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CES2019 Key Themes

NextWave explores the key themes from the Consumer Electronics Show, what it means for changing consumer behaviours, and the implications for brands.

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CES2019 Key Themes

  1. 1. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consentNextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2019 not for reproduction without consent Key Themes from CES 2019
  2. 2. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 2 CONNECTIVITY AND INTEGRATION AT HOME Smart home capabilities dominated CES 2019, with appliances leveraging smart integration, voice and gesture control, and AI assistance. Some examples include: LG Proactive Customer care, where home appliances use AI to detect issues before they occur, and alert the customer. LG will also enable its dishwashers and laundry machines to connect with Amazon Dash to automatically order more detergent when needed. Danby showed its Parcel Guard smart mailbox. In the age of online delivery, this box protects packages from porch thieves, negating the need for say, a glitter bomb. Customers get notifications when parcels are delivered, and can unlock the box through an app. GE showcased developments of its Kitchen Hub, which enables for control of house and kitchen functions (without using buttered fingers), cooking assistance, and video call capabilities.Source: https://bit.ly/2DgA665
  3. 3. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 3 CONNECTIVITY AND INTEGRATION ON THE ROAD The future of automotive is commonly summarized by experts with “ACES”: autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and sharing. At CES 2019, the focus was on the ‘C’, with auto companies debuting their integrated smart systems, including: Dashero’s e-coms platform enabling curbside pickup. Partnering with Ford, it leverages voice technology in the car to enable verbal orders and payment, of say coffee on the way to work. Agents then deliver direct to the car curbside, easing parking. Samsung’s Digital Cockpit. Not only does it allow customers to control their home from their car, but also their car from their home or device. It personalizes car settings by recognizing the driver and passengers, and uses AI capabilities alert sleepy drivers, identify dangers on the road, and understand traffic. Amazon announced collaborations with Telenav and HERE, connected car and navigation services providers. Voice-enabled navigation signals Amazon’s desire to be the connected leader in-car.Source: https://bit.ly/2JFaQHT
  4. 4. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 4 CONNECTIVITY AND INTEGRATION OF ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS CES has evolved significantly since the 00’s, when the top headlines were about TV or computer processing power or display capabilities. Major electronics retailer Sony focused less on the core capabilities of its products (aside from the quality of its 8k TVs), and more on how their products work together. Some highlights include: Samsung’s 8k TV can use AI to upgrade older video content to “pristine” 8k-quality picture and sound in real time. A modular structure allows size to be changed and broken parts to be easily replaced. It is compatible with Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay 2, allowing for control of iOS functions. LG showcased a roll-able and see-through OLED display television. TV provider Dish announced integration of its Hopper line of receivers with Google Assistant-powered TV voice control. Source: https://bit.ly/2JFaQHTSource: https://bit.ly/2ARIuHH
  5. 5. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 5 HINTS OF THE FUTURE OF 5G AND AI 5G has been a major talking point over the past year, and 2019 is expected to be when it is rolled out to early adopters. Network gear maker D-Link unveiled its 5G router, while Intel showcased advanced processors specifically to support AI, 5G, and connected home processing. CES was reasonably quiet for phone announcements, likely as Mobile World Congress will take place next month in Barcelona. Samsung, did however, announce the launch of their first 5G smartphone, to retail in 2019, as well as their Galaxy X foldable phone to “client companies”. With 5G, they are championing speed, loading power, and integration of Google’s ecosystem into Bixby. The use of smart devices is one matter, but AI is another. Users are relying on technology to make decisions for them, rather than simply perform tasks. At CES, however, the narrative around AI was to improve EXPERIENCE: sensing conditions and optimizing performance for brushing teeth, cooking, or even harvesting grain.Source: https://bit.ly/2T2rsh4
  6. 6. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 6 FINALLY, THE YEAR OF AR AND VR? Well, sorry to say, but that is still to be determined. Virtual reality headsets were all the rage at CES 2017, but the technology has struggled to gain a foothold beyond novelty applications. When NextWave tested sentiment towards VR devices, it showed around half as many US consumers were interested in owning top VR headset devices as leading smart watches. At CES 2019, Audi showcased Holoride, a program to bring a VR experience into the backseat of cars. NordicTrack, meanwhile, is bringing VR environments to the growing world of home cycling. In 2018, perhaps the most significant applications in augmented reality came in the form of advertising. Facebook, for example, trialed its AR ad platform. In the ad, users could try on Michael Kors glasses in a manner not dissimilar to that of a Snapchat filter. Perhaps in 2019, digital ads are the way in which AR will become commercially sustainable. Source: https://bit.ly/2swxz1i
  7. 7. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent 7 AND WHAT OF PRIVACY? Connected devices gather more and more data about people’s behaviours, preferences, and communications, creating a holistic and highly-marketable profile of an individual. The narrative from brands suggests justification of data harvesting by means of improved experience. But according to research by NextWave, 64% of 13-54 year olds in the US and Canada are concerned with their privacy online. Apple, who normally don’t attend CES, displayed a billboard nearby stating “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”; seemingly a dig at the lack of privacy in competitors’ voice and connected technologies. Elsewhere, IBM talked about the issue of trust in AI in the event keynote, and Allstate announced a tool to help people understand their digital footprints. But how much are CES 2019 technologies about improving experiences, and how much are they about collecting data? That one is up to you to interpret. Source: : https://bit.ly/2W2l6jI
  8. 8. NextWave by IMI International © Copyright 2018 not for reproduction without consent Building on nearly 50 years of consulting experience and hundreds of proprietary studies, we're crafting recipes that take the guess work out of marketing. Rooted in fact-based insight, we’re figuring out what it takes to win in 2019 and beyond. At NextWave we leverage technology to scale the voice of consumers, speaking to thousands of people - young and old, across genders, life-stages and geographies - on a regular basis to understand how they communicate, what's driving purchase, influencing their decisions and shaping how they move through life. From global citizens to global brands, we’re putting everything under our microscope to learn what it takes to break through and what doesn't move the needle. Every day uncovering new facets of the modern-day consumer and the best ways to impact them. Let’s start by winning tomorrow. Then we can look at a decade from now. NextWave: What’s now and what’s Next? 8