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60 Website Ideas to Make Money - Unique Home Business Ideas for 2017

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Are you looking for a website idea to start your online home business? We have created a list of 60 best and lucrative website ideas for 2017.

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60 Website Ideas to Make Money - Unique Home Business Ideas for 2017

  1. 1. www. blogsked. com 60+ Website Ideas TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE 2016‘*Kf
  2. 2. Blog Idea #1 Personal Blog Create a personal blog and write posts about your daily activities, share pictures of yourself or friends and so on. . www. b|ogsked. com
  3. 3. Blog Idea #2 Quotes Blog Very popular niche with thousands of sub topics like inspirational, motivationa| ,|ove quotes and so on. Also name+quotes such as Bruce Lee Quotes www. blogsked. com
  4. 4. Blog Idea #3 Photo Blog Blog version of lmgur. com. Start a blog with thousands of high definition photos. You can get free set of reusable photos using Google search. www. blogsked. com
  5. 5. Blog Idea #4 Free Stock Photos Blog Make a WordPress website and share 10-50 free stock photos every week or month. Offer free or paid subscription. www. blogsked. com
  6. 6. Blog Idea #5 List Blog Start a top list blog. For example, top 100 free article directories, top 50 twitter too| s,top 20 most funny youtube videos and the list goes on. .. www. blogsked. com
  7. 7. Blog Idea #6 Movie Trailers Blog Search for the latest upcoming movies for 2016 and create a trailer blog about these movies. Just copy paste video codes into your website. www. blogsked. com
  8. 8. Blog Idea #7 Free Essays Blog Make a free essays blog for col| ege, university students. Collect the essays using various sites and share them on your blog. www. blogsked. com
  9. 9. Blog Idea #8 Tattoo Designs Blog Download thousands of tattoo designs from torrents and make a website about tattoo design pictures. Huge traffic niche. www. blogsked. com
  10. 10. Blog Idea #9 Exams Blog Exams results and dates blog. For example, lELTS exam dates or TOEFL exam results. And there are thousands of international and local exams. www. blogsked. com
  11. 11. Blog Idea #10 Comics Blog Very competitive niche, but you can easily make a lucrative blog by creating a sub niche blog of this. Like a game of thrones comics and so on. www. blogsked. com
  12. 12. Blog Idea #11 Game Cheats Blog Very popular and easy to promote niche. Start a new blog about Android, Facebook game cheats. Don't use the most popular games, just average popular ones like AlphaBetty Saga and others. www. blogsked. com
  13. 13. Blog Idea #12 HQ Wallpapers Blog Another great website idea with thousands of sub topics. For most traffic, create general wallpapers blog with lots of categories. Ex: cars, girls, f|owers, countries etc. www. blogsked. com
  14. 14. Blog Idea #13 Celebrity Wallpapers Blog This topics itself has tens of thousands sub niches. So, l listed this as a separate website idea. For instance: Justin Bieber walIpapers, Jennifer Lopez wallpapers and others. www. blogsked. com
  15. 15. Blog Idea #14 Celebrity Gossip/ News Blog Unbelievable viral blog niche idea. Just watch Youtube videos and TV about the latest viral stories, then convert those gossip news to a blog post www. blogsked. com
  16. 16. Blog Idea #15 Latest News Blog Create a blog with the latest news in your city or country. You can use other local sites and rewrite the headlines and content to make unique articles. Then submit the site to Google News for immediate traffic and revenue. www. blogsked. com
  17. 17. Blog Idea #16 Science Blog Browse famous science bIogs, TV channels and gain some information for the latest scientific achievements. Then create a blog using this knowledge. Not hard at all and is very shareable content on Facebook. www. blogsked. com
  18. 18. Blog Idea #17 Android Blog Google is killing with Android. It is itself very broad topic, but you can easily create a famous android blog with its sub niches like android apps or phones. www. blogsked. com
  19. 19. Blog Idea #18 Hack Blog Start a WordPress blog sharing tutorials about hacks. For exzhow to hack cable internet, topics about life hacks and others. www. blogsked. com
  20. 20. Blog Idea #19 Pets Blog Also have many sub topics. You can make a general pets blog and share tips. news, advises, pictures and so on. Or just create funny dog, cat memes blog. It is all up to you. www. blogsked. com
