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  2. A branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior Not a necessity, Its Luxury WHAT 2
  3. WHY New Concept Wide Scope R&D 3
  4. 1. Machine development • Game Playing • Speech Recognition Machine • Language Detection Machine • Computer Vision • Expert Systems • Robotics SCOPE 4
  5. 5 2. According to a survey • AI Systems would outperform humans in retail sector by 2060. • It is believed that AI will become better than humans in next 40-year time frame. 3. 34 AI startups from all across the world already acquired till the first quarter of 2017. These startups are spreading AI all across the world. 4. Most recent modification in AI - Implementation of neural network, machine learning & data analytics.
  6. 6 5. ML & AI - highly efficient in working with big data and data science highly required in banking and services and data analytics firm. It is called as FinTech. 6. Data Security strengthened by Google, Facebook, Amazon using ML.
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  8. 8 WHERE DOES INDIA STAND? 1. Statistics stats that currently 200 AI startups are running in India. 2. India is the second largest online market 3. Rs 3073 crore will be spearhead on 5th generation technology startups like AI, ML, IOT, 3D printing and Blockchain. 4. Atal Innovation Mission is being regulated to provide fund for AI startups. Currently gives 10 crore to startups ho fit above criteria. 5. 207-18 – Rs 200 crore already allocated.
  9. 9 JOBS 1. Computational philosopher : To ensure human-aligned ethics are embedded in AI algorithms. 2. Robot personality designer 3. Robot Obedience trainer 4. Autonomous vehicle infrastructure designer: New road and traffic signs to be read by computer. 5. Algorithm trainers. Help algorithms learn to recognize images or analyze sentiment.
  10. 10 UNIVERSITIES OFFERING AI COURSE IN INDIA 1. IISC Bangalore 2. IIT Bombay 3. IIT Kharagpur 4. IIIT Hyderabad 5. IIT Madras UNIVERSITIES OFFERING AI COURSE IN ABROAD 1. University of Southern California 2. University of California 3. Georgia Institute of Technology 4. California Institute of Technology 5. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  11. 11 EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Computer Science , programming languages and coding 2. Physics, engineering and robotics 3. Cognitive Science Theory 4. Bayesian networking or graphical modeling, including neural nets. 5. Various level of math, including probability, algebra, calculus, logic and algorithms.
  12. 12 ADVANTAGES • Artificial Intelligent system able to achieve human like traits. • Vast scope due to new technology introduced in the 2000s. • Lots of new algorithm and concepts applied like knn, machine learning, neural network etc. • Error reduction and difficult explorations. DISADVANTAGES • Misuse of the technology. Ex: One might intentionally use an AI bot to harm a human violating laws of robotics. • High ability of AI robots in problem solving tend to replace human employees with autonomous bots • High Cost • Complicated technical aspects.
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  15. 15 APPLICATIONS 1. Medical Field : Laser implementation to cure cataract eye is a result of automation. 2. “FinTech” that is Application of AI in Finance - banking and services. 3. Defense : Latest technology aircrafts with computer vision technology implemented. 4. Now a days Artificial intelligence comes with windows 10 update applications too. 5. Tesla : One of the biggest automated vehicle manufacturer is totally based on AI.
  16. 16 APPLICATIONS 6. Google backend runs on the AI. 7. Aadhar – Worlds largest biometric ID uses AI to keep a track of 131 crore Indians with their face recognition and finger print matching. Links most of your data like PAN etc. 8. Recently Mumbai police launched their AI interface that would keep a track on all the criminal activities going on in Mumbai. Some countries had this technology for last ten yrs.
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