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How Not To Suck at Powerpoint

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You Suck at PowerPoint
You Suck at PowerPoint
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How Not To Suck at Powerpoint

  1. 1. How NOT To Suck at Powerpoint BAI + O&B Learning Session February 12, 2014
  2. 2. Warning: This talk is for people who DON’T want to suck at Powerpoint
  3. 3. If you DO want to suck at Powerpoint, go ahead and doze off
  4. 4. Growth & Acquisition Manager, Xamun Inc. MBA Major in Marketing, Asian Institute of Management Class of 2011 A former choirboy who once lost 80 lbs. Burns Puzon
  5. 5. 500++ powerpoint presentations created in the past decade Seen ~3x that figure Performed/hosted in countless concerts/events Aboitiz loved me! The Stats
  6. 6. First things first An Introduction
  7. 7. Powerpoint is probably the best invention ever made – after the wheel (of course)
  8. 8. General Uses •  Presentations •  Tutorials •  Animations/Videos •  Posters •  Vision Boards •  Flyers •  Family Trees (?) •  Convincing your parents to buy a dog
  9. 9. Corporate Uses •  Client pitches •  Client updates •  Management meetings •  Investor meetings •  Employee orientations •  Learning/training sessions like this •  Convincing your boss to buy a dog
  10. 10. examples
  11. 11. Your Purpose Message Affiliation/Organization Current Skillset The Bases Their Time Target Reaction Knowledge of Topic Media Device
  12. 12. Why care? You wouldn’t want to see your audience look like one of these:
  13. 13. Here are 5 basic tips so you won’t suck at your next Powerpoint presentation>>> Don’t Fret!
  14. 14. 1 Look for qUALITY
  15. 15. INVEST TIME to study basic design MONEY to buy images & fonts ENERGY to grab great ideas
  16. 16. Don’t use $#*! FONTS!!!
  17. 17. Arial Comic Sans MS Courier New Lucida Console Microsoft Sans Serif Tahoma Times New Roman Trebuchet MS Verdana are $#*! fonts
  18. 18. fontsquirrel.com is your best friend
  19. 19. Keep It Simple 2
  20. 20. Use white space every once in a while.
  21. 21. Text Box Image/Graph Take note of alignments and sizes. Make sure it looks tidy.
  22. 22. Use two font sizes or two font colors to highlight important bits of info in a piece of text instead of bold, italics, or underline Whatever you do, don’t use them all in combination! (like what I just did!)
  23. 23. Create a collection of images that go together nicely
  24. 24. Choose a color scheme and stick with it, to have a cohesive look.
  25. 25. colourlovers.com is, uhm, lovely pick colors much faster with the Eyedropper Some additional color tips:
  26. 26. Use different sections, to help your audience break down the info better.
  27. 27. 3 Use Visuals Wisely
  28. 28. Stronger visuals deliver a stronger message
  29. 29. flickr.com is a good source For icons, there’s icondfinder.com Image sources:
  30. 30. Don’t use $#*! IMAGES!!!
  31. 31. Microsoft Clip Art Cheesy Stock Photos ARE $#*!IMAGES
  32. 32. Avoid fancy animations and transitions (unless you’re presenting to a bunch of kids)
  33. 33. hold some info 4
  34. 34. Rule of thumb If you’re going to put everything in the slides: 1)  Open your presentation 2)  Press Ctrl + P 3)  Select how many copies based on audience size 4)  Pick up the printouts 5)  Distribute to audience 6)  Sit in the corner
  35. 35. Limit to 1 POINT per slide!!!
  36. 36. Always edit your slides and cut the irrelevant ones
  37. 37. Too much Too small A quick note on data
  38. 38. PREP FOR it 5
  39. 39. Most presentations suck because of little or no preparation
  40. 40. BasicSteps 1.  Think of you and your audience 2.  Pick theme, font, and color palette 3.  Write an outline of your points 4.  Make the slides 5.  Edit slides 6.  REHEARSE
  41. 41. 86% Of execs claim that clear communication directly impacts their career and income* 25% Spend over 2 hours for important presentations* *www.distinction-services.com  
  42. 42. Prepare, Don’t just WING IT
  43. 43. Holdsomeinfo kEEpit simple Look for quality Use visuals wisely PREP FOR it recap
  44. 44. bpuzon@blastasia.com Burns Puzon @burns_puzon Contact burns
  45. 45. Some Examples The Good The Bad &the ugly
  46. 46. *http://www.pcworld.com/article/203396/worlds_worst_powerpoint_presentations.html  
  47. 47. *http://www.pcworld.com/article/203396/worlds_worst_powerpoint_presentations.html  
  48. 48. *http://www.pcworld.com/article/203396/worlds_worst_powerpoint_presentations.html  
  49. 49. This presentation was inspired by “You Suck at Powerpoint” by Jesse Desjardins http://www.slideshare.net/ jessedee/you-suck-at-powerpoint