features. On the bottom of the screen, you can see a summary of the two ways you can purchase the vCenter Operations Management Suite. The primary mode should be to sell vSphere or a vCloud edition, Advanced Enterprise, that includes the Operations Manager Suite. But we also have a la carte pricing available for those customers who need to manage physical infrastructure, or who are just not ready yet for the vCloud Suite, and you can see the price points here below the screen. For existing customers of the vCenter Operation Suite, there are some very important entitlement path information that you need to be aware of, and I'll show you that in a little bit.\r\n\r\n
  • Transcript:\r\nthe suite-- Foundation, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. Now from a licensing standpoint, with 5.6, we ship a single license key that can unlock all these products that are included in the suite. Now with vCenter Operations Manager, the license key will unlock the capabilities according to the edition map, as you can see here. For Hyperic and vCenter Configuration Manager, there are EULA restrictions that apply that restrict the functionality that's included in the product to the edition that the customer has purchased. So in the case of Hyperic, if you have purchased the vCenter Operations Advanced Edition, which is restricted to monitoring physical resources, then you're restricted to use the platforms plug-ins of the Hyperic product. If you have purchased the VC Ops Enterprise Edition, you're also able to use some of the more advanced server plug-ins for Microsoft, as well as Oracle databases. The same thing applies to vCenter Configuration Manager. It's one product, but their EULA restriction applies along the lines of the VC Ops Editions, but in Advanced Edition you're restricted to use vCenter Configuration Manager to manage virtual infrastructure change in [INAUDIBLE] management. And then as you move to the Enterprise Edition, you're also able to get OS and application level change config management. Regulatory compliance is sold as an add-on option to any of these editions. So let me explain the entitlement path for existing customers.\r\n\r\n