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Wedding photography styles

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Wedding photography styles

  1. 1. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STYLES Your wedding date is near? You’ve chosen the best dress, booked the venue, selected the invitations and now the hunt for the best Napa wedding photographer has begun. Let me tell you that there are different photographers out there with different photography styles thus making it difficult for you to make a choice. Keep in mind that when you are choosing a particular photographer, you choose a particular photography style as well which demands your time and effort on your wedding day. Here are some common wedding photography styles to choose from:
  2. 2. POSED WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Most of the people take posed photography as the one where people stand still and stiff in a group. However it has taken a bit turns and twists. More formal poses have been introduced by the photographers which are time demanding as well but produce great results. If you are going for traditional posed photography then inquire about the time before hand so it’s easy for you to manage. Moreover, if you are camera shy this type of style won’t suit you much and you’ll have difficulty while shooting. WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALISM: Wedding photojournalism is totally the opposite of traditional posed photography. It is a very informal photography style where moments are captured as they happened. Photographers need to be alert all the time so they don’t miss out a single moment. When using this style, more work is done on wedding background and decorations to enhance the photos. You get photos from the whole of event rather than just getting some highlights. If you are not comfortable while taking photo then this wedding photography style will work best for you. VINTAGE STYLE PHOTOGRAPHY: Vintage wedding style incorporates the use of using old film cameras in order to create the vintage effect. This wedding photography style used in after the shoot has been done. However, if your photos are heavily edited there might be a chance that your photo shoot will seem to be outdated and old after few years. There is a limit to which you can fake things. EDITORIAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This type of wedding style is similar to the one we see in fashion magazines. You can always go for this style if you have always been thinking of having a similar
  3. 3. photo shoot like the ones we see in magazines. However, it requires time and effort both by the couple and the photographer. It is usually difficult at the wedding to shoot editorial photos therefore You can choose to have your shoot at a different location, before or after the wedding takes place when you think you can give your best. There are lots of Napa wedding photographers to choose from with different photography styles. For you to make a better choice, have a look at their portfolio and talk with their previous customers. Not only the photography but also the attitude and personal service of the photographers also matters. You obviously don’t want to work with a rude person. Inquire about the time it will take for photo the shoot so that you plan the entire wedding day accordingly. For more details visit: http://www.blrphoto.com