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Discussing technical considerationsWhen creating the advertisement we need to take many technical aspects into considerati...
AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition):AVCHD (.mts) is a high end, high-definition (HD) format originally developed ...
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Task 2ciiiii discussing technical considerations

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Task 2ciiiii discussing technical considerations

  1. 1. Discussing technical considerationsWhen creating the advertisement we need to take many technical aspects into consideration as ateam we have decided on the following discussed although changes may occur during the project.The file format that we are going to go with is MP4 as this is the most used video file format to dateand can be used for things such as YouTube streaming, IPod and IPad viewing, importing onto a disketc. it is also one of the smallest video file formats to date which makes it great as the quality that itcomes out with is outstanding, No information is lost in lossless compression. Lossy compressionreduces bits by identifying unnecessary information and removing it. The process of reducing thesize of a data file is popularly referred to as data compression, although it’s formal name is sourcecoding. Compression is useful because it helps reduce resources usage, such as data storage space ortransmission capacity. We could use this if the file size is too big for the disk and put a command intothe files to decompress the file when in use it would also be able to be used to transfer the file fordownload so that the file is a lot smaller in size and quicker to download for those who wish to dothis. Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-userwhile being delivered by a provider. A client media player can begin playing the data (such as amovie) before the entire file has been transmitted. This is the case with the website YouTube whenwe can upload the file to the servers and the audience can view it as it streams to them, we couldalso do this on the website by adding a video streaming file to the website allowing it to streamwithout the viewer having to download the whole video before viewing. Media player is a termtypically used to describe computer software for playing back multimedia files. While many mediaplayers can play both audio and video, others focus only on one media type or the other. Suchplayers are known as either audio players or video players and often have a user interface tailoredfor the specific media type. If we were to use this for viewing towards an audience for say apresentation we would use windows media player as it can play both audio and video and is one ofthe fastest for processing the video without stuttering and video quality loss, down to the fact wehave used MP4 makes it easier for anyone else viewing the software as many people has windowsmedia player on their computers, but if they do somewhat use another preferred video player MP4is a very compatible software type down to its popularity. Here is a list of video file formats that canbe used if we wish to change in the future..AVI (Audio Video Interlaced):This is a long-time standard developed by Microsoft and has been around as long as digital videohas. .AVI files (particularly when uncompressed) tend to be HUGE, way too big for the internet. AVI ismore for the beginning of a video project, not the end. In that sense, it is not really a sharing format.Theyll slide into just about any video editing program and the quality is still high enough to be amaster clip.AVI is windows-based and is virtually universal. Problem is, not all AVIs are created equally and youcan still run into compatibility issues. AVI is whats known as a container format, which means itcontains multiple streams of different type data, including a control track and separate video andaudio streams. Now, what streams inside the container is not necessarily the same from one avivideo to the next as the codecs used for compression can vary.
  2. 2. AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition):AVCHD (.mts) is a high end, high-definition (HD) format originally developed by Sony and Panasonicfor HD home theater systems. Its not a sharing format for the web because it is so huge, but it hasbecome very common as a lot of newer HD camcorders record in this format. Video in this formatwould be for the beginning of your video project and serves as a master clip you would use to editwith.AVCHD is in its infancy as a format and since its still fairly new and compatibility with certain videoediting programs may be an issue. Some video editing software applications have begun to supportthis format but many of cannot handle it well yet. Additionally, playback of AVCHD files requiresspeedy CPUs and a sufficient amount of RAM. That makes this format a little difficult to work withbut it maintains high quality. As time goes by, it will no doubt become easier to use.WMV (Windows Media Video)A .WMV file indicates a windows media video file. Windows Media Video is used for both streamingand downloading content via the Internet. Microsofts Windows Media Player, an applicationbundled with Windows operating systems, is built for WMV files. WMV files are tiny. WMV will giveyou one of the smallest final file sizes. As you might expect, this means they are compressed somuch they really do not look very good. In fact, Id say the resolution is pretty crummy. But a tiny filesize can be a real advantage for some things. If you get an email with an actual video attachedinstead of just a link to a video, it is probably a wmv file. They are the only ones small enough toattach to an email..MOV:.MOV is the file extension used to identify an Apple Quick Time Movie. .MOV is an extremelycommon sharing format. It is considered one of the best looking and it does look great but the filessizes are big. QuickTime hasnt been a Mac-only program for quite some time. QuickTime versionsand players exist on almost all PCs. Some people argue that QuickTime is far superior to similarWindows based applications and I personally would fall into that camp. The vast majority of thevideos I personally upload to the web are QuickTime format, followed by MPEG4. If you see a videofile on your computer labeled MSWMM, be aware that this is a windows movie maker project fileand not a video or movie file designed for sharing.