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  1. 1. PORTFOLIO Bineeth Narayan’s
  2. 2. Content GraduationME Designs
  3. 3. ME Study 2008-2009 MS Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore Advanced Certificate Training Programme in Mechanical CAD 2003-2007 Kannur university ,Kerala B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Skills Word ,Excel, PowerPoint CATIA V5 R20 Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 SIEMENS PLM NX7.5 Solidworks 2010 bineeth narayan The essence of product design is to improve people’s live by changing their daily challenges into feasible product solutions. Since every individual has its own preference, taste, opinion, and belief it is a must to be versatile and capable to listen to people. It is my way to become successful as an strategic product designer. My name is Bineeth Narayan. This portfolio shows you a reflection of my capabilities: being versatile and capable to listen to people. With that, I hope to succeed as designer by surprising people with my ideas. With kind regards, Bineeth Narayan bineeth_narayan@yahoo.com +91 958-12-629-12 +91 944-11-900-24
  4. 4. New concept chopper (CATIA Surfacing)
  5. 5. New sports car concept (CATIA Surfacing)
  6. 6. Off-Road Jeep concept -Old Maruti 800 altered (CATIA)
  7. 7. Electric car concept design (CATIA surfacing)
  8. 8. Volvo Bus model (CATIA surfacing)
  9. 9. A new concept bicycle ( Siemens NX )
  10. 10. An aerodynamic sports car (CATIA Surfacing)
  11. 11. Car concept (CATIA surfacing)
  12. 12. A military hovercraft (CATIA Surfacing)
  13. 13. Sports Car (CATIA Surfacing)
  14. 14. Single seater electric vehicle concept (Siemens NX)
  15. 15. Laptop-Reverse engineered (Siemens NX)
  16. 16. Some reverse engineered products
  17. 17. Some design pencil sketches
  18. 18. Some general pencil sketches