  21. 21. Blog Idea #20 Windows Blog It takes time to learn Windows operating system. Do you know how to speed up Windows or how to remove programs from auto start? Actually I learned about these from Windows tutorial blog. www. blogsked. com
  22. 22. Blog Idea #21 Chat Blog It is not a chat blog like allow people chatting. It is all about Snapchat, Kik and similar ones. Create a website that allow submitting snap or kik usernames like kiksnapme. www. blogsked. com
  23. 23. Blog Idea #22 Tutorials Blog Make a website teaching people something. For examp| e,WordPress tutoria| s,Joom| a tutorials, Youtube tutorials. Great niches with many long tail keywords. www. blogsked. com
  24. 24. Blog Idea #23 Classifieds Blog Everybody use classified sites. And it has huge earning potential, because you can offer paid listing. Sub niches are: general, cars, reaI estate, and many other sub-sub niches. www. blogsked. com
  25. 25. Blog Idea #24 Adult Blog Again very broad niche. You can create an adult blog about tips on how to get your ex back, the best sex positions for pregnant women,10 things men like about women and so on. www. blogsked. com
  26. 26. Blog Idea #25 eCommerce Blog You can either use WordPress or Shopify. com to create an ecommerce blog with ease. Both are good and easy. For niches, go to Etsy. com and see the best sellers. www. blogsked. com
  27. 27. Blog Idea #26 Interview Blog Start a website to list interviews with popular people in specific niche. For instance, interview famous people on Facebook, lnstagram or Youtube and post as articles on your blog. www. blogsked. com
  28. 28. Blog Idea #27 Video Blog Search for viral videos using Google trends or Yahoo and make video posts about these with great headlines. Then share on social networks for viral traffic. This idea is very easy to implement and make good money online. www. blogsked. com
  29. 29. Blog Idea #28 Review Blog Visit Amazon. com or eBay. com, research the most popular items, create a review blog about these best selling products. Place your affiliate link and earn revenue from sa| es. Try to use long tail keywords as your post titles. wvvw. bIogsked. com
  30. 30. Blog Idea #29 Joke Blog Another great blog idea in entertainment niche. People love jokes. Start a short and funny jokes b| og, use lnstagram, Facebook for traffic. www. blogsked. com
  31. 31. Blog Idea #30 Download Blog General niches with lots of sub topics. People like free down| oads. Think about what you searched for free download recently. lt can be books, music or albums. www. blogsked. com
  32. 32. Blog Idea #31 Recipes Blog Amazing and interesting idea for a new website. Visit Youtube for recipe videos and convert those videos to a blog post. Just post recipe ingredients with the source to a video. www. blogsked. com
  33. 33. Blog Idea #32 Freebies Blog If you liked company pages on Facebook, you may have seen freebie offers by those pages. Get a list of famous companies, look for freebies they offer and post on your freebie blog. www. blogsked. com
  34. 34. Blog Idea #33 Contest Blog Browse popular social pages, and website to collect live contests and share them on your contest directory website. Very easy to create a blog using this niche idea. www. blogsked. com
  35. 35. 3 3; tea #34 = C}lFs Blog Start a GIF blog. You can create your own gifs using video to gif converters. Or just share popular gifs. Viral niche with huge potential. www. blogsked. com
  36. 36. Blog Idea #35 Cool Sites Blog I saw this type of posts (not blogs) while browsing stumbleupon and must say this is very viral topic idea. Collect less known or unknown, but useful sites and create a blog listing them. Your blog will get millions of visitors from just StumbIeupon. com wvvw. bIogsked. com
  37. 37. Blog Idea #36 Quiz Blog I found a cool script for a quiz blog and going to create my own quiz site. Don't know what it is? Visit Playbuzz. com to get the idea. This is very viral niche and easiest one. www. blogsked. com
  38. 38. Blog Idea #37 Lyrics Blog I own one. Another viral example of great website idea. Look for the popular music trends and create lyrics blog around them. For ex: Just in Bieber-What do you mean lyrics. www. blogsked. com
  39. 39. Blog Idea #38 Free Music Blog Download royalty free music and share them on your website. There are millions of youtube video creators and they always search for free non copyrighted music files online. Create one for them. www. blogsked. com
