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Finitio - Data deserves a language too

Finitio is a language to validate, coerce and document data in configuration files, data exchanges, data APIS, SQL and NoSQL databases.

It comes with a dedicated type system for data, and a interoperability layer with programming languages.

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Finitio - Data deserves a language too

  1. 1. Data Deserves a Language Too Bernard Lambeau Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) @blambeau csv,conf – Berlin – 15 July 2014
  2. 2. We’ve got a serious marriage issue between Code and Data
  3. 3. You can’t disentangle them when designed conjointly e.g. try sending a Java Graph abstraction over the wire to another (non Java) software Component
  4. 4. You can’t assemble them when designed separately e.g. try solving the Impedance Mismatch in a sound and elegant way
  5. 5. Coupling issue known for ages • Niklaus Wirth, 1976 – The father of Pascal, Modula 2 and a lot more • Main message – Data structures and Algorithms are highly related • Yields another coupling issue – Between software components – Hurts evolution
  6. 6. A solution used for ages • Information Hiding – Parnas, 1971 • Abstract Data Types – Liskov, 1974 Avoid coupling between software components • Encapsulate data • Access it only via behavioral interfaces • e.g. the Stack ADT and its axiomatic contract
  7. 7. Software: a black-box cathedral ? ? ?
  8. 8. A Possible Root Cause • Programming languages & practices have strong biases towards Behavior – Type systems & Type checking algorithms – APIs and documentation – Testing • They mostly ignore the Data perspective of engineering – To be is too often sacrificed over To Behave
  9. 9. To Be is to be a Value that is, a member of a Type • An interesting question is – Are you, value v, a member of type T ? • Examples – Are you 13 an Integer between 0 and 45 ? – Are you {…} a Member information with a valid Password, that is, a String of min 8 characters ? • Useful only if we can capture interesting Types in the first place – Sets of values, Arbitrary Subsets, Supersets – Weak or no support in conventional prog. languages
  10. 10. Data Deserves a Language Too What would a language strongly biased towards data look like? OR
  11. 11. http://www.finitio.io/try • Finitio is a language for … – Enforcing – Validating – Documenting – Coercing • … Datatypes in – Files – APIs – Exchanges – Databases • + an interoperability layer: Information Contracts – A proposed dual to ADTs’ axiomatic contracts
  12. 12. Meet Finitio & Contribute • http://www.finitio.io/ – The best starting point • github.com/blambeau/finitio – Language specification, e2e tests, doc source • github.com/blambeau/finitio-rb – Ruby binding • github.com/llambeau/finitio.js – Javascript binding