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  2. Learning outcomes… • Enhanced ability to unpack a job ad to identify key information • Increased understanding of the STAR approach to addressing selection criteria • Opportunity to practice using STAR for an interview or application 2
  3. 01 An over of today’s session…. 02 PRESENTATION - EMPLOYER 1 – Benjamin Luton – Experience of recruitment processes and how to effectively use the STAR technique in interview 03 The Application Process How to read job ads What are Selection Criteria’s 04 STUDENT ACTIVITY 1 – What skills are you gaining from TechLauncher STUDENT ACTIVITY 2 – How to approach a question or selection criteria by using the STAR technique 05 Types of Interviews Any Questions?
  4. Application process Phases Phase 1: Exploration & Definition Phase 2: Written Application Phase 3: Interview Aim:  Full picture  Relate your examples to the job – be relevant  Get to the interview  Get the job Strategies & Tools:  Informational interviewing  Dissect job ad  Map out your skills  Strategic observation  Mind map  Write everything down, then prioritise  STAR  Proofread  As for written application  Manage nerves  Practise, esp. your “about me” & “why this job”  Prepare questions to ask the panel 4
  5. How to read job ads… ✅ Know my skills, interests, values ✅ Know where the jobs I’m interested in are advertised ✅ Know where else to look ✅ Have found a great job!  Now what? Research the job/organisation…. 5 What is the organisations role? Can you identify the organisations values, mission? Who are the organisation’s customers/consumers? What are the key duties of the role? What skills are they highlighting? What do you think the day to day duties look like? Think about your experiences and how they could relate.
  6. 6 How to read a job ad Duties & responsibilities  Ensure they match your skills and interests The organisation  Ensure they match your values as well as interests
  7. 7 Selection criteria  Collect strong evidence for why your experience shows you can do the job  Transferable skills as well as directly relatable skills
  8. What are Selection Criteria? Selection criteria are essential or desirable attributes needed to successfully undertake the duties of a position  a description of the ideal person for that position Written as statements which must all be individually addressed 8
  9. Examples of Selection Criteria questions ● demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively ● good organisational and administrative skills ● proven ability to work as part of a team ● well-developed customer service skills ● proven ability to manage projects 9 Provide relevant examples from your work, study or community roles. Be clear and to the point. If a word or page limit is set, make sure you stick to it, and edit your responses for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  10. Whole Group Activity What skills and learnings are you gaining from working in your TechLauncher group. As a group lets list the skills….. 10 Activity 1: Identifying skills gained from TechLauncher. TechLauncher Skills gained are:
  11. 11
  12. Group Activity: Example STAR response Using the STAR method, we’ve come up with an example of how you might plan and set out your evidence. – Situation: role as Research Support Officer at XYZ Bank. – Task: needed to ensure that managers were kept informed of policies and procedures. – Action or approach: initiated monthly newsletter, which was emailed to each manager. Took responsibility for writing the main articles. This involved obtaining ideas and input from other stakeholders to ensure that the articles reflected managers’ needs in terms of content and language. – Result: led to improved lines of communication between managers and the Research Support Unit. Feedback was consistently excellent. Received divisional achievement award for newsletter quality. 12 DD MMM YY
  13. How could you use your experience to articulate a star using the skills….. In small groups we are going to put together dot points against a selection criteria using the STAR approach. Skills that are gained from TechLauncher are: Team Work Communication Project Management Technical skills Customer Service Managing stakeholder engagement 13 DD MMM YY Activity 2
  14. General / motivation » Often icebreaker questions – “tell us about yourself” or “why did you apply for this role” Behavioural » “Tell us about a time when …” » Be specific in your response – STAR » Choose your examples well – relevant to the role and level Hypothetical » “What would you do if…” question – these are scenarios » 5 steps: identify/analyse the problem, formulate a plan, implement the plan (showing awareness of potential issues), monitor, evaluate/learn. Theoretical / technical » tests your skills – “can you do the job?” ANU CAREERS | SKILL BUILDER SERIES: INTERVIEWS 14 Types of interview questions
  15. General / motivation » Set the scene, warm-up, but also “do you really want to do this job?” » Your chance for your 2-min pitch Behavioural » Based on the idea that past behaviour can predict future behaviour » Often linked directly to the selection criteria Hypothetical » “Often tests your ability to think on the spot / under stress as well as your logical and analytical thinking capability » Chance for you to show your lateral thinking and your ideas Theoretical / technical » Assess the level and depth of your knowledge ANU CAREERS | SKILL BUILDER SERIES: INTERVIEWS 15 What’s behind the questions?
  16. Assessing if an employer is a good fit What is the main purpose of the organisation? How is the organisation speaking about itself? Who are its clients / customers? What does the organisation see as critical to its success? Does all of this speak to you? How? Where are the gaps? Are you OK with that? Why? Remember an interview is a two-way conversation – observe and ask questions so you can make the best decision you can. ANU CAREERS | SKILL BUILDER SERIES: INTERVIEWS 16 Are You the One?
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  18. THANK YOU Contact Us ANU Careers T 6125 3593 E W

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  2. Benjamin Luton is a Principal Solution Architect with over 20 years industry experience. He currently is a Technical Principal for Contino, a global company, which is a leading transformation consultancy that helps large, heavily-regulated enterprises to become fast, agile and competitive. He has been an AWS Principal Solution Architect for an award winning AWS Advanced Partner and has managed several global teams of Solution Architects, Solution Consultants and Cloud Engineers based in 4 different regions   Within his leadership, his team has delivered and achieved positive outcomes, and successful projects for customers globally, consistently, and with the highest AWS feedback scores in the ANZ region.   His leadership and experience and the projects his team has delivered has led to AWS recognising Itoc (his previous employer) as Partner of the Year for 2021.
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  4. Let’s look at this. So you’ve done the work to understand who you are and what you want (CLF1), and you have used your research skills to find the right platforms. Let’s assume you have found the right ones, you are monitoring everything relevant and you have found a few job ads that sound perfect. Now: How do you read the ad properly? Where is the information?
  5. Tempe to find an Amazon job ad to use for this slide – look at digital pulse report for ideas on skills and technical attributes needed for the role Blue -  Green – the organisation and how these match your values and interests Yellow – the skills they are looking / what have you done to show that you can do the job / what transferrable skills they have to bring to the role What are you doing – volunteering / part time work / leadership roles C&S
  6. Tempe to find an Amazon job ad to use for this slide – look at digital pulse report for ideas on skills and technical attributes needed for the role Blue -  Green – the organisation and how these match your values and interests Yellow – the skills they are looking / what have you done to show that you can do the job / what transferrable skills they have to bring to the role What are you doing – volunteering / part time work / leadership roles C&S
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  8. Relate back to amazon job add and adjust if needed.
  9. Team Work Communication – can drill down further into verbal and written Project Management – group work, research skills Technical skills Customer Service Managing stakeholder engagement
  10. If you use the STAR  it will make the response better
  11. Skye to take over
  12. Bubble Map - Get them to go onto the toolkit to download the template What skills you have / what are your values – need to know who you are before you can start applying Know what you have to offer a role and if there is any match