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Website Pathways and Brand Strategy

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It is important to create the proper voice for your website reflecting your brand strategy.

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Website Pathways and Brand Strategy

  1. 1. Your website is designed to take visitors down a very specific path The nature of this path is how your site expresses the brand strategy of your business to the world
  2. 2. It should also be an expression of the voice you wish to express throughout your online presence Social media, marketing campaigns, blog posts… These all express this voice
  3. 3. Are you conveying a sense of community? Of family? Of collegiality? Your readers, visitors, followers, and the online community in general will sense who you are to them, and react accordingly
  4. 4. If you haven’t decided where it is you want to take them, it’s impossible to consistently craft the right pathway The nature of your interactions need to be well thought out as to how you wish to be thought of. All of this is a part of brand strategy
  5. 5. Choose your own path The community you reach with your online presence needs to feel connected to the voice you present. They will feel connected if you know where you want to take them, and if they see that path as beneficial to them. Beneficial in connection as well as in commerce.
  6. 6. Choose those paths Craft your voice Develop a brand strategy 813.629.0110