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Benjamin pure it’s time to pamper your wedding gown

Benjamin Pure - It’s Time To Pamper Your Wedding Gown

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Benjamin pure it’s time to pamper your wedding gown

  1. 1. Benjamin Pure: It’s Time To Pamper Your Wedding Gown
  2. 2. Benjamin Pure: It’s Time To Pamper Your Wedding Gown • Wedding is a special occasion. Equally special is the wedding gown. So, it is wise to choose the best dry cleaning service in your city. Just like you, your gown demands pampering. After all, your gown adorns a beautiful body, says Benjamin Pure joy.
  3. 3. Avoid gown nightmares • Don’t let your “fairy tale” turn into a nightmare. Even the thought of your gown getting stained or spoiled or even torn can send jitters down your spine. That’s why you need to handle it delicately. • To ensure the best care to your gown, hand it down to professionals. Dry cleaners have the appropriate training and technique to clean wedding gowns, which are usually made up of delicate fabrics and intricate weavings. • Problems like yellowing of gown and others are best dealt by the pros. It is better not to try to clean the gown on your own. The regular detergents would prove to be too harsh for the fabric.
  4. 4. Hiring dry cleaners • It is important to check credentials of the cleaners. Check their experience, ratings, and other aspects. You must also check whether the service cleans your gown at its own place or sends it somewhere else. • Dry cleaners use different kinds of solvents to clean wedding gowns. Some of them can be good to your garment, while some can be harsh to its embellishments like sequins, beads, lace, and others. Then, there are solvents that are gentle to embellishments, but not quite effective in cleaning the entire garment. That’s the reason you must know how the pros will clean your gown, says Benjamin Pure, one of the leading cleaning service providers to the elite class.
  5. 5. • It is wiser to contact local dry cleaners, as you can pick your gown conveniently. Certain services provide pick and drop facility. Don’t forget to ask whether the cleaner will provide any guarantee. What if your gown yellows after a few years? • An advice from Benjamin Pure white, check your wedding gown after it comes from the dry cleaners. Check it again before putting it in the preservation box. Remember, silk gowns with satin material mixed in them need special treatment before cleaning.