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Significance of Blockchain Certification For a Business Analyst

  1. Copyright © Blockchain Council 1
  2. Copyright © Blockchain Council Significance Of Blockchain Certification For a Business Analyst There has been a lot of developments in the field of technology. The surge of Blockchain technology has made it the most talked-about development. While in the initial years, Blockchain was only known as the underpinning technology of Bitcoin, over the years, it has evolved and become a mainstream technology that has penetrated different industries. 2
  3. Copyright © Blockchain Council Blockchain is a distributed ledger database which allows storage of data and transaction in the form of blocks. These blocks are cryptographically encrypted, allowing the data to be highly secured. This feature of Blockchain technology has made it become a favorite for different business entities who are looking for a secured platform for data storage and transactions. 3
  4. Copyright © Blockchain Council Coming to the use of Blockchain, then it finds applications in almost all the business verticals, but here we will be focusing on the importance of Blockchain certification for a business analyst. 4
  5. Copyright © Blockchain Council Blockchain as a Career booster While we are all looking for career growth, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right course. Business analysts have found a profound role across different industries, and if you are looking to make further growth in this field, then opting for Blockchain certification for Business analysis would be a great move. 5
  6. Copyright © Blockchain Council The role of Blockchain technology in business analysis is evident. It creates a platform for a new way of running business which is transparent and safe. Another factor that makes Blockchain learning a must for business analysis is the decentralization feature which Blockchain has to offer. It is one of the key strengths of Blockchain, which helps in establishing a strong business base free from third party interference. Blockchain will also be coupling different industries nullifying the need to connect with different departments or routing the information via the third party. 6
  7. Copyright © Blockchain Council Smart contracts learning is also helpful for the business analyst. Whether it is payment, validation or verification; with the help of smart contracts, one can easily achieve this. Transparency and instant transaction or exchange of information is something which most of the business analyst look for; it ensures that the system runs faster and seamlessly. So, learning about the concept of Blockchain will help in the implementation of the same. 7
  8. Copyright © Blockchain Council With all these sets of advantages, Blockchain not only becomes useful for the company but also for business analysts. Nowadays, companies are looking for a skilled workforce which has a diverse knowledge base. So, learning about Blockchain will give more weightage to your profile. 8
  9. Copyright © Blockchain Council Learning about Blockchain- It all boils down to the fact that you must have complete information about Blockchain. The platform like Blockchain Council works towards providing comprehensive knowledge about Blockchain and its implementation in various business operations. In case you are looking for certification in the same, you can enroll for Blockchain certification course for Business Analysts. 9
  10. Copyright © Blockchain Council This course has been curated as per the requirements and uses for business analysis. The course runs online, and you can pursue it when you want. With the successful completion of this course, you will be successfully able to implement the Blockchain concept. 10
  11. Copyright © Blockchain Council Blockchain Council Certifications You can check out our certifications, and kick start your career in the Blockchain space today. ● Certified Blockchain Expert ● Certified Blockchain Developer ● Certified Smart Contract Developer ● Certified Solidity Developer ● Certified Ethereum Developer 11
  12. THANK YOU! Any questions? You can mail us at Copyright © Blockchain Council 12