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Playing the Agile Self-assessment Game - Lean Agile Scotland 2017 - Ben Linders

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Becoming agile is a journey, and it can be a difficult one. The Agile Self-Assessment Game is there for you to see how agile you are – and smoothly and successfully travel your agile journey.

Assuming that you know why you want to become agile (a first but crucial step), you start looking for ways of getting there. Questions like “what do you want to keep from your current way of working?” and “what would you like to change?” will come up at the start. The next questions that usually pop up are “how are we doing?” and “what can we do to improve?”.

Come play the Agile Self-Assessment Game in teams to discover how agile you are – and what you can do to increase your agility.

Players will receive a link to download the card game so that they can play it in their own organisations (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License).

I designed this game based on my experience with coaching teams, and my background in organisational development and assessments.

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Playing the Agile Self-assessment Game - Lean Agile Scotland 2017 - Ben Linders

  1. 1. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 1 Ben Linders Consulting Playing the Agile Self-Assessment Game Edinburgh, October 5, 2017 Ben Linders Consulting
  2. 2. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 2 Ben Linders Consulting Trainer / Coach / Adviser / Author / Speaker Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous improvement Freelance Editor for InfoQ.com Ben Linders Books: Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives What Drives Quality Continuous Improvement Games: Agile Self-assessment Game
  3. 3. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 3 Ben Linders Consulting Self-assessments • Becoming Agile is a Journey • Good practices – in context – Experiment – Learn & adapt • Self-organization – Self-assess your agility – Travel your agile journey Assessing your Agility
  4. 4. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 4 Ben Linders Consulting Agile Self-assessment Game • Teams/organizations to self assess their agility – Reflect & next steps in agile journey • 52 cards apply agile principles & practices – Playing suggestions • Expansion packs – Scrum, DevOps, Business Agility, Kanban, … PDF download BenLinders.com/game increase agility, deliver more value to customers/stakeholders
  5. 5. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 5 Ben Linders Consulting Playing the Game Playing suggestions: – Investing in Agile – First things First • Play for 45 minutes in teams • Reflect how it went • Share experiences (flipover) • Q&A Please don’t write on the cards!!! Download the Game (ask me for a discount) Scrum DevOps Kanban Business Agile
  6. 6. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 6 Ben Linders Consulting Share your Experiences • How did the game go? • What did you learn? • When would you play the game? Questions? Download at benlinders.com/downloads (ask me for a discount)
  7. 7. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 7 Ben Linders Consulting Assessing your Agility Over 70 tools: • Self-Assessment checklists • Readyness checks • Maturity assessments • Agile health checks • Measurements • And much more! Agile Self-Assessments
  8. 8. benlinders.com - @BenLinders 8 Ben Linders Consulting ContactContact Ben Linders Independent Consultant Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous Improvement info@BenLinders.cominfo@BenLinders.com @BenLinders www.linkedin.com/in/benlinderswww.linkedin.com/in/benlinders www.facebook.com/BenLindersAdvieswww.facebook.com/BenLindersAdvies www.benlinders.comwww.benlinders.com