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Big Data Europe Concept and Platform

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BDE concept and platform as presented during the 3rd BDE SC5 online hangout.

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Big Data Europe Concept and Platform

  2. 2. Big Data Europe (CSA: 2015-17)  Show societal value of Big Data o Across all societal challenges addressed by Horizon 2020  Lower barrier for using big data technologies o Effort and resources to convert tools and workflows o Skills and expertise H l bli h d l h i Help establish data value chains o Across languages, organizations and domains 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  3. 3. Consortium NCSR DEMOKRITOS
  4. 4. Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder engagement workshops:g g p  Present the action and its showcase deployments  Raise awareness about BDE results and what they mean for stakeholders  Collect requirements to drive further development 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  5. 5. SocietalSoc e a Challenges 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  6. 6. Architecture  Big Data Integrator (BDI): o The prototype developed by BDE  Main points of the architecture Main points of the architecture o Dockerization Support layer including integrated UIo Support layer, including integrated UI o Semantification layer 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  7. 7. Docker containers  Docker offers lightweight virtualization o Docker containers can be shared to be provisioned on different Linux variations and versions  Identical base sys not required  All BDI components: Docker containers 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu Docker containers
  8. 8. BDI components  Processing and storage components o Re-used existing docker containers where available o Dockerized by BDE where not o Ensured all can be provisioned through Docker Swarm  Components by BDE: o Support Layer o Semantic Layer 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  9. 9. BDE Docker Containers D t i HDFS C d 4 t Data serving: HDFS, Cassandra, 4store, PostGIS, Strabon, Elastic Search, Hive, SemagrowSemagrow  Processing: Spark, Flink, Sansa  Stream ingestion middleware: Flume, Kafka 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  10. 10. Semantic layer tools  BDE tooling for Semantic Data Lake:g o Swagger: Semantics of RESTful APIs o Semantic Analytics Stack (SANSA):y ( ) Distributed data processing for large- scale RDF data o Semagrow: SPARQL perspective over Big Data stores 31-janv.-17www.big-data-europe.eu
  11. 11. Questions?  BigDataEurope Web site: https://www.big-data-europe.eu  Thank you for your attention! www.big-data-europe.eu