  40. 40. Blog Idea #39 Design Blog I have a page on Facebook, sharing interior and exterior design pictures. I got those pictures from blogs which publish them. Create a design blog and post kitchen, living room etc design photos. www. blogsked. com
  41. 41. Blog Idea #40 Graphics Blog As bloggers we always need free icons, vectors, psd templates and so on. So. create a blog about graphics and get huge traffic from search engines. www. blogsked. com
  42. 42. Blog Idea #41 Fonts Blog Each block on this screen is written with various fonts. Start a website about free fonts. Offer your visitors free downloadable cool fonts. www. blogsked. com
  43. 43. Blog Idea #42 Templates Blog It is best to start this blog on WordPress. List free or paid, html, JoomIa, WordPress templates on your bIog. You can easily make residual income using this niche website idea. www. blogsked. com
  44. 44. Blog Idea #43 Travel Blog Love traveling? Make a website about the best travel destinations or pictures of famous cities in the wor| d.This topic has unlimited potential . Use your brain. .. www. blogsked. com
  45. 45. Blog Idea #44 What Time is IT Blog As you already know, there are more than 24 times zones in the world. Create a blog showing the exact time in real time. Ex: Time in New York, Moscow, lstanbuI, Paris and others. www. blogsked. com
  46. 46. Blog Idea #45 Holiday Blog Start a website listing holidays for world counties. Create country categories and post a holiday with time and date for that country. For example, I just searched for Fathers day 2016 and learned it is on June 19. www. blogsked. com
  47. 47. Blog Idea #46 Street Fights Blog Love watching videos related to street fights? Make a blog about people fighting in the streets. The most viral on this niche is girls fighting in the street videos. www. blogsked. com
  48. 48. Blog Idea #47 Sports Blog Write about sport events in your city or wor| dwide. For examp| e,many people want to know more about who will fight on UFC or results after the fight etc. www. blogsked. com
  49. 49. Blog Idea #48 Advertisement Blog Create a website and offer paid advertisement for your local markets, companies and other business individuals. www. blogsked. com
  50. 50. Blog Idea #49 Infographics Blog Start a infographics directory b| og. Post popular infographics on your site and also allow your visitors to submit theirs. www. blogsked. com
  51. 51. Blog Idea #50 Color Blog Do you know how many color codes are there? We| l,there are millions. Start a website and post color hex codes. l am sure you will receive good traffic and earn money online. www. blogsked. com
  52. 52. Blog Idea #51 Vine Blog Post popular vine videos and share them on other social netvvorks. Easy traffic and make money opportunity for you. www. blogsked. com
  53. 53. Blog Idea #52 Youtube Blog Create a website all about Youtube. Starting from viral videos ending with tutorials. There are many topics about youtube. www. blogsked. com
  54. 54. Blog Idea #53 Expensive Blog Post articles about the most expensive things online. For ex: most expensive cars, watches, yachts and the list goes on. www. blogsked. com
  55. 55. Blog Idea #54 Statuses Blog Collect the most interesting, popular, odd Facebook statuses and create a blog about it. www. blogsked. com
  56. 56. Blog Idea #55 Top Tweets Blog There are many phenomenons on Twitter. Follow them, copy their tweets and start a blog about twitter phenomenons. www. blogsked. com
  57. 57. Blog Idea #56 Gameplays Blog If someone wants to purchase or download a new game, they always search for gameplays of that game. Create a blog posting gameplays. www. blogsked. com
  58. 58. Blog Idea #57 Missing Files Blog Missing . inf . ocs or exe files. Create a blog and allows your visitors to download these missing files. www. blogsked. com
  59. 59. Blog Idea #58 PC Drivers Blog Create a website and list software drivers for Windows or Mac 08. For example, nVidia drivers, Wi-Fi drivers, Lan drivers and so on. www. blogsked. com
  60. 60. Blog Idea #59 Q&A Blog Questions and answers bIog, |ike Quora or Yahoo Answers. Choose a less competitive sub niche and rank higher on search engines. www. blogsked. com
  61. 61. Blog Idea #60 Quit Smoking Blog There are many heavy smokers wor| dwide. They are looking how to quite smoking in an easy way. Start a website teaching them how to quit smoking with ease. www. blogsked. com
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