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Talent in the Era of Digital Disruption

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On 25th April, 2018, we brought together industry leaders from leading organizations to discuss ‘Talent in the Era of Digital Transformation”. The key focus of the evening was to learn about how hiring the right talent is now the most critical differentiator in each of their respective organisations, and how a talent-focused strategy is the only way to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Talent in the Era of Digital Disruption

  1. 1. Talent In the Era of Digital Disruption  Talent In the Era of Digital Disruption 25th April, 2018 | Bangalore Belong & Matrix Partners present:
  2. 2. The invite-only event brought together some of the most prominent business and technology leaders from disruptive companies such as Intuit, ANZ, Phonepe, Nutanix, Dell, Flipkart and more.
  3. 3. Tarun Davda, Managing Director at Matrix Partners, presented key insights on how and why talent is a key priority for the firm.  
  4. 4. Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, COO of Capillary Technologies moderated the evening and led the discussion on all things related to Recruitment and Talent Management.
  5. 5. Question 1: What are some of the new age processes and technologies that you have adopted within HR?
  6. 6. "We need to invest in bringing in the best talent and cannot expect them to apply to us. At Mindtree, we are using bots across our HR processes to deliver a great CX (candidate experience). This is helping us attract the best talent." Krishnakumar Natarajan, Executive Chairman, Mindtree
  7. 7. "We want to be seen as a startup, not as a 3000 member GIC, hence we are re-shuffling the way we operate. Surprisingly in this journey we’ve discovered that our top performers may not fit the bill. Teamwork is becoming increasingly important for agile environments to succeed" Pankajam Sridevi, Managing Director, ANZ
  8. 8. "From an HR perspective - unless the HR function transforms, the organisation won’t. We’ve built technology liberally for our HR teams and leveraged startups as well, Belong being one of them." Avnish Sabharwal, Managing Director, Accenture
  9. 9. "We need to rethink talent management. Top talent have several more choices today, so we need to take a candidate-first approach and ensure that hiring managers are equipped to articulate well on how the role and the career opportunity at the Firm resonates with the candidate’s career aspirations. Employers and hiring managers need to take greater effort at career management and it starts from the hiring phase. This is something we are very focused on at Morgan Stanley”. Manoj Menon, Executive Director & COO, Morgan Stanley
  10. 10. "Leadership should be directly involved in attracting the best talent, I have ensured this is institutionalised as a process at Flipkart. This has helped us stay ahead of the curve." Ravi Garikipati, Chief Technology Officer, Flipkart
  11. 11. "Feedback is one of the biggest differentiators at Phonepe, feedback needs to be decoupled with compensation as a part of the process. Critical feedback process and transparency has helped us improve over time. It has also helped us operate without Managers. We are a 120 member Engineering organisation with only 2 managers." Rahul Chari, Co-founder, PhonePe
  12. 12. Question 2: How are new-age companies today using Talent as a differentiator?
  13. 13. "We’ve always found that founder-first organisations have prioritised talent and those are the ones that have truly succeeded. Founders across our portfolio companies especially those who have prioritised talent have thus succeeded" Karthik Reddy, Managing Director, Blume Ventures
  14. 14. "In our journey with Minjar, now Nutanix, talent has played a key role. We were given special importance and we ourselves made special checks/balances to ensure that the Nutanix culture and ours at Minjar had enough value systems in common. This ensured that we are created a much broader impact across the organisation" Anand Anand, Co-founder, Minjar 
  15. 15. "Our culture is employee first. Our CEO emphasis that employees are like air and shareholders are like food. In other words, you can survive without shareholders/investors but surely not without employees.  This is our biggest differentiator in creating a talent brand that resonates with top talent" Vijay Anand, Managing Director, Intuit
  16. 16. "Our customers are today using Talent NPS to define the candidate experience and this not only helps them keep the necessary checks and balances but also ensures accountability in the recruiting process."  Vijay Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, Belong.co
  17. 17. Ravi Garikpati, CTO at Flipkart in a candid chat with KK, Mindtree's Executive Chairman and Nipun Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer at IBM.
  18. 18. To stay updated for more Belong Events or any queries write to us at hello@belong.co