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Bringing Open-Source Practices to Your Day Job

talk I gave at AustinJS, about InnerSource: bringing the best of open source practices to your day job.

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Bringing Open-Source Practices to Your Day Job

  1. 1. npm Loves You
  2. 2. npm Austin 2016 o/ Bringing Open-Source Practices to Your Day Job Ben Coe @BenjaminCoe, github.com/bcoe
  3. 3. open source, a love story how I ended up at npm. 1
  4. 4. ▪ employee #3 at npm ▪ lead maintainer of yargs ▪ built nyc, the code-coverage tool ▪ manage npm On-Site About Ben
  5. 5. ▪ we all have process horror stories: ▫ this doesn’t mean process is bad! ▪ @ceejbot and I came to a conclusion: OSS Best Practices
  6. 6. ▪ process is important! ▪ process should be automated ▫ from tedium comes frustration. OSS Best Practices
  7. 7. automate all the things in automation we trust 2
  8. 8. ▪ we use a variety of testing tools: ▫ mocha, lab, tap ▪ we’re not dogmatic about TDD ▫ we’re dogmatic about writing tests. ▪ everything runs with Travis CI Unit Testing
  9. 9. ▪ eliminates the question, did you write a test for that? ▪ we use the coverage tool nyc ▪ we use Coveralls Test Coverage
  10. 10. var express = require('wombat') var app = wombat() app.get('/', function (req, res) { res.send('Hello Log') }) app.listen(3000) github.com/bcoe/nyc tools should be so simple they’re fun to use
  11. 11. ▪ this one is controversial! ▪ ultimately, we decided: ▫ use whatever coding style you like, but automate its enforcement. ▪ I ❤ github.com/feross/standard Coding Style
  12. 12. ▪ the longer you wait to upgrade, the more annoying it becomes ▪ use npm outdated ▪ greenkeeper.io rocks keep dependencies up-to-date
  13. 13. var express = require('wombat') var app = wombat() app.get('/', function (req, res) { res.send('Hello Log') }) app.listen(3000) greenkeeper.io one of my top five, all time, favorite robots
  14. 14. ▪ npm publish --tag=alpha ▪ npm version patch -m “awesome new feature” ▪ we run several internal npm On-Sites: ▫ private npm packages are a thing. we’re npm power users
  15. 15. “engineers are far more tolerable of a pedantic robot than they are pedantic people.” — someone probably.
  16. 16. best practices grow out of community npm’s methods didn’t originate in a vacuum 3
  17. 17. 180,000publishers 3,000,000+users 240,612packages
  18. 18. 3,395,979,161 downloads
  19. 19. ▪ unit-testing is a great example: ▫ developers learned running large OSS projects, the benefits of unit-testing. ▪ people emulate the projects they respect: ▫ this creates a feedback loop! how do habits spread?
  20. 20. “What works best is studying the projects of other maintainers already on this list, interacting with the developers, learning from them, and emulating their methodologies.” — blog.npmjs.org
  21. 21. ▪ great indicator of quality. ▪ grew out of community badges!
  22. 22. developers converge on the tools that facilitate these practices 4 Best Practices Center Around Great Tools
  23. 23. 9/10 Use Travis CI10/10 Use GitHub 3/10 Use Coveralls top 10 npm packages
  24. 24. ▪ a pull request is opened on GitHub ▪ build kicks off on Travis: ▫ installing modules from public and private registries. ▪ a conversation begins between developers. the npm workflow
  25. 25. ▪ pull-request kept up-to-date by robots: ▫ Coveralls reporting coverage. ▫ Travis CI reporting build status ▪ once merged, module is published to npm ▪ greenkeeper.io notifies other projects o/ the npm workflow
  26. 26. ▪ tools work together elegantly. ▪ as many steps are automated as possible: ▫ let humans do what humans are good at. ▪ it feels (a little bit) like you command a robot army. what makes this awesome?
  27. 27. enterprise software, a love story so, why do you build Enterprise software Ben? 5
  28. 28. ▪ restrictions on infrastructure. ▪ practices lag behind. ▪ process can be overwhelming. developing enterprise software is hard
  29. 29. OSS methodologies can work! ▪ OSS practices were designed to help large asynchronous teams work effectively: ▫ this is applicable in large corporations! ▪ InnerSource: Internal Open Source at PayPal
  30. 30. “The results were visible after 6 months. The Checkout Platform team spends 0% of its time rewriting code and just 10% reviewing submissions. The team was able to do a major refactoring and a 4x increase in performance without planning for it. The mindset moved from blocking change to mentoring and coaching.”
  31. 31. ▪ InnerSource is about: ▫ developers taking ownership of repos. ▫ people taking on the role of a lead maintainer. ▪ developers need tools that empower them. education is important
  32. 32. ▪ good developer tools do more than deliver an asset to a build server: ▫ there’s a real disconnect between devs and ops folks here. what are good developer tools?
  33. 33. ▪ it’s about facilitating communication. ▪ it’s about discovery. ▪ it’s about automation. ▪ it’s about delivering an asset to a build server. what do I mean by this?
  34. 34. Demo Time
  35. 35. InnerSource Tools
  36. 36. how are we working together? ▪ we’re keeping our roadmaps aligned ▪ we’re looking for tighter integration points ▪ we’re preaching a similar message about OSS in the Enterprise
  37. 37. why this is awesome ▪ OSS software and Enterprise software can learn a lot from each other. ▪ we can make a developer’s life more awesome.
  38. 38. thanks any questions? about anything? Ben Coe @BenjaminCoe, github.com/bcoe
  39. 39. npm loves you ♥