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VP of WW Partners by Alan Chhabra

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VP of WW Partners by Alan Chhabra

  1. 1. VP of WW Partners Alan Chhabra @cloudchhabra Big Data Spain 2016
  2. 2. #MDBW1 6 A Lot of Data
  3. 3. The Database Market is Massive $40B Market Size 9% y/y growth Source: Gartner 42% 58% Others Oracle
  4. 4. #MDBW1 6 Digital Transformation
  5. 5. Unleash the power of software and data for innovators everywhere
  6. 6. Customers MongoDB Office Support MongoDB User Groups 20+ Million Downloads
  7. 7. Source: StackOverflow Developer Insights, StackOverkill mongodb postgresql mysql sqlserver oracle
  8. 8. “ NoSQL Job Skills (LinkedIn) Source: 451 Group After three years it has become clear that in terms of LinkedIn member profiles there is only one trend: the total dominance of MongoDB.” – Matt Aslett, 451 Group
  9. 9. 12 IoT Single View Cloud Personalization / CMS Top Use Cases Legacy Modernization Big Data Lakes
  10. 10. Data Lake • Centralized repository for analytics against data collected from operational systems • Extension of EDW: often based on Hadoop • 50% of organizations invested in data lakes* * Gartner
  11. 11. MessageQueue Customer Data Mgmt Mobile App IoT App Live Dashboards Raw Data Processed Events Millisecond latency. Expressive querying & flexible indexing against subsets of data. Updates-in place. In-database aggregations & transformations Multi-minute latency with scans across TB/PB of data. No indexes. Data stored in 128MB blocks. Write-once-read-many & append-only storage model Sensors User Data Clickstreams Logs Churn Analysis Enriched Customer Profiles Risk Modeling Predictive Analytics Real-Time Access Batch Processing, Batch Views Where we fit in: Operationalized Data Lake Distributed Processing Frameworks
  12. 12. 17 IoT – Top Mobile Device Provider
  13. 13. Database as a Service
  14. 14. 1000x Growth 30% of usage outside of US
  15. 15. 21 MongoDB Proprietary and Confidential. Subject to NDA. Partner-Friendly Focus Throughout MongoDB ● Ensure Happy Customers ● Deploy Mission Critical Applications ● OpenSource Ecosystem ● Geographic reach WHY HOW ● Partner leadership focused on joint success ● Select number of strategic partners ● Implementing industry best practices ● Invest in Partner enablement - Sales & Technical
  16. 16. Thank you. Big Data Spain 